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    Hello I am 17 years of age (as of writing this) and want to join this site to finally be able to connect with others who have also become atheists and can finally understand what I have been through, I have gone through a lot over the 4 years and am still dealing with grief, trauma, and anxiety.

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  1. HoneyBib

    How can I deconvert my mother?

    I have already rather recently given up on deconverting my mother, after I was thinking about the concept of death for a while I am starting to think that perhaps it is better for her to believe in an afterlife even if her religion is a mental prison for her that she is unaware of.
  2. I suppose christianity crucified his brain?
  3. HoneyBib

    Conservative Christian beliefs and mental health

    I am currently seeing a therapist every couple months, the problem is my mother is also present which makes it harder for a one on one conversation with the therapist because my mother gets defensive about her religion, at least my therapist seems to understand that the religion I used to believe in had a major component in me developing anxiety and depression. I am also hoping that one day I will successfully deconvert my mother where she can be an atheist/agnostic too and see all the nonsense that she-too believed in and realise that the chronic anxiety that she also suffered herself as a teenager was not because she was a "bad" christian but because she is a christian.
  4. HoneyBib

    Conservative Christian beliefs and mental health

    I developed severe anxiety and depression due to the years of believing the nonsensical insanity that was the rapture, hell, signs, what to think and what not to think, how you should think, etc. Ever since I was taught those things at the age of 8 I had lived my life in constant fear, praying, blocking my own critical thoughts, and asking for forgiveness for uncontrollable thoughts that may insult God; as a result I developed poor thinking patterns that lead to me at the age of 13 forming a severe case of chronic anxiety and depression where I had panic attacks from the feeling of being trapped in my own existence and made suicide attempts to "escape" from my existence. I am now 17 and still recovering from those horrible memories of my experience but I still suffer from poor thinking patterns and am at high risk of anxiety and depression, my family (who also love me) blame the anxiety and depression on me and claim that I was not a "true" christian; no matter how much I reason with them and how strong my arguments are they simply jump onto the defensive bandwagon and then later pray for my supposed unsaved soul.
  5. HoneyBib

    Bible Verses

    Hi, can anyone give me a full list of Bible verses that will make my mother question her faith and embark on a journey onto deconversion? Thanks.
  6. HoneyBib

    Ouija board - what do You think about it?

    the apparent "supernatural" experiences people perceive when doing whatever they are doing with the ouija board is actually caused by the person himself/herself unconsciously moving the necessary pieces in the ouija board, this is known as the Idiomotor effect, theres a Youtube video from the science channel Seeker that explains it way better than I currently can -
  7. HoneyBib

    My reasons

    Christianity like many other abrahamic religions are known to vastly increase the risk for developing Bipolar and Schizophrenia due to the religion requiring to reject logical reasoning, rational and scientific explanations to instead assume middle age beliefs such as visual and/or auditory hallucinations being visions and words from God, simple everyday occurrences being signs and wonders from God, random acts of kindness being only the works of God and many other irrational and mindless beliefs. What I am saying is that you are not hearing personal voices from God nor any visions from God, your brain is suffering from a misfiring of neurons and you are suffering from fear, hallucinations and delusional thoughts. Merely denying that you are hallucinating is not going to help your case and if you take action Now and seek medical help these hallucinations will go away and you will look back at your Christian beliefs as simply being in a state of madness. I have been where you were, although I never hallucinated I had very delusional thoughts when I had spent months of my life suffering from anxiety and panic attacks as I had convinced myself God gave me signs that I will go blind, but ever since then I look back at those days and wish I just stopped to logically think about it all and realise that the "signs" are really just my brain picking out random words overheard from other people's conversations that they had with each other, anyway I have never been on the type of medication that you are on but I am on Antidepressants as I suffer from depression from the traumatising experience that I had with my religious anxiety. Anyway, all we can do is give you advice, we cannot do what Doctors and Hospitals do, we cannot prescribe you medications nor adjust your medications, in the end it is You who is in the decisive power to say to yourself "This suffering stops today as it is now or never" and see a doctor to have your medication adjusted.
  8. The rewards in heaven are even more mindless worship, but instead of it being every Sunday it is every single day, but not only is it just that, they will be jumping around their super "loving" God who sits on his giant throne all day!
  9. My mother told me about how when she was a teenager she played a rock and roll song backwards and heard an subliminal message that apparently was the devil in the song saying "Let me in! Let me in! Let me in!" in a horrible voice, she then threw the record into the fire and claimed to have heard screaming coming from it, she then told the church and the church used it as a testimony about how secular songs are plagued by the devil! 😂
  10. HoneyBib

    Video: What Happens When You Die?

    The concept of experiencing and remembering nothing for eternity after I die was very troubling to me when I started thinking about death recently, but I came to realise that death is an eternal sleep that is peaceful, comfortable, and you never care nor catch on to the fact that you are dead.
  11. HoneyBib

    How can I deconvert my mother?

