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  1. There is no need at 20 years old to stick to a firm decision about this now. At this point in your life you have a lot of rational reasons for remaining childless. Just don't make promises to yourself. Ten years from now you will be a different person and you may change your mind - or you may not. Be open to change and to possibilities.
  2. And furthermore, why would God appear - in person - to all kinds of people in the old and new testament, but then go awol for over 2000 years? What amazes me most is that Christians are all too happy to answer questions for god - a fuckin' audacious thing to do. They can't explain how the brain works or why we are conscious beings (among a million other mysteries), but they can explain how god thinks - or actually have the nerve to speak for god. They have no idea how narcissistic it makes them sound and how impotent it makes their god look.
  3. I actually finally got halfway through the book just this week. It seems one theme so far is that feelings cannot be relied upon even though feelings essentially guide all our decision-making - and there is an evolutionary basis for such "guidance." Therefore one should attempt to separate themselves from being caught up in their emotions by using meditation. We also attach "essence" to things that are of our own creation (such as when we label certain beautiful plants as "weeds"). The other theory - which is harder to conceptualize - is how we have many selves that surface at different mome
  4. Wading through this thread. . . .Well, whatever you're smokin', Joe, I want some! You are mixing up all kinds of influences into your own special concoction of beliefs. Seriously, though, I think you have to realize that your feelings about things. . . no matter how strong and confident and truthful they feel, are still. . . just feelings. It seems you are trying to make science, in particular, quantum theories, fit into what you already believe/feel is a conclusion. Perhaps a more open-minded approach would be worth trying?
  5. I've come to believe that a lifetime monogamous relationship is an unrealistic expectation for most humans - yet Christianity (and other religions) demand it. That dictate may have served its purpose at some point in our history, but it creates anguish now for a lot of people who still aspire to it. I could go on and on about this, but I don't want to derail things. Good for you for taking a healthy step towards a happier future. I wish I was as brave!
  6. Boy, do I relate to this statement. Its kind of like being an evangelical atheist, though. I still engage with my brainwashed mother once in awhile, who has unfortunately influenced my kids. Unlike you, I have never been brave enough to label myself as the "A word" - with her. I did it for the first time at work and it felt like I was "coming out," a bit awkward. The responses have been anything from indifferent to incredulous. In any case, its my belief that being a good and kind human, living a joyful, confident life grateful for what we have, as well as maintaining a state of equanimi
  7. Not to belabor the point, but I think Weezer raises a good question and I'm not really clear on the answer. I totally get that the main purpose of this website is to support exchristians, but when the occasional Christian visits - particularly in certain forums like the Lions Den, what is the point of arguing our beliefs (or lack of beliefs) if not to change a Christian's mind or at the very least - give them something to think about (without telling people what they should or shouldn't do)? Isn't that what we did when "witnessing" as Christians?
  8. I hope that's not true for everyone here. If a few members are motivated to do so, even if only subliminal, personally, I see no problem with that. Christianity has wreaked havoc on individuals, families, societies, cultures and nations. One could argue that it has had negative global consequences. While it is not the mission of this website, I don't think an obvious attempt at proselytizing Christians should necessarily be discouraged either - if the occasional ex-christian wishes to do so.
  9. What a relief. It seems borderline unethical to be bantering with someone who clearly has a mental illness. It just feeds his narcissism. Its really sad that he has so many blind spots. Even the best of therapists (I suspect) would be challenged to make any progress with this guy.
  10. What an unoriginal way of confirming that you can't answer.
  11. Oh please do instruct us on honesty and humility. How do you demonstrate or define these concepts?
  12. I've been watching this thread a bit and by golly I think I see an observable pattern here! When someone posts a well-articulated statement that contradicts what brotherblowhole asserts, he starts hurling insults (rather than focusing on the topic) and then - ironically - tries to excuse his nasty attacks with his "impressive" resume. (Not sure why he felt it necessary to add that he got dumped by "about 50 beautiful girlfriends" before marrying - but if he's always been this pompous, that's not surprising). This coming from a guy who believes god revealed himself. Looks like God revealed ho
  13. Thanks for pointing to this article. I participate in an "antibacterial stewardship" program - required at most health care facilities. But honestly, the stewardship program doesn't have any real power to change things. We track prescribing practices and are supposedly "empowered" to speak up when antibiotics are used inappropriately, but its very reactionary. I've heard it said that if we don't come up with something new by 2030 we could be in a world that feels very much like pre-antibiotic days where people were dying from common infections. Ironically, it is the use of antibiotics that
  14. This makes sense to me, however, one could take it a step further. Not only are we interdependent with everything in our environment (or outside our selves), we appear to be designed in such a way that we interpret the world and everything in it, in a way that creates our reality. For example, soundwaves are essentially vibrations. Without ear drums to interpret these vibrations into sound, there would be no sound. Light is essentially electromagnetic radiation. But because we have photoreceptors and an optic nerve, we are able to perceive that electromagnetic radiation as light. And so on wi
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