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  1. Guys with regards to Heavy Metal music all I was pointing out is how similar they are what they have in common. You'll notice they don't show hatred for Buddah, The East Bunny, Santa Clause or other religions, but pick out specifically Christianity. Islam is one of the biggest religions in the world, why not write songs about Muhammad? What I was aiming to emphasize is how similar these concerts are to church. People go and sing songs to satan and lift up their hands as if in worship. I'm not saying all bands are straight out worshiping satan, but some are. Look I know it's only the Holy Spirit alone who can convince any of you and the same in Jesus time. Many believed, but the religious leaders with their acquired knowledge couldn't stand Jesus. Ok I know there's a lot of videos on YouTube and you'll say their all fake. The Discovery Channel interviewed Bruce Van Natta after being claims of his intestines regrowing after being crushed by a truck. The Discovery Channel didn't actually want to support his view and wanted to prove that it was wrong. In the end they couldn't argue with the medical evidence. "The surgeons couldn't understand how Bruce Van Natta's heart was still beating after the giant truck had almost cut him into two pieces and severed 5 major arteries. The surgeons stopped the incredible bleeding and then removed a large part of his small intestine." Bruce Carlson, from Walden, NY, felt God tell him to go to Wisconsin and pray for Van Natta. Carlson and a mutual friend named Brian, went to his hospital room. There Carlson laid hands on Bruce Van Natta and commanded his small intestines to grow in the name of Jesus Christ.(John 14:13,14) Suddenly Van Natta felt electricity come out of his hands and go into his own forehead and down to his stomach area. Van Natta felt his intestines wiggle and move around. He instantly told Carlson and Brian that he felt as though a snake had uncoiled in his stomach. Bruce Van Natta immediately started gaining weight! His doctors were confused. They ordered an upper G.I. Track X-ray exam. The doctors couldn't believe what they were seeing. Senior radiologist Andrew Taylor confirmed in writing that Bruce Van Natta now had 9.84 feet(300 cm) of small intestines. Before and after X-rays, CT scans and Doppler scans proved that Van Natta's small intestines had tripled in length due to the prayers for him in Jesus's name. This is a fact. Furthermore, Dr. Michael Schurr operated on Van Natta again after the upper G.I. Track X-rays showed that his small intestines had tripled. Dr. Schurr and the operative assistants saw the Christ-regrown small intestines with their own eyes. This is a fact. The History Channel's atheistic "Miracles Decoded" series aimed to disprove miracles. Yet when they interviewed Dr.Michael Schurr and saw the clear evidence of the before and after medical imaging of Van Natta's intestines, even they had to admit on TV that there is no natural explanation for Bruce Van Natta's small intestine's huge regrowth. Bruce Van Natta is a healthy 160 pounds today and directs Sweet Bread Ministries. Max Davis tells us that this miracle story has extremely reliable sources. To continue to disbelieve in miracles or in Jesus Christ, who is the God of miracles, is to simply refuse to acknowledge the facts. References: 1) Bruce Van Natta(2013) Saved By Angels(Permission given to quote.) 2)Max Davis(2012) The Insanity of Disbelief: A Journalist's Journey from Belief to Skepticism to Deep Faith(Permission given to quote.) 3) Notes that I took during a telephone conversation with Bruce Van Natta on December 23,2017.
  2. Ok look I know I'm not going to convince you. For me though my life has never been better. We do filter everything through our world view. If we believe there's no God we see everything in a way that people are just stupid and delusional, who say there is. If we believe in God, we see the world vastly different and the same goes for many other religions and cultures. Some of you are saying you'd believe if you saw a finger grow back or a miracle. We see after Jesus raised Lazareth from the dead, many were amazed and believed, but the religious leaders of the time, said "We must kill him". They'd also seen Jesus heal and it's mostly mentioned on the Sabbath day, but even with the miracles they chose to be annoyed that the healing happened on the Sabbath and not so much care for the healing itself. So even if the finger were to grow back it's unlikely that it would change your mind. Another thing that's I've been talking about and no one has mentioned is deliverance. Jesus didn't preach about actual healing or deliverance, but was just about setting people free. I've seen a few people set free from demons, including my atheist skeptic friend, who 100% admitted he had something within him that left out of his mouth. He also told me one time his old girl friend who had a lot of problems. One day he was looking at her and within her eye itself ignited a fire then went out again. You can see dozens of videos about similar things where magicians are doing tricks or those involved in witchcraft and their eyes will change to like cat eyes. David Icke has noticed this also and he thinks it's shape shifters or a reptilian race, but my prospective I know it's just people that have demons. One point that I talk about a lot is Heavy Metal bands and their singing about Christian ideas as well as the devil. I have some friends in a band and I said to them ACDC are a religious band because they sing about hell and the devil. Just because they say they aren't religious doesn't mean anything when you look at their lyrics. There are many bands and won't go into detail, but they sing about Christian consents, or burn the Christians and let satan rule etc. You don't hear Heavy Metal bands though sing about Buddah, Muhammad at all or with the same hatred aimed at them. Why do so many of these bands have a common theme and all seem to have a focus around satan? I just mean it's a bit more of a coincidence. Bands such as Behexen, Behemoth, Dissection, Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth, Deicide and many others. People flock to listen to these bands and all would say they hate religion, but are knowingly worshiping satan. Like the movie The Usual Suspects movie has the quote "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." Just look up the lyrics from any of these bands and they are actually giving praises to satan. Talk about killing Christians or prophets and so many of their ideas in their songs relate directly back to the bible and the ideology of satan. You cannot sing songs to Jesus all day and even in your career and then say, "I"m an atheist." It's the same you can't sing songs about satan and demons all day to then say, "I'm an atheist." The term occult in Latin is occultus which means "clandestine, hidden, secret". Of course there's a reason to be hidden. If people knew the truth they would never allow satan to get a grip on them.