    I hate to see my family believing in the irrational nonsense that is Christianity, to me just sitting their and hoping for the best is not good enough, I want to be able to at least help my mother lose her faith in religion, I remember when she was stressing over something she was wondering if God was punishing her for a sin - it is sick how depraving christianity is and I want to so something that WILL contribute to freeing her from the religion.
  12. When I was a christian, I was often told how God always speaks to us and that if we ask God for signs he will answer in "mysterious" ways such as directing the flow of a conversation of some random people nearby to say a certain word that you will over hear, to which will be an answer to your prayer-question. This teaching from my christian fundamentalist school is what cemented my path into suffering from tremendous anxiety about the future when I believed God had given me signs confirming my prayer-question that "yes, something horrible and harrowing for you will happen long in your future". What did not help was that during the months of suffering this tremendous anxiety my family took me to a counsellor and told her that "we are a christian family", the counsellor therefore did not say anything about how the human mind can actually selectively hear words and that words such as "yes", "it will", "it will happen" are common words and why and how I was worrying for nothing. Due to counsellors not being allowed to talk in a way that made people question their faith nor anything related to religion the counsellor had to talk in a way that did not sound like it was going to make me doubt my faith or connect the power of the human mind's trickery such as the supposed gut feeling of God's existence. Therefore after those months where my anxiety began to fizzle away due to me becoming very exhausted and developing problems with my immune system from all the intense stress, depression, panicking, crying, and misery, my family had actually wondered that PERHAPS I was demon possessed or had a poor relationship with God and that all I needed was more prayer - something which did not help for me especially when I would get told about how the church is "praying for you" where one of the church members called me saying: "I was praying for you and then God told me you will never suffer from this illness in the future" in which I asked "how did God tell you", and she said "I had this feeling in my heart and thats how I knew", that to me was a poor answer and did not help with my anxiety. It has been 4 years since then and I am rockily recovering but my personality that made me such a happy, confident, excited, bright, free and nostalgic character is no more, I have been traumatised by the very clear memories of my tremendous anxiety and I am on anti depressants to help keep my mood lifted. And still my mother refuses to accept that religion along with it's stupid teachings caused me the anxiety, all she says is "No, It was just you that caused the anxiety, not Christianity, If you truly put all your trust and faith in God you would have never suffered this anxiety". This is one of the reasons why religion makes me sick to my stomach, it makes believers - even family members think selfishly, foolishly, and un empathically and yet claim to have the "moral high ground".
  13. HoneyBib


    When I used to be a christian I always wondered how such a God sitting adrift in heaven for trillions or more years could not get bored, what does he do all day?
  14. HoneyBib

    How can I deconvert my mother?

    It also does not help how she attends church every Sunday and often has other christians sharing their faith with her and that she is close friends with a fundamentalist christian couple whom she speaks to often.
  15. HoneyBib

    How can I deconvert my mother?

    Hello, despite me being an atheist my mother and siblings are still christians to the extent that they take every word in the bible literally, a common example being the creation story, noahs ark, etc. I so far have had a life of what had originally been a happy, empathetic, layed back and a somewhat eccentric personality to a numb, regretful, disinterested, withdrawn but still a empathic teenager, this was the result of a chronic mental illness back in 2014 that I unintentionally led myself into as a result of religion damaging my mental health over the years, my strong recollective memory means that just as I can remember nearly all my good memories I can remember the bad ones as well, as a result the memories of how I felt during my chronic mental illness haunts me nearly everyday, resulting in me constantly thinking "back in time" and wishing I had stopped and thought logically very early on in my stage of chronic mental illness. However I have this constant goal in my head to deconvert my mother and ultimately the rest of my family (and maybe my grandmother) in order to make myself feel somewhat at peace with my past and also so I can pursue my life goals without having to reflect on the past in sadness and emotional numbness and so that I can finally have my family understand that it was religion that had ultimately led me onto the path of my anxiety, if I can deconvert them I can finally have them console me and tell me it was not my fault where my mother can hug me and telling me how she wished she had never been a christian, unintentionally teach me about the rapture, hell, God's will and everything else that christianity shoves down people's throats such as denial of science and how the human brain is more complicated than people think. I recently attempted to deconvert my mother by showing her a video of black holes and time dilation to try and get her to start thinking more broadly, and showing her news of proofs and evidence of the existence of black holes and time dilation, she seemingly believe it but with reluctancy, then I decided to see if I could quickly get her to reconvert by showing her a video of "what is the Universe?" in order to make her think twice on the creation story and God's existence, however as soon as the video started and she heard the word "Big Bang" she immediately told me to turn off the video, I protested, telling her "You cannot hide from vast and countless evidence and information in favour of an ancient book written by men who had no knowledge in science back as they were in ancient times" and she replied by telling me "What have you got to lose by believing? Scientists are there to try and sow seeds of doubt", based her reply I then decided to cease my protests realising that I could not argue with her and her deluded belief in Christianity is as set in stone as concrete. So I ask in advice how can I successfully deconvert my mother so that it is made much easier for me to deconvert the rest of my family? I have had no success in teaching her about science, philosophy, problems with theology, paradoxes as well as debate in a way that will start to make her lose her faith, she solidly believes that she "knows" God exists because she has had miracles that can "only come from God" such as this kind person who gave my mother a thousand dollars to help me stay in school where I keep telling her to look at the "testimonies" from people of other religions and atheists who commit random acts of kindness, she blatantly ignores what I say and keeps insisting "That God did it".