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  1. Yeah, I got mad at them in return. If there's anything I've learned after leaving religion it's that emotions are ALLOWED. I'm allowed to be angry and upset. No more of that garbage "being angry is a sin" crap. I processed my feelings on my own. They didn't know how I felt (I only told them they had hurt me). So yeah when I get "I hope you didn't have feelings" I'm like hell yes I did and there's nothing wrong with that. It's what we do and how we deal with those feelings that matters.
  2. I wouldn’t assume what people are and aren’t capable of. People are complicated. As someone who had the backs of my family turned on me in a way I never thought possible, (due to religion) I will tell you anything is possible. And yes, their own need to stick with their religious beliefs and not have them threatened was more important than understanding or trying to understand their own family member. I'm simply saying, not relying on religious people would be in your best interest.
  3. Anxiety and worry are more often related to what occurred in the past or what could occur in the future.
  4. Sounds like it could be anxiety, the preoccupation? Just saying as I have some myself and actually "living in the moment" in a mindful sense can ease it quite a bit.
  5. Yes it's harder. That's essentially what mindfulness is. Paying attention to the scent, the flavor of your tea, the scenery around you as you sip it. It's actually difficult to do. It's almost a form of meditation. But after awhile it starts to calm your mind and ground you in the present in a way that makes you appreciate it more. It slows down all the trillions of thoughts that automatically flip through our mind without effort, just because it is intentional. I suppose I don't make a distinction. Taking it in and living it with deliberate determination are the same thing.
  6. That's basically what mindfulness means for me, living in, taking in the moment. Maybe you were looking to start a more philosophical conversation about this but that's my two cents.
  7. It's not the food thats the problem. For example yes cacao beens are perfectly ok. It's the processing of everything nowadays with additives that aren't good for you. Geez, I need to even pay an overpriced fee for pure cacao powder without additives. It's ridiculous that eating healthy costs so much more. Actually it's beyond ridiculous. As pointed out yes some people can seem to be obsessed with labels but some justifiably so because theres a lot of hidden crap in most things nowadays. Take someone like my boyfriend who is sticking to a pure Wahls diet as it may improve his MS symptoms. Yes, he's going to read all the labels and even develope anxiety about social events and get togethers because the fact is that if he doesn't stick to the diet at all times it won't help him. So before judging people (not saying that was happening here ( for things like OCD we should consider that we may know very little about the reality of people's lives and circumstances and they may have very good reasons.
  8. I second this advice. Marlene's book is invaluable and she also runs an online support group for people who have left religion https://journeyfree.org/group-forum/
  9. I hope you take heed of this kind of behavior... People who pray for bad things for other people are not good people to be around and the sooner you are rid of them the better. Whether they think they are correct in doing so is completely beside the point.
  10. Agree with all of the above. Art, you know what's required - now you just need to do it. And as you say, not give a fuck for their manipulation and what they might say about you after you leave. Believers will always say that - that non believers are immoral - it serves as a way to easily write non believers off and dismiss their criticisms of the church, and somehow "justify" their manipulative treatment/hypocrisy.
  11. I'm 5 days on the wahls protocol so far, it's Paleo with more restrictions. It's going to be difficult maintaining weight if anything. It's true about the sugar and carbs though, we eat way too much of them. Go without sugar for a week and your fruits will taste very different.
  12. Hello DB, nice to read your update, even though your life has had significant challenges lately. Good luck with your goals, in particular the health related ones. I can tell you from personal experience that if you up that veggie count and cut back on sugar and carbs, those alone will be huge benefits in your weight loss journey, even without exercise. I'm starting a quite strict diet myself, Paleo with some additional restrictions. The key is to ease into it, do not by any means cut out all the not so great stuff cold turkey, or it's just too difficult and you lose your motivation. The other thing that has helped me a lot is the MyFitnessPal app which helps you stick to your recommended calorie intake per day. Good luck!
  13. You didn't fail, you woke up and are thriving. You learned. You were one of the lucky ones. Treasure that instead of looking back. Yeah you really need to show yourself some mercy and self love. You should be giving yourself a big pat on the back every day, look at where you are now
  14. It's a long process. But it gets easier. For me it's been easiest getting on by cutting contact with people I knew in my ex church and anyone who tried to control my choices or influence my mind. Listen to yourself. Listen to your own mind. Walk your own truth. Religious people would have it otherwise, but you can cut yourself free of all that.
  15. Agree agree agree. I will not shout it out to employers for obvious reasons but if you're in my more personal life you're going to have to accept my agnosticism/athiesm.
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