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    I work as a musician. I was a non-christian until I was 29, then I was an former-christian at age at 31.

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  1. Thanks for your earnest advice. I agree with what you're saying... Good reminder of the sunk effort/cost fallacy... Thank you (still think that should be one word), it is clear to me at the moment that we shouldn't have kids as planned, purely based on it "being planned already"... I can see that if our marriage is to survive, kids will very easily make things a lot worse... Not to say that it's a hard no, but at least for now, it seems like a bad idea... This gets me to thinking, not that I should go to that extreme right now... But that I need to
  2. Apologies, let me tell you what I think about your situation. " torn between the safety of staying - the guarantee of an at least mediocre companionship and financial stability VS leaving to look for something new and satisfying." For me it's not so much the safety... It's more a matter of thinking that maybe I should try to stick to the thing that I committed to... I think I have a tendency to not finish things that I start, so if it's the good wisdom, then i'd like to stay married, and see what improvements we can make... For you, it sounds like a really tough situati
  3. I think that's good advice. We went to psychologist, who happened to be christian. He didn't talk about his faith so much, but I certainly noticed it when I would talk about my criticisms of christianity, and the reasoning behind my progression to being an ex-christian, and he would respond with something which wasn't exactly neutral... Hi! Thanks for sharing. It's comforting to hear from someone in a similar situation. We don't have any kids... Actually that's something I was going to go into in the OP, but I didn't want to go on and on... We are planning on
  4. I should clarify that I think at least one of the main reasons we grow apart is because she has her great passion: Christianity, and I have mine: Music... We each thought we would deeply share both in marriage, and now we have this mirrored resentment where we each look at the other, and think "fuck, I just wish we could share this thing, but all you seem to care about is that thing that I no longer care about... But you said you would do this with me..."....
  5. uHi there, I was interested to hear y'all's thoughts on my predicament. I am a 34 year old married man... When I was 28 I met a girl who was a christian, we started dating and playing music together, and fell in love (I'm a musician)... We then had a long drawn out relationship where she wouldn't be with me cause I wasn't a christian... As a result, I said I'd be happy to go to church, and learn about christianity (I didn't really understand it up until then)... After all, how could I say whether I believed in something, unless I understood it first... So,
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