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  1. During the crazy spectacle that has been the US Presidential election I have looked at this clusterfuck site a few times. It seems to me that to be a "Christian" in the US you have to be the following: 1. Anti-abortion but pro gun in order to kill commies; 2. Worship the orange moron; 3. Consider anyone left of Hitler to be a commie; 4. Consider every other nation on Earth to be commie; 5 Be full of hatred for your fellow man, and; 6. Be prepared to overturn the results of a fair election because believing lies is preferable to accepting reality.
  2. My sister is neither, but her evil knows no bounds either!
  3. Six fingers and six toes you say? I think his descendants live in certain areas of England. And they are very close families!
  4. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2018/11/wombat-poop-cube-why-is-it-square-shaped/
  5. To misquote Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, You are in more dire need of a blowjob than any poster in history.
  6. Wow. This one is up there with the nutjobs in christianchat who think Canada is a communist country and that the COVID-19 vaccines may be the mark of the beast.
  7. "And testicles on the outside. Really?" At least they're not on our chins!* *and if that makes no sense you absolutely must watch the Men in Black films.
  8. I get the thinking about Creation, because matter had to come from somewhere. So, let's assume God created matter; Then we have to ask, who created God? Suddenly I find myself looking back at an infinite amount of time trying to figure out how it all started. It blows my mind and I just can't comprehend it. So I just focus on the present and observable facts, such as I can see Uranus from my back window right now. (Cue 'put some pants on' comments :-) )
  9. And there are billions of people who don't believe who are living productive lives. And there are Christian scumbags lying, cheating, stealing and raping in the church. (I know this through having had to work with the self-righteous lowlifes).
  10. And if you study the tail for long enough you will be covered in, and possibly full of shit!
  11. Cops weren't ever involved. It was the 70s and being groped or punched wasn't on their radar. Even teachers leaving their wives for pupils was merely dealt with by moving the teacher to another school. Even as I write this I am feeling amazed that we considered it normal .
  12. High school was hell for me and many classmates. It started on day 1 when the school bullies from the feeder primary schools fought to decide the year bully and the teachers did nothing. Loads of girls were sexually assaulted and boys just assaulted. Some teachers were bullied and 2 ran off with 15 year old girls. I couldn't wait to leave. So, no, they were not the best days of my life!
  13. Interesting one from Australia. Don't these idiots realise that their own bible tells them to pay taxes? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/jul/18/family-that-refused-to-pay-tax-because-it-was-against-gods-will-ordered-to-pay-23m
  14. If there are all these verses for curing cancer, why do xians die of cancer?
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