  3. Yes I absolutely believe that God can heal missing fingers. No I haven't seen someone's limbs instantly grow back. I have seen peoples legs literally grow out though. I met a lady a few weeks ago, she had a about 5-10 skin cancers on her arm and side of her face. Her choice was to not get them treated and they had gotten very bad. I couldn't beleive how bad it was when she removed the bandages. I prayed for her for maybe 10 minutes and actually spoke a lot of things while praying that she said after were excatly what had been going on in her life. I saw this lady a few days ago and the bandages are gone and all the sores and skin cancers are completely healed. There's a few tiny specs like a small pimple left. So yes I totally believe a finger can grow back, but in most cases for myself I'm found praying in person to work better. I know God isn't limited and have prayed for someone and a demon left them during the night 500Kms away and they woke up and felt it.
  4. I do thank you for your honest responses. I find it very interesting. First to mention I'm no expert. I was brought up around church, but hated going and didn't really want to be a part of it at all. For myself that changed when I went to a Youth Camp and got baptized in the Holy Spirit. If you believe in this or not, my life from that moment on took a drastic change. The next year I decided to go to a bible school / music school in Sydney. Strangely enough the very first night I suddenly felt this demonic presence enter the room and a pattern of lights shine on the wall, as well as saw a demonic skull like face. You could say it was just an illusion or in the mind, but I could feel it and nothing ever like that had happened before. I knew that my shift in direction was meeting some opposition. Yunea metioned that they had seen people healed and energy flow. I have the exact conversation on a weekly basis with people in my office, many are into New Age or Reiki. While Reiki and various other forms of healing appear similar, they aren't. Yes the devil is happy if there's a spirit causing the sickness, to stop the sickness as long as the person is still bound. We see throughout the bible Moses and the Magicians, many of the same tricks they could do also. In Acts 16:18, we see the slave girl with a spirit of divination and Paul commanded the spirit to leave and it did. I myself witnessed this when I prayed for my friend who's into New Age, as he had a strange sickness that no one has been able to cure. As soon as I laid hands on him, he said, "Get this thing out of me". And kept commanding this spirit to leave. He used to be a total skeptic, but now knows it's real. He said he felt this thing from inside of him come up and leave out his mouth. So yes I'm not denying that hearings can happen without knowing God, I'm just saying the source is different. Why I'm not a Mormon, a Scientologist or a Muslim: Without going right into those religions and how they came about. I'd say, because they're dead religions. Both Mormonism and Islam accept Jesus as a Prophet, but deny the divinity of Christ. In both Mormonism and Islam an angel appeared and gave them the new revelation. In Islam the angel forced itself upon Muhammad several times and Muhammad also attempted suicide after. I mean that in itself, it doesn't sound like Muhammad really wanted this revelation. It's just interesting there's all these religions that start with the Torah or have similar ideas, but have moved away from them, to take away from the divinity of Christ. To answer ultimately do I have an exact answer? I'd say because my first experience was being baptized in the Holy Spirit I knew in myself that it was right (you may disagree), but something in me knew it was right. I have a real relationship with Jesus and pray for people everywhere I go. Yes there are still hospitals and they have their purpose, but sometimes doctors can't cure everyone. None of the other religions looked appealing at all.
