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  1. Intheory

    open question to all - can you help?

    Hey Miriam, we haven't yet interacted, but wanted to throw my 2 cents in as a response to your request. 2 main reasons that precipitated my deconversion: first, honestly coming to grips with the disconnect between old testament god and new testament god. This started the "deconstruction of the bible" path for me. I essentially threw out the old testament as not-inspired, but rather a collection of mostly nationalistic writings by many writers over hundreds of years. Then I also realized that Paul seemed like the narcissistic televangelist of his day, and where did he get off telling the actual disciples of christ how to do things? So I threw out Paul's writings (the vast majority of the new testament). Then I read that the gospels were written at least a few generations after Christ's death, and bam!! No inspired bible anymore. Second, I started realizing that I was experiencing the feeling of the "holy spirit" in decidedly non-christian venues (secular concerts, in groups of people, in self-guided meditation), and this added to my understanding that my concept of god was not unique to christianity, and indeed christianity itself was very much wanting in both the claims of its source material and also in the actual practice of morals and ethics. Thanks for letting me share!
  2. Intheory

    Mistakes you made thinking it was “non-Christian”

    Man, I remember the prayer walks! I always felt super awkward, but felt that it was due to lack of faith and confidence in "the spirit." Ugh!!!
  3. Intheory

    What is your stance on the Bible?

    Dexter, great question! I view the bible similarly to MOHO; simply as a work of literature (or multiple works of literature to be more specific). Parts of it are lovely, parts of it ugly. For me, I've had enough of it for a lifetime and can imagine not picking it up ever again. So I also obviously have some feelings of antipathy as well toward it
  4. Intheory

    good without god, indeed

    Hello and welcome @BookOfRuthless Loooooove the name!!!
  5. Intheory

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    Sorry, but I have to address the "growing out limbs" mention. This is absolute and utter tomfoolery and the most basic stage magic. If you believe that nonsense, you are truly blind. I don't want to be harsh, but you should not be associating with any "ministry" that promulgates this activity, because it is a wilful con. Period.
  6. Intheory

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    I knew a god. He was vengeful, arbitrary, and whimsical. I surrendered most of my life to him and did all of the spirit-filled activities. And then I walked away and excorcised that god and started healing. I am not an atheist per se, but I can't see myself ever being a theist again. Don't assume that people didn't have genuine experiences just because it doesn't fit your narrative and worldview.
  7. Intheory

    Finally! An ACTUAL supernatural healing!

    Its amazing that this level of idiocy still fools people.
  8. Intheory

    Thank you

    Thank you for the warm welcome!!! I appreciate all of your comments!
  9. God, where do I start... believing God cared which socks I wore (as a young child, lots of weird compulsions that were god related in those early years). believing that tongues-speakers were evil later believing that tongues-speakers were the only ones that were saved believing that’s Jesus would come back to Rapture the church “Thief in the Night” style (did anyone else see this when they were 6-7 years old and have it scar them for decades???) Believing in the “harmony of the gospels” I think that’s enough for now
  10. I’d say the hardest part was letting go of my general anger. Second to that was a constant lingering fear for years that I was “wrong” and would find out such when I died. I don’t believe that anger was unjustified; in my case, it was just too pervasive in my self for many years. I was angry about feeling duped and spiritually abused for my entire life up to my point of exit. And it REALLY pissed me off... for a really long time.
  11. Intheory


    To weigh in gingerly (as the newb here), I think it’s been alluded to already that being less than 2 years out means that you’re doing great Ag-no!! I’m 13 years out (holy FUCK I can’t believe I just put that down on paper!), and I think I just stopped being angry less than 2 years ago...and I change my mind hourly on what I believe (although I am quite firmly a non-theist). bravo to all of you for your great support here, love the sense of community!!
  12. Intheory

    Dealing with a Narcissist's Love

    I’m so sorry you went through that Fuego!! Gaslighting is one of the most insidious parts of abusice churches in my opinion. I lived for years under narcissistic, abusive spiritual authority before I was able to lift my head above the fog and see clearly.
  13. Absolutely! If there are any actual Satanists in Southern Carolina, I’m sure they keep that news to themselves Hey, and am I the only one that feels like Satanism gets a bad rap? It’s not really about worshiping Satan at all. anyways!!
  14. Intheory

    Finally! An ACTUAL supernatural healing!

    Sadly this is not parody. This is the same guy who has a video of "walking on air." Unashamed con artist. He also does "miracles" with ipads...not kidding!!
  15. Intheory

    Dawn Smith--Why I Left an Evangelical Cult

    Very powerful. I am often amazed at how prevalent bible based cults are in the US. Heck, I was involved in 2 (possibly 3, not sure if my first church would qualify).