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    I'm an ex-fundie going on two years, navigating this thing called life.
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  1. Beliefs based on evidence that is verifiable aren't abstract and subjective.
  2. Justice can just be another convenient name for revenge.
  3. Liberal xtians aren't brainwashed? That's news to my ears. I tend to think anybody reading and believing a bronze age book of fairy tales written by men to control other people, is indeed brainwashed.
  4. Control and security my if that ain't xtianity right there in a nutshell.
  5. What things do you not know that still impact you? Are you open to the possibility of an afterlife?
  6. I left the religious community because I got sick of trying to measure up to their standards of how one or believes, behaves, or acts to be accepted. Until I became non religious I thought acceptance, true acceptance, was just a pipe dream. It came at a high cost, finding a place where I can be myself and be accepted, but it was so worth it.
  7. Pissed at religion? Yes that's an understatement..I'm still pissed sometimes. I lost 38 years in that. So what's wrong with being pissed? You gonna do the xtian thing now and tell me that bitterness is wrong, or sin, or that negative emotions are wrong? Or that I haven't forgiven and forgotten and moved on? I'm allowed to have my emotions and process them. Maybe you're also reading too much tone into my comments. I feel complacent writing this. I'm at a happy stage of my life. But I do get slightly pissed when people start telling me I "need" religion, or a god.
  8. I don't engage with conspiracy theorists in person, it's pointless, but I will share articles like this on social media and don't happen to care if xtian family or friends take offence. One must live with the realization that you cannot go without activating their martyr complex, it's bound to happen.
  9. Why does the xtian god need to be needed? It all comes back to, invented by humans, for humans, to control humans.
  10. It's impossible to have a decent debate with people who subscribe to conspiracy theories. Here's a good article explaining why it doesn't work. https://medium.com/interfaith-now/why-your-christian-friends-and-family-members-are-so-easily-fooled-by-conspiracy-theories-5c36a835ef07
  11. Came across this and thought I'd post since it's relevant to the discussion. https://ontarionature.org/zoonotic-diseases-on-the-rise/
  12. Watching Trump news conferences with no option to turn it off.
  13. That's exactly where that road took me. But guess what xtians are saying about me now - "she's bitter, she couldn't accept gods will, her ego is too large, she thinks she knows better than god, she didn't understand the message/love god had for her in giving her suffering/trials" ad nauseum. It's disgusting, the mindfuck that xtianity is. Bad things happen to good people. God(s) ain't got shit to do with that.
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