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  1. "You devious, slithering snake." - LuthAMF That . . .is fucking hilarious. . . .You GO Harry Potter! Sorry . . . I'm a li'l bit drunk.
  2. I was very moved by this. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Well its all hypothetical for now anyway. My dad was a tyrant when I was little, but became a teddybear as a grandfather. Sometimes you can let your kids be the judge of what they can tolerate. Perhaps they will see grandpa's views as silly, rather than frightening. Hopefully, you'll never be faced with this dilemma.
  4. I really hope it doesn't come to that. I am worried that my kids may do the same to me if dare to share my atheist beliefs with future grandchildren who will surely be raised as Christians. I think its good to expose kids to all sorts of beliefs and let them critically think it through at home with your guidance. Sheltering them does not give them the chance to do that. I want to respect my kids choices about raising their kids as believers, but I also don't want to be dishonest if and when little ones ask me questions about my beliefs. It is a fine balance. In the end, hopefully love wins.
  5. This is an emotional subject for me. I have never actually said "I am an atheist" to anyone in my family, though I have certainly elaborated on my extreme doubts about most anything the bible has to say. I suppose its akin to saying, "I prefer the company of women," rather than just stating "I'm a lesbian." In any case, my obvious doubts have made it impossible to mend a decades-long rift with my mom, because the conversation always goes back to God. So my relationship with her feels blocked, for lack of a better word. And now my oldest daughter does not confide in me nearly as much as she used to because I no longer support her brain-washed rationale for some of the huge life decisions she is making. Its as if everything I say is taken with a grain of salt or an eye roll. I feel no longer respected so I guess that is what I've lost. It has been implied that I am foolish and/or rebellious for rejecting much of what the bible has to say.
  6. freshstart

    Finding Hope

    Oh don't bee so serious!
  7. freshstart

    Finding Hope

    No need to get tick-ed off, prof!
  8. Amen! Interesting how Christians see evolution as an outlandish theory, but they do not apply the same scrutiny to all the crazy shit in the bible.
  9. Oh and to answer your opening question: My definition of grace comes from the MW dictionary (#2) a. : approval, favor: stayed in his good graces b archaic : mercy, pardon c : a special favor : privilege each in his place, by right, not grace, shall rule his heritage— Rudyard Kipling d : disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency e : a temporary exemption : reprieve 3a : a charming or attractive trait or characteristic Among disagreeable qualities he possessed the saving grace of humor. b : a pleasing appearance or effect : charm all the grace of youth— John Buchan c : ease and suppleness (see supple entry 1 sense 2b) of movement or bearing danced with such grace
  10. Very easily. Believe it or not, one can ask a question without stating a position. I can ask what your politcal opinions are without stating mine. Try this: use a string of words in just one sentence and put that squiggly little punctuation mark at the end.
  11. Then why aren't you asking any questions? Why are you so interested in trying to explain things as though we've never heard them before? What makes you think you have anything new to share? Are you here to try to enlighten us or to genuinely learn about why we are no longer Christians?
  12. Personally, I'd love to see you really willing to understand. But that requires an open mind, a willingness to view something differently, to at least entertain a thought that you might not ordinarily allow yourself. If you can't do that, then go away. In the meantime, answer me this: will Christians all have spiritual lobotomies when they enter heaven? I ask because I want to know how they will enjoy heaven knowing that billions of people are suffering an eternity in hell? How will they ignore that while hanging out in heaven? How will that work?
  13. Wow. I love this! Now you just need to add some startling graphics like they do in those annoying evangelical tracts!
  14. It sounds like your heart is certainly in the right place. I personally don't have a problem with criticism as long as the message is delivered with kindness and personal attacks are avoided. Assuming you're already doing that, this particular issue might just be too sensitive for her. Perhaps try just listening, validating her feelings, and paraphrasing what she describes to you as the issue (all elementary "therapeutic communication" techniques). If and when she asks you to weigh in, that's your cue that she is perhaps ready to hear whatever you have to say (positive or negative). Overall, it sounds like a small bump un the road that will (hopefully) smooth over quickly. Good luck.
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