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  1. HI Samuel! Welcome! I know It is very hard at first.. but I think one day at a time. I am new to this all too! This site is very helpful and the people kind and encouraging!
  2. Thanks for all the encouragement!
  3. One thing I am struggling with is decision making. I used to base all of it on what I thought God wanted me to do. it feels weird to not have like an end destination for desicions maybe meaning like I guess a deeper purpose type feeling to them. I know there is still purpose and meaning it is just a weird feeling to not have that underlying, or be going towards not having that underlie everything I do ...anyone?
  4. I mean thank u to Joshpantera for the video!
  5. To Weezer, thank you, I just watched the video and it was very interesting and helpful. To Questioner , I have been doing the same thing after work! Lol to JenniferG, thank you for sharing your story. To MOHO, no unequal yokedness here.
  6. Thanks everyone! I will check that video out. Have a great night!
  7. Thank you much. Will do. Thank you.
  8. Hello! This is a great site. I am searching for truth. I got saved and became a born again Christian when I was 19 and am now 31 and have a lot of questions. So much of what everyone is saying on here is very relatable, especially things like being addicted to religion! At times in my life I feel I've been very addicted, scheduling life around church, looking for the next spiritual high, ect. Now many thoughts, realizations and things I read have rocked my faith to the core and it is unraveling very quickly aka I would say gone. The main thing was probably 3 or 4 months ago, I started having doubts which I would call "attacks from Satan " in my mind. I kind of ignored them and just thought I don't have the energy or brainpower to deal with this. When this had happened in the past, I would quote scripture back at the doubts or "voices" and I thought that made them go away. This time I just thought no, I am not even doing that... But one day I did try and I yelled back (in my mind) "Jesus is my Savior!" The voice that I said it in in my mind sounded like a child's voice. Recently when I was reading a science book it talked about some kind of belief or logic or something on our brains that we only have when we are children and then we grow out of it. I thought maybe that's what that was , my belief was very childlike logically? I don't know. I am struggling right now as I teach in a Christian school ( go back in early August ) and I feel I can't do it anymore. It is hard because that is what all the people around me want me to do. I am going to try and apply to public school. Thanks so much for listening. I am still in church and have many Christian friends and I haven't mentioned this to any of them.
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