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  1. @HisGrace, many good questions! Much the same as things I think about now, well written!
  2. I can usually follow comments and understand them but after @theredneckprofessor's comments, which I agree with and feel myself, none of it made much sense....
  3. @Weezer, I haven’t been able to read your testimony in the format you posted yet; I have an iPad I use most of the time and it doesn’t have the software necessary to open your document, have to wait and get on a desktop to read. But I have followed all your responses to the comments here and I just want to say that, when I get around to writing my testimony my thoughts will be as ordered and well-written as yours.
  4. I have a hard time with having free will but you will catch hell if you choose wrong! How can that be free will? Especially if you know it up front! If God did create us with free will, knowing all things as he supposedly does, he knows that most of the humans he created will not pass the test. And that bothers the hell out of me, why doesn't it bother him?
  5. @fuego, I believe you to be dead on in your assessment of religion and politics in America, in fact, I have long believed that politics and government was created by religion and religion was created by wanna-be rulers. In the old saying, Religion and politics makes strange bedfellows', I dropped the word 'strange' and it all made sense in light of what I kept observing. Bob Altemeyer has an essay out (https://theauthoritarians.org/Downloads/TheAuthoritarians.pdf), The Authoritarians, that explains a lot about the connection between American politics and religion, specifically Christianity. Worth a read.
  6. was the book titled The Age of Atheists? it was kind of implied in the heading...just curious... Mike
  7. Mike


    Welcome Jerry! I too am having difficulty letting my family know of my unbelief. Those I have told have freaked out which makes me even more reluctant to advertise it. Hang in there and keep coming here.
  8. Mike


    @Comatoast Greetings and welcome! Grab some coffee and set a spell!
  9. All good comments and insights! The Christian god is a creator alright - he created all his own problems.
  10. Welcome@Derek, I enjoyed your story and the comments that followed!
  11. @sdelsolray, yes, but we know believers come here and check things out, it may be of benefit to them. Also, someone else like yourself could add another angle of thought to it that would also help others, especially those talking to believers. Thanks for reading!
  12. The Hubble and the other exploring space craft have not encountered this heaven yet either.
  13. In my list of things that I have begun to question, something earlier in this past week caused me to think about the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. Although it is a very recent problem I encountered, I decided to write about it first because it will be short. The story goes that God saw the people building this city and tower to reach the heavens, so God confused the languages to put a stop to it. He says that if He didn’t there would be nothing the people couldn’t do. He couldn’t have that so He confused the language, made they speak different languages so that they would leave off building this tower and separate themselves. Now, besides the obvious question- did God not foresee this all?, you have the issues of 'reaching the heavens'. Did God actually believe they would reach heaven? The story certainly implies that. I did a little research on oxygen, building heights, etc. Could they have really reached 'the heavens'? How far away was heaven? They would have run out of oxygen at about 21,000 feet. Would they have reached heaven before then? We know now that you can shoot a rocket straight up and unless you hit an asteroid or a planet, it could go indefinitely into the huge expanse of space. Wouldn’t the creator of all this known this? Just what did He think they could reach? The tallest building to date in these modern times is the 829.8-metre-tall (2,722 ft) Burj Khalifa in Dubai (of the United Arab Emirates). (Wikipedia) There is talk of taller ones, it is theoretically possible with today's technology to build one about 4,000 feet tall. The issue on these tall buildings is that the base has to be so wide it becomes impractical to go high, real estate prices being what they are. Was God really afraid they could do anything approaching tall enough to reach heaven? I think not.
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