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    My dad was a Catholic priest who snuck out when he got my mom preggers, so I guess it runs in the family.

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  1. That one was actually a very literal expression of a particular bout of depression I had, but it fits with some deconverting sentiments I've heard. That thinking too much about the Bible itself can actually go too far, can lead to the suicide of your own religion.
  2. I was looking back through some old poetry and thought I might post ones that sort of fit in with the idea of "losing my religion" haha. Maybe my subconscious was speaking through me all along... Kneeling at the Mountain You don’t know it now, but You know it somewhere in that small wrinkle of the universe that Your mind is afraid to touch. Yes, You know it somewhere among the harsh, goliath peaks: all You have is infinitesimal and all You are is infinitesimal and that’s just the way You want it. don’t let me think too much
  3. It's nice to see someone laughing at this. To laugh at silly people is to relegate them to satire and nothing more. Unfortunately I'm not there yet, the too-obvious hypocrisy still makes my blood boil.
  4. That's so interesting to me because musical worship was probably the first and main thing to rope me into Christianity! I love classical music and have played the viola since I was 10, and a good portion of my most serious playing was as part of my church's music group. Even as I began to seriously doubt, I remember brainwashing myself with the thought, "well, only God could have inspired Bach to write something as amazing as St. Matthew's Passion! Only God could have inspired worship as moving as the Mass of Creation's Glory to God!" It's crazy how emotional music can be. How intrinsic to hum
  5. Hey Cousin Ricky, I know its been more than a year but I just stumbled across this and I'm super curious what was in that imprimatur that gave you doubts about the RCC's moral assessments? I too was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school, and their ability to mesh all the bible stories with science kept me in the faith after I started doubting. It was also some of the RCC's teachings on morality that alienated me from Catholicism itself and, ultimately, Christianity.
  6. Anyone feel like humanity is living in a bicameral mind state, thinking "God" is talking to them and telling them what to do, hence religion? Thus, following the concepts of Westworld, only those of us who have realized religion is false and "God" is our own subconscious have actually, finally become self-aware and truly intelligent? And we all know what happens when the masses become self-aware... (I know the bicameral mind theory is bunk and Westworld season 2 was questionable to say the least, but it's a fun little analogy.)
  7. Aw thanks, @ag_NO_stic, that means a lot. Lifelong hobby I've been perusing your posts and you seem to be the shit as well!
  8. @GeezerYup, that's it. 25. Thanks! I'll get there eventually... lol
  9. So true, all of those friends thought it was wrong to hang out 1:1 with a friend of the opposite sex if they were in a relationship. I still don't get it. If you're so certain of your relationship and so trusting of God, then why are you afraid to be alone in a room with a dude? They said it was out of respect for their partners, but if anything I feel like it communicates a lack of respect and lack of self-control.
  10. I cannot fathom what goes through these people's brains. The worst I ever heard was that my clinical depression is not a result of chemical imbalance or childhood abuse, but a result of me not believing in hell... As it turns out, several people here seem to have become depressed because of their belief in hell.
  11. Thanks everyone!! Ummmmm how do I like or react to posts? Haha
  12. Thanks guys Yeah, @MOHO, that's the difficulty. As someone else said, churches will never endorse an extimony, so people in the faith see content like this as evil and are automatically turned off to it.
  13. FYI I fancy myself a (very amateur) novelist, so I am honestly incapable of brevity… really sorry about the length of this Soooo, I wasn't raised in a super religious family, more a middle-of-the-line Catholic tradition. Christmas, Easter, weddings and funerals, that's about it. Which is weird, actually, because my father is an ex-priest! He maintains to this day that the only reason he left was that he fell in love with my mom (that's another story I should tell someday, it's adorable) and never understood why priests had to take a vow of chastity, but considering h
  14. I don't regret learning psychology so much as I regret the degree itself. Like lots of other similar people, once I started working in the field I discovered that I don't actually like it all that much, but there's not really any other career path for someone with a BS in psychology and eight years of experience caring for schizophrenic children... Even Starbucks and Barnes and Noble turned me down for jobs! I love all the concepts in psychology and really should have gone the experimental route, but being an optimistic, "must save everyone" type of girl I went clinical. So now I'm
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