  5. This is an honest question. One thing that I've noticed after reading many of the stories as people said they grew up in a Christian home, or they got involved in Church, they did ministry, they went on Missions or whatever it way. I haven't heard anyone say they had a personal relationship with Jesus, witnessed signs and wonders, healings, the blind see, demons cast out etc as in the book of Acts and New Testament. From what I perceive and I don't mean to sound offensive, but it sounds like many came in contact with religion. I can read a book about someone, but that doesn't mean I know them. I completely understand if this is your Christian experience it would be boring as hell and no wonder you'd get frustrated and leave. I was in the same situation. I had been on missions trips, seen people healed and many supernatural things, but there was always something missing. To be honest I was a slave still to my own sin and drowned in fear and unworthiness. I believed God was real, but was never really full on and partly stopped going to Church. I came across a guy in Cape Town South Africia who was involved in street ministry as well as going to hospitals and prisons. My wife suggested going and spending a short time with him. So I went over to South Africia. About the very first day we were just walking through a shopping mall and he walked past some then turned back and said, "How's your knee." Then proceeded to pray for the man's knee and it got healed. The man wasn't actually even walking, so it wasn't obvious that there was something wrong. This happened many times. I still felt somewhat unworthy that God could use me and believed I'd made too many mistakes. There was over a hundred stories from that trip and will just share a couple of them. We were at a hospital praying for mostly gun shot victims, who'd been shot by gangs or in gang wars. I was praying for a man who hand internal pain and had a patch on his back to show where the pain had been. While I was praying for him he said the pain was leaving. When I took my hand away, he said, "put your hand back, the pain is leaving." I was in shock and kept praying until the pain completely left. I went back to where I was staying and my heart for the first time started to change. As I started operating in faith and of the Holy Spirit I was releasing the love of God. As it says it's better to give than receive. That is true. As I gave away love I received it. Another time at a prison we met about 15-20 young girls, who had no hope. They were sitting there and my friend asked. "Does anyone need healing"? A young girl came out, who had lost her voice and could hardly speak at all. He prayed a quick prayer for her and immediately she started signing a song. A couple of the girls in the front row burst into tears and simply couldn't believe it. We spent time praying for the rest of them and many others were healed also. While I was praying for a girl at the hospital and her family I suddenly felt a sensation like running your hands under water and realized that's exactly what Jesus said. "John 7:38 Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water." It suddenly became even more real. Since returning back to Australia I've seen demons cast out of my atheist skeptic friend who had an unknown immune sickness, another completely healed from stage 4 stomach cancer and many others healed. I work with people in New Age, Budhists, Hindus and atheists and make every effort to pray for people and tell them about the love of God. Just to put this in prospective. I go to pubs or wherever I can to meet people and recently prayed for a man with cancer at a bar. In a sense could I now walk away from Jesus and say, "it's not for me?" It would be basically impossible. Yes there's ups and downs and have a normal life, but know that the life following Jesus is one of the Spirit, not of the flesh. It's not about sitting in church, while someone preaches. That's ok, but how much faith is required to listen to someone else? That's why it says be doers not hears only. The question I was getting to is?? Did you know God before giving up on the faith? To that I know you'll say. God doesn't exist, so it's impossible to know Him. If that is your response, then you weren't actually a believer to start with. If believing was doing Christian practices, such as attending Church and playing in the worship band. But I read the bible and went to bible school. I was a devout Christian: The devil knows the scriptures, but does that mean he's saved? Let's look at Judas. He looked just like the 12, he went everywhere they did, performed signs, but his heart wasn't totally sold out. Satan still had an entry point in regards to his love for money. "John 13:2 During supper, when the devil had already put it into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, to betray him". You see we can look just like believers, walk the walk and talk the talk, but that still doesn't mean we know God. Yes I know Judas did know Jesus, but in knowing Jesus he chose not to trust him and betray him. Many believers today attend church, are involved with church or even pastors and teachers, but they haven't actually repented or turned away from sin and are still living half in the world and half following Jesus. It's one or the other. Galations says "But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh". The entire Christian life is based on being born again of the water and the spirit. Receiving the Holy Spirt and daily feeding on the Word to renew the mind. To know if someone is truly saved can be known by their fruit and some of the fruits are "love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control" and a change in behavior (I'm not talking about good works here, just a chance in nature). You may not agree with what I've written, but I do find it interesting. Tomorrow I'm aiming to pray for a girl at work who hurt it in a motorbike accident and has had two failed operations. Yes she's not a believer, but will see God heal her tomorrow. I went and visited a nice elderly lady who's been in horrific pain and waiting for the public health system to give her a knee replacement. She let me pray for her knee the other day and when she walked around was in shock and couldn't believe she'd rejected letting me pray for her earlier. It really just showed her that God is real and not just an ideology or theory made up by man to enslave mankind into submission. Questions regarding my story?? 1. Miracles don't happen. Show me proof and I'll believe: This is a common one that I've had with atheists. There are likely hundreds of videos on YouTube showing various healings, people being delivered from demons etc. But you say aren't they just faking it and use actors? Yes seeing someone healed doesn't force someone to believe, they can always choose to believe or not believe. I'd say go and see for yourself if you don't trust the YouTube videos. 2. Your story's are all fake and made up: Yes, most of these stories weren't filmed or recorded, so I don't have actual proof. The deliverance of my friend though he can testify to that. The lady with the stage 4 cancer, she has actually thanked me a couple of times for visiting her. She's still alive 18 months later and hasn't had any more cancer. 3. Miracles don't mean you know God: In Matthew 7:22 "Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name. And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness". Yes from this it looks like it's even possible to see signs and wonders and not really know God, but it's talking about lawlessness or evildoers. I would say this is speaking of believers that haven't repented and turned away from sin or maybe thinking they are saved just because they've seen signs and wonders.
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