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  1. Hes particularly good where the child in question isn't a good little Christian but a Muslim or non believer or anything else besides a Christian... Because according to them, after such a miserable life this child will be headed to hell because ya know, god just didn't see fit to enlighten them according to the correct belief. Sometimes I seriously despair over human beings. To believe this god is great trash... I wonder if we'll ever evolve to level where the human brain more readily grasps that if it behaves like a monster and has the ethics and morality of a monster, it is indeed a monster.
  2. In control? God is in control in the xtian scenario. And with all the shit that goes down in this world, it's some kind of control lemme tell ya. Can't imagine feeling any more safe than with a being who sees/has some purpose in the rape of young girls. /End sarcasm
  3. That would be the theory... You washed your hands of her. Which is very curious, considering that you have children and I do not. Even though you are the Christian and I'm not, even though you have children and I don't and even though you have faith and I do not, you've displayed a callous disregard for her, while I am very concerned about her. A good worked example of how faith can be a bad thing if it corrodes a person's humanity. This. This is what I despised about myself when I finally realized what kind of person my faith had made me. But luckily the indoctrination didn't completely win and I had some humanity left and it's what drove me to ask the difficult questions regarding Christianity. I post this for all the lurkers out there who read this.
  4. "If I did this you would do that". Great discussion. Great deflection. Your discussion techniques or the lack thereof have already been pointed out to you. Maybe your thing here is just keep up with that behavior until others leave the discussion so then you can somehow claim you "won" or scored a point. In any case good day to you this is a waste of my time.
  5. So you went back to this instead of quoting said "emotional" posts I requested you to.
  6. Why do you resort to asking if people are bitter? Does it have something to do with bitterness not being a "fruit of the spirit" or even a sin? Feelings aren't sin. He has as much permission to be as bitter as he likes. Yes plenty of us here are bitter about our experiences. That does not equate to being wrong or doing wrong. Or make asking valid questions wrong. As to you thinking @WalterP and @TheRedneckProfessor are on a mission here, you think that simply because they are asking the difficult questions, the ones that reveal the dark side to Christian beliefs. If you think it's all light and fluffiness and love you've obviously never gone through or asked the questions many here have. It's apparent you're resorting to evasion and it could be to protect yourself. This is the Lions Den. There's no kid gloves here.
  7. This Christian at least declares they don't know. The kind I know would declare with some twisted logic that that girl being raped repeatedly serves some purpose of god's greater plan, which we simply aren't aware of. And that questioning gods will or ways is a sin.
  8. Unfortunately there's a thing called human bias or outright favoritism. Like old boys clubs and all that. Seems we are wired for group think.
  9. I'm sorry, but asking valid questions is not "attitude."
  10. All this equates to "my church is good/does good works therefore I can disregard the fact that the book I worship and the entity that supposedly reveals himself through or even wrote that book, says a shitload of stuff in that book that no person with any sense of moral grounding would accept".
  11. Oh but now now haven't you read the first book of Genesis it lays out exactly what us women are like and who is to blame. Talking snakes and all that.
  12. Putting something in caps doesn't make it true. Unless youre like Donald Trump and you live in that alternate reality lol.
  13. Grow up. Calling the people here hopeless because they don't believe like you or have a community like you do is so childish. Actually I take that back. Innocent children don't get ridiculous like that until their parents instill some us vs them beliefs in them.
  14. Agree with all of this. Life is easy when you have choices you can make and aren't limited. The world is yours then in many ways and even disadvantages can be overcome somewhat. But add factors like disability and illness in spite of "free" health Care, the ridiculous cost of living, the fact many are in debt, the fact minimum wage isn't anywhere near supporting the cost of living, the list goes on... Once they're elected, they're in it for themselves no matter what ideals they had entering it. I look at JT and understand why people get disillusioned with him, son of a rich wealthy prominent family, how can he relate to an ordinary Canadian who faces struggles he has never seen? When "democracy" favors the rich and wealthy you never end up with politicians who have any real measure of depth or substance to them. People gain character and experience through real challenge.
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