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  1. If there are all these verses for curing cancer, why do xians die of cancer?
  2. An English nurse I know was working in an old folks home in the USA when an old lady fell and hurt her butt quite badly. My friend doesn't know to this day how she helped the old lady up after she had said "I gave my fanny a right whacking there" For the benefit of our American friends, that is EXTREMELY rude over here in the UK.
  3. https://www.charismamag.com/life/culture/25271-50-reasons-why-i-don-t-drink The stupid is depressingly strong with this one. 41+42 are especially nonsensical. I can only hope that I wasn't as much a twat as her.
  4. A long time ago, the British and French were at War. During one battle, the French captured an English major. They took the major to their headquarters and a French general began to question him. The French general asked 'why do you English officers all wear red coats? Don't you know the red material makes you easy targets for us to shoot?'. In his bland English way, the major informed the general that the reason English officers wear red coats is so that if they are shot, the blood won't show and the men they are leading won't panic. And that is why from that day to now, all French army officers wear brown pants.
  5. I have just had a friend reply to a click bait on Facebook about "Joel Osteens Mansion". Fine, it's click bait. But, OMG, the fundies defending him and claiming it's "God's blessing" make me want to puke. Rant over.
  6. I would be laughing at you American guys right now and telling you that we do democracy much better. Then I remember Brexit. Oh well.
  7. Got it. Thanks. There's some very helpful posts there.
  8. Can I have it? Hopefully I can help/be helped in the forum.
  9. In a similar vein: Why do brides wear white? So they match the rest of the domestic appliances. I'll be back when the ladies of ExC are no longer hunting for me!
  10. Thanks folks. All comments appreciated.
  11. I'll keep this short. Scared into Christianity aged 11 by the fear of hell, I spent far too many years praying and seeing no answers. What I have seen is the utter corruption of many churches who care only about size, status and money. And fuck the people who need support. What really finished me was my wife being raped and blamed for it by these self righteous scumbags, who put her in harms way on the egregious celebrate recovery nonsense when she was shadowing a leader. She still believes the nonsense and claims its gods plan. Yeah, right. So God's plan was to destroy my life by allowing this to happen in the church? As you can imagine, my mental health has taken an absolute hammering, but let's not go there. Anyhow, I am finished with this and all the other illogical crap now. Sadly, as she still goes to church I find it very difficult as she is putting the organisation that damaged us before me. Thanks for all the help I have had from you all with your posts, jokes etc.
  12. AliT


    The sex thought always make me giggle. We're sinners if we watch porn, but he watches us!
  13. I am disgusted but not shocked by the support he is getting. Typically, they are having a go at the victims. No surprise there as I've seen the behaviours in action before. In my case I saw a rape victim blamed and the rapist marked for promotion. They only changed their minds about the promotion after the rapist attempted suicide. I know it sounds horrible, but I would have preferred his attempt to be successful.
  14. From the BBC : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45125602 Sorry for the lack of hyperlink.
  15. Interesting replies to my comment. It just shows that they can't get their stories straight. Thanks for the replies.
  16. That's a thought I frequently had. Along with others such as the following one that may offend or hurt members. In which case I apologise in advance. Logically, abortion must be a good thing. Why? If life begins at conception, and the child is subsequently aborted, then they must go directly to heaven as God would not judge them. If, however, they live in a non-Christian environment and never become a Christian then they will go to hell. Logic therefore states that in "eternal" terms it is better that they are aborted. I know we could get into arguments about lost potential and the likes, but that is speculation and the Bible is truth to Christians, so the logic, to my mind, stands. Happy to be corrected or my post deleted if it offends.
  17. Love the side notes. They reminded me of someone I knewwho was put out of leadership for a time for calling sex lines. * He's now a leader again and the church supported his daughter when she married her wife. They just make up their morality as they go along. * for those who may think these lines are exciting, I leave you with a warning. According to a taxi driver who drove me in Scotland the lines are wommaned mainly by women in their 50s +. His description was along the lines of 'the card in the phone booth shows you a picture of Megan Fox, but the voice on the line is your granny.' You have been warned!
  18. I was at a church conference when the "prophet" went around giving so called words of knowledge. They were all for leaders and struck me as info that might be publicly available. When I voiced my concerns I was told that I wasn't in touch with the spirit and not to diss God's man. Next day, the leaders where late in and told us that he had admitted that he had read the different churches websites and regurgitated info in a holy sounding way. He was caught when he "prophesied" that a leader's wife would give birth to the child and it would be strong and healthy. Problem for him was that the website was well out of date, and said unborn child was already 18 months old. To their credit, the leaders apologised and kicked him out rather than simply ignore the deception.
  19. Related to my previous effort: I pointed out to my mate that he seemed to have a steering wheel in his trousers. "I know", he said, " it's driving me nuts".
  20. According to some xians we will know the truth soon as this Friday's blood moon is the start of it all.
  21. Honouring goes up. You have to honour the pastor, but not the other way around.
  22. Forgot to say I am over the pervy stuff that happened to me as it was all verbal. On the funny side of what happened to me, I lost my patience when I was asked if I had ever done anal sex. I replied "yes. And I couldn't sit for a week afterwards". Surprised I didn't get counselling for that lie! The lie worked. She stopped asking for a while after that.
  23. Thanks JAQ. The rape still rankles and I, and our relationship will probably never get over it fully. Unfortunately, Mrs T still believes and trots out the " all things work together for good" nonsense, which doesn't help. She even asked me to pray for his safety as he was suicidal!
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