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  1. Tis amazing. This ability of mere mortals in knowing what The Big Guy wants, or thinks, or did, or does. It's almost like the mere mortals created him as a reflection of themselves.
  2. TruthSeeker0

    Finding Hope

    Welcome! Glad to have you with us.
  3. TruthSeeker0


    There are many, many Christians who are good people. I try to keep in mind that it's not them that cause harm, so much as their beliefs, and very often, the behaviour that this belief results in ("go ye therefore and teach all nations")
  4. TruthSeeker0

    Pushing Back

    I dunno, I really don't. I will heed this advice for strangers in general when it's a mild statement and brief on their part. But the way I see it, is when someone opens their mouth and talks about their personal beliefs (something which I believe we should keep to ourselves on the topic of religion), then I say it's a fair game to talk about mine. I cannot overstate how tired I am of the deference to religion and "oh they're religious so they're good people" mentality. I fight back against this. If you want to tell me about Christ you're also asking to hear why Christ likely didn't exist. If you want to talk about how Easter is important you'll hear about why it isn't important to me. I'm tired of not saying anything. I said nothing about my xtian fundie beliefs my entire life among regular society and ultimately that harmed me. Just not willing to continue with the pattern. The thing that gets to me the most is when Christians make statements that imply that everyone else present agrees with them. There's only one situation where I put up with this because silence is the best option, and that is with family. Anyone else, and I'm just so done with keeping my mouth shut.
  5. TruthSeeker0


    That's loosely what I grew up with. A god who ultimately chooses to "open" some people's eyes and leave those of others closed, therefore damnation. And the argument also went that people have free will and choose damnation. Free will? You have that when it's ultimately god who "wakens your conscience" in the first place so you can be saved? For those of you over there having a dialogue, good for you and good luck. As for me, I avoid any and all triggering scenarios.
  6. Lolol. The logic of some people here is simply incredible. Also, citing insults as "points" and even numbering them as such is beyond childish.
  7. TruthSeeker0

    Whoever came up with this shit, thanks a lot

    @Mandy I have a lot of the same feelings. It's hard to accept that religion has forever poisoned relationships that could have actually existed if it were not for that. I'm slowly coming to accept this reality and that I can't do anything to change it. What I can do is enforce the boundaries, by telling them what is unacceptable behavior. Ultimately, my goal is to build my own "family," and biology will not be the basis, but unconditional acceptance of myself will.
  8. Imo it's a matter of being open to the option of trying to understand it. It's pretty straightforward but most people get stuck at the very beginning over the idea humans and chimps had a common ancestor and can't get over it. Either that or the scale of time and incremental adaptive selection. Most who disagree say utterly ridiculous trash like "chimps can't turn into humans."
  9. TruthSeeker0


    He's here for the holier than thou and preaching. He doesn't want to understand. It's been evident from the "why did you reject god" shit at the beginning. I'm starting to think his insecurities may be driving him, and he's coming here to feel better than other people. Either that or the typical Christian thing, trying to show people the way to christ ad nauseum. Every time you tell him what he's doing he tries turning it around on you, therefore his whole hate spiel.
  10. TruthSeeker0


    I think you're definitely on to something.
  11. TruthSeeker0


    Just because you say you're not something does not mean you're not. And keep on keeping on with the passive aggressive. This is not about hatred. Every time you post in here you clearly reveal what kind of conception you have about atheists and non believers. You've done very little to try understand the perspective here and ultimately you can't because your preconceptions are just blinding you. Throwing out words like hate is just the lazy route. Attempting to actually understand their perspective is more difficult and you're not willing to even try put in that mental energy, it's all too evident.
  12. TruthSeeker0


    Well you said concisely what I thought, I hold back a bit when xtians join here. The passive aggressive shit routine and the "I'm a better person/I take the high road because I wish you blessings" while at the same time, "in your face take this" greeting was evident. Anyone who wants to come here with true respect and equality or even curiosity will refrain from that shit and tell us to peace out etc and that's that, and that's not the case here.
  13. TruthSeeker0

    The holidays and how my parents visit went.

    What my therapist told me was become the broken record, and every time it pops up again, become that broken record. So essentially what I do if I get any inquiries about religion is I say "the topic is closed, I have made my wishes known, and stated that religion will not be talked about, and that you need to respect my privacy. Next." (another sad side effect of airing your beliefs is having them spread like wildfire throughout your ex church, at least in my case).
  14. TruthSeeker0

    Bad atheists ruining good atheists' lives

    Totally. I would not want to deconvert someone who is happy and fulfilled in the church and make them miserable outside of it. I would only gently engage them in conversations that go where they want them to go, if they are showing signs of unhappiness or questioning. But if they point to my beliefs and start ridiculing them, playing nice is over and imo they asked for it.
  15. TruthSeeker0

    The holidays and how my parents visit went.

    That's how I felt about it for the first few months after deconversion. That I didn't want to hurt them. That I was responsible for that if I did that. That I didn't have energy for it. But living a lie became way too much for me, and I was in therapy and started to understand how unhealthy it was for me to continue living a pretense because I was afraid I would lose people, and that I wasn't responsible for their reactions. I said the hell with this, if they can't love me for who I am, they're not real people and not worth having in my life, even family and my parents. So when I sent them my letter I was very clear that we had major differences and why it was pointless discussing those, that I would refuse discussion if they tried, and that they could not abuse me with the "you're going to hell" spiel. I told them I was an adult who made my own choices and that they needed to respect that. I set the boundaries very clearly and they have abided by them. But my parents are not the confrontational type. They were hesitant to bring up the topic because I had been so clear. I know I hurt them deeply but ultimately with any discussion their concern would be for my "undying soul" and since I don't believe that shit it's just pointless. I also deleted my social media. I rejoined fb and only have friends from ex-c and other non believers. I honestly don't care what my family thinks about that. I am so done with living for others. I live for and please myself. I come first now. I've posted my letter if you're interested.