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  1. Glad you came here and shared. I think you'll find that deconversion can sometimes be a long process and there may be questions you'll continue to have. I hope you'll stick around. I think you have to take things one step at a time. As you grow more and more away from cult-thinking, you might find it unbearable to be anything other than authentic to yourself, or you may find a "comfortable zone" where you quietly disagree, but not really rocking the boat. (I am still in that zone, much older than you). But I'm hoping to one day finally take to heart the fact that if other people emotionally abuse me simply because I don't believe in the invisible things they believe in, that is entirely their problem and not mine. Also if I want to see real change away from harmful religious zealotry in my lifetime, I need to be part of the change. But . . . one step at a time. Best to you.
  2. So one doesn't need to be educated to make a statement about anything. Agreed. Science - and world progress - may be hindered by many things. So what? That does not invalidate the scientific progress we've made - or science, or scientific experts. So you've learned things from others, but clearly they must not be "experts" as experts are not to be trusted. So what humans (if any) do you trust to be truthful? Only the uneducated, unscientific, non-religious, conspiracy-theory believers of your particular flavor of Christianity?
  3. I really enjoyed this response. Its empowering to know that, yes indeed, just as I suspected, many of the "doctrinally sound" Christians truly do align with thinking from the dark ages. They also shun science while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of science (unless of course they've never taken a medication, used transportation, or a computer,or purchased goods of any sort, or. . . oh lets just say lived as a modern-day human). Thank you SR, and I mean this very sincerely, for confirming again and again why becoming an atheist is one of the healthiest things that ever happened for me. Your posts have put a spotlight on the literal medeival thinking that underpins Christianity. It is exactly this line of thinking that opened my eyes to the truth. In a strange way, you are indeed, spreading the truth of Christianity here!
  4. Well, this makes perfect sense . . . for someone living in the 16th century.
  5. As someone who struggles to be an "artist," I tend to agree. I find myself looking at a lot of modern art and saying, "even I could do that." However, I guess one needs to start with a definition of "art." There is this definition: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. If that definition suffices, then whatever has "beauty" or "emotional power," is as they say, in the eye of the beholder. It is interesting that there is such a wide difference of opinion among "beholders," especially if beholders are "art critics."
  6. I love how the word "redneck" translates in different languages! LOL
  7. Define evidence, supernatural and truth for starters. Well since you have decided scientific evidence is not good enough to test whether the "supernatural" is real/truth, I think it is up to you to define what constitutes "evidence" - for whatever it is you believe. Is it a gut feeling? Is it whatever you can observe with your 5 senses? Or is it something else?
  8. Oh, I see. Science is stupid. Got it. So, I'll ask again, what evidence do you suggest for determining which of the millions of supernatural claims are "truth?"
  9. You know nothing about my Christian background. Funny how you want to ask for something you can't give.
  10. Why is that stupid? Science has always been part of "supernatural" investigation. That's how we learned, for example, that mental illness is not due demon possession. In the absence scientific exploration, what evidence would you suggest?
  11. Hey, maybe check out this course (it's free) https://oyc.yale.edu/religious-studies/rlst-145 Then see how your knowledge stacks up against those who have actually studied the Old Testament
  12. I love seeing this . Next to this: It speaks volumes.
  13. And what is so wrong with demanding scientific evidence? That depends on whether or not I knew and trusted you. So as long as you know and trust someone, anything they assert is to be believed without further investigation? Thank goodness our criminal justice system, health care system, journalism, etc. operates with the understanding that trustworthy people we know very well don't always get it right.
  14. Yeah, so atheists will cease to exist while believers live forever . . .without any idea of what that will be like. Sounds pretty risky to me. I don't recall any sort of suffering or missing anything at all when I did not exist before I was born. So it doesn't frighten me to "remain dead" (i.e. not exist) because there will be no pain, no suffering, no worrying, no disease, no having to fight for survival, no missing anything at all when I'm dead . Hmmmm. . . kind of sounds like heaven!
  15. I guess the problem I see with this point of view is that even non-symptomatic covid-positive folks can spread the virus to those who are really vulnerable. Getting vaccinated is not only about protecting oneself, but also protecting the community with extremely effective vaccines. Its very curious to me that people are hesitant about vaccines when they do not hesitate to get into a car (across the globe, hundreds of thousands of people die in motor vehicle accidents annually) or to take antibiotics (tens of thousands die from side effects of antibiotics each year) or many other things that involve risk each day that is known to be far greater than any risk from a vaccine. I know people who fear the vaccine, but don’t fear smoking, excessive drinking, or being overweight – all of which come with known risks that will likely hurt them in the long run. I think people have also forgotten that vaccine science started over 200 years ago and has essentially eradicated some pretty nasty diseases (tetanus, polio, small pox, and rabies – to name a few). As for the speed with which covid vaccines were developed, this is not the first time scientists have raced to accomplish something big. It took just 27 months to develop an atomic bomb – in the 1940s. Amazing. An atomic bomb that wiped out over 200,000 people using 1940s technology that lacked so many of the resources we have today. As for "Big Pharma" conspiracy theories, one has to remember that Big Pharm employees are just ordinary people - with spouses, kids, moms, dads, significant others. They are not mad scientists with zero scruples out to make some all-be-damned vaccine just to rake in money. The level of cooperation and secrecy needed by hundreds if not thousands of pharmaceutical employees to devise and implement such a sinister plan is just not realistic. The bottom line is people take risks every day involving unknowns, but they choose not to think about those risks. In the case of covid vaccines, people have forgotten all the historical success with vaccines, they have little understanding of how the vaccines work, and they have access to all sorts of conspiracy theories that prey on their fears. Here's some anecdotal feedback: I work in 2 facilities, one of which is a nursing home that had multiple covid units this time last year and many people going to the hospital, some of whom died, others a long stay in ICU, others recovered. We are currently experiencing another (lesser) wave of covid, but with almost all occupants vaccinated, this time around, no one is in the hospital and most are asymptomatic. In the hospital, again this time last year, we had people in the halls, private rooms with 2 patients, our break room was converted to a patient room, and one of our auditoriums room was converted to patient holding area. This year, my unit is no longer a covid unit and none of those other things are happening. However, I know quite a few nurses who had covid and have had long-term effects (chronic cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, etc.). I had an adverse reaction to the second vaccine (as did many of my colleagues), but it lasted only a day. My hope is that people look at the big picture, look at data, look at studies, look at the risks they take everyday, and make an educated decision.
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