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  1. Thanks for all of the responses. I will try reading a little at a time, posting thoughts about it here and see where the discussion goes. I hope others do the same!
  2. I'm currently reading (in very small bits) a book called "Why Buddhism is True" by Robert Wright. I'm posting about this here because I am wondering if anyone would be interested in reading along and having a sort of book-club discussion about it. In case anyone is wondering, the author does not advocate for the more "religious" aspects of Buddhism, but rather discusses the more philosophical aspects as they relate to neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. (I've only read the first 40 pages). In the spirit of full disclosure here, I'm seeing a therapist who is trying to get me to do
  3. Hi Salemite. Sorry to hear about your regrets. Give yourself time (but not too long) to grieve what could have been. . .and then make a plan to achieve some personal goals. Do you really have to choose between furthering your education/career and your marriage/children or is this a false choice? Perhaps tell your husband that you supported him and his career and now its his turn to do the same for you?
  4. I've been picking at that bandaid for years verrryy slooowly, dropping my doubts, questions and hints along the way so that if and when I finally use the "A word," it will come as no surprise. I'm jealous of those who can just openly proclaim their disbelief and I look forward to the day I can do that.
  5. My god is chocolate. Chocolate has a calming effect on you? (As if there weren't already enough reasons to be a chocolate addict!)
  6. Those who are able to self-reflect as you have, rarely (in my experience, anyway) have big ego issues. Perhaps its not as bad as you imagine?
  7. I struggle with so much . . .at work (repurcussions from covid) and personally. I just want to develop a sense of peace in all situations. I'm using meditation and art therapy to try to see if that peace grows within.
  8. No. There are volunteers that do this is in some hospitals for sick babies. I've never heard of paying for such a thing.
  9. Totally agree. We are in desperate need of a paradigm shift when it comes to politics and policy-making decisions, etc. One other HUGE factor driving costs in health care is litigation. Malpractice insurance alone ranges from 20k - 300k per year, depending upon specialty and the practice location. Drug companies, facilities and medical device companies are sued regularly.
  10. I didn't mean to imply that obese people should not get health care or that it should be made impossible or unreasonable or that we should "demonize" them. I meant to say that people should have incentives/rewards to stay healthy. Those that choose otherwise should not be rewarded. And help should be readily available (and made low cost or free) for those that want to work towards a healthy lifestyle. And I suppose you could extend the same argument to smoking, drinking, or other high risk behaviors. Medicare is essentially universal health care for anyone over the age of 65. Me
  11. I'm not so sure that universal healthcare would level the playing field. In my experience there tends to be 2 systems that arise out of universal health care. There is the government sponsored plan and then there are private payers who get better and more timely care. In the US we already have universal healthcare for certain populations (Medicare and Medicaid), run by the government - and not very efficiently- which gives me no faith that they will do a better job with broader responsibilities. In my humble opinion, the focus on health care needs to shift from a reactive to proactive po
  12. In theory this is true. The reality is there are many compromises in life. For some, the inability to be authentic is a deal-breaker. For others, the path of least resistance is the path to peace.
  13. And this line of thinking just reinforces what Christianity is: a death cult. The membership is obsessed with death and their book is filled with stories revolving around death from beginning to end. Morbid.
  14. Its only a tragedy to you now. It is not a tragedy to those who don't exist as they are unable to experience tragedy. Death is no more an enemy to life than sleep is an enemy to being awake.
  15. And this, I believe, is the root of all magical beliefs: fear of death. Why? What would be so terrible about no longer existing? You didn't exist before you were born and never longed for anything when you didn't exist. The same will be true when you cease to exist once again.
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