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  1. @ag_NO_stic Sorry to hear this, love and ((hugs)). It hurts so much to be labeled and misunderstood that way, it's the one thing that keeps getting to me with family. I do not care about their beliefs but I care that they can't even try to see things from a different perspective. I don't expect this to change. Also, I've been thinking I may have similar prospects for myself, dating an atheist whose parents are fundamentalists and may very well put some blame on me for being a bad influence on him (they're not aware of his beliefs). One thing that I have decided is, if the conversation comes up, I'll tell them they will have to decide which is more important, their views on religion or having a healthy relationship with us.
  2. Ok, we might accept that explanation My friends from ex-c I consider closer friends than many I had in the church. It's the fact I can talk honestly with them and they do the same in return.
  3. The Jesus Freak shit reaches a whole new level when combined with mental illness. I see and unfortunately have to live with it every day.
  4. That appears to be too optimistic for me, the undergo an Awakening part. It's a dangerous combination when you put authority and patriarchy together and they are inevitably intertwined. Which is why some husbands go batshit crazy when their wives or children leave fundamentalist xtianity. It undermines the authority they rely on. For a lot, it threatens their very masculinity because their masculine ideals are closely tied to these. Witness the rage and violence that can result as a consequence. It's better to be prepared for the worst rather than to hope for awakenings and understanding for the other side.
  5. Now that I've left I can appreciate how difficult it is, at least for the fundamentalists. You basically have to be willing to live with isolation from everyone you've known and start again. It's much easier for those of a more liberal strain of xtianity.
  6. Interesting perspective, that all progressives are out to "score points" instead of educate themselves in historical realities which continue to have an impact today.
  7. I suspect there's a lot of people like that hiding in their churches, it's only that the difference between them and us is that we had the force of will to be more honest with ourselves and others and refused to people please that way.
  8. You did the right thing in leaving. Stay strong. And get the authorities involved if necessary. Mental health issues in particular can make people do utterly crazy things.
  9. ^^because ya know armchair critics always have the best solutions in particular about crisis scenarios. And who cares that it's a fucking violent video of people losing their lives and probably pretty traumatizing to any people who lost family, it's more important it be posted so these critics can critique it
  10. ^^This. However, I just don't care, most of the time. I know who's being foolish and it sure isn't me.
  11. All of my friendships besides one, and they don't even know I'm an atheist, because I don't need to become the focus of the church gossip circles. We just have nothing in common anymore, and I don't need interventions or to be told that I've gone over to the devil. Some family relationships are strained. Other more distant family relationships I've broken off because they were toxic to begin with. It requires building a whole new support network.
  12. The blame game is never any good. I'd drop him and run. You deserve so much better.
  13. Red flags. This is controlling behavior. In any healthy relationship you are allowed to say I and me when discussing how you feel etc. Why the fuck is this dude telling you you have false leaders and don't know your savior? Religion and brainwashing. My only advice is run, and run fast. There will be better things and someone that values you for who you are, trust me. I'm sorry to tell you this but people who are involved in xtianity are children in many senses of the word and haven't grown up - how can they be when god and Jesus are leading them and they're told they're not allowed to trust themselves and practice self responsibility? I would highly recommend reading Marlene Winell's Leaving the Fold so you understand what exactly is going on here.
  14. Reason number 1 I will never date anyone of any religious persuasion: all of them can turn into monsters overnight if they fail to use logic and reason. Yes, even the most kind and loving of them can do awful, horrific things if they lack those faculties or don't know how to use them.