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  1. ^^ Imo the above post is an example of some pretty adroit psychological manoeuvering/manipulation in which the person without the ability or desire to feel any empathy for others (certainly a pattern there, there's even been expressions of hatred towards some groups in other threads) positions themselves as the victim and solicites understanding for this, because they weren't allowed to be a dick, ie express their feelings of indifference toward the experiences of others.
  2. Yeah, thinking of oneself as being a special chosen "called" person is an addiction. That's where the exciting part comes in. It's a natural fit for arrogant people. You'll have to excuse me for laughing at the irony of this one.
  3. ^^ just get lost. Your arrogance is unbelievable. No you don't want to help. You want to prove people wrong. If you wanted to help us you'd take your arrogant little self out of here.
  4. @SilentVoice You're only laughing at evolution because you were likely brought up Bible believing, that there exists a god who made a woman out of a man's rib and all the rest of it. Either that or you bought into being saved and the idea that you'll live forever is intoxicating. Had you been brought up to think purple sea monsters created humans you'd be believing that just as well. In any case you've made your arrogance and lack of critical thinking ability abundantly clear in this thread. What you think is maybe coming off as intelligence to a casual reader is close-mindedness and black and white thinking.
  5. Hello! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your story if you want to share.
  6. This is an important point I hadn't thought of. My godmother is like this - getting weepy and then preachy by turns. Now I definitely feel less guilt for putting a lot of distance between us.
  7. Also, look for an excellent secular therapist that can help you navigate what's ahead with your family. Marlene is excellent but you can also find one through The secular therapy project and peer support with recovering from religion https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/#rfr-welcome https://www.seculartherapy.org/
  8. No it's not your fault. It's not your fault if your mom goes into a depression. I have several family members in the church that suffer from depression and it's my opinion that their strict religious beliefs are exactly what keep them there. I myself suffer from depression periodically but guess what, it improved radically after I left religion. It spirals downwards when I get too involved with my religious family. I do not need their approval. Their approval isn't a reflection of my value. These resources helped me regain my confidence, self worth, and self compassion as well as to trust myself.
  9. Why should they continue to look at you the same? That's kind of messed up... You're an adult with your own thoughts and beliefs. You aren't responsible for their emotions. Read that again: you aren't responsible for how other people respond to you. Unless you are being deliberately hurtful and hateful to people. Being honest isn't that. Christianity feeds unhealthy relationships and improper boundaries in some ways in particular between parent and child. These two books helped me immensely in recovery. https://www.amazon.ca/Leaving-Fold-Former-Fundamentalists-Religion/dp/1933993235 Marlene has a website and support groups https://journeyfree.org/ Also this book https://www.amazon.ca/Adult-Children-Emotionally-Immature-Parents/dp/1626251703 Here's how I came out to my parents. A letter was much less difficult than face to face
  10. You're playing it safe imo - its smart to have an escape route planned out, because family reactions can be very difficult. Not relying on them in any way makes it so much easier. Welcome to exc!
  11. Some might find this interesting reading in terms of societal comparisons https://books.google.ca/books/about/Fairness_and_Freedom.html?id=So1sy5_lBssC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button&redir_esc=y
  12. This might interest you Also search ex-c for abiogenesis, there's several hits on the subject.
  13. However it's not the worst way that anger can be channeled. Last week I chatted with someone from my ex community who was wishing very concrete harm to others, having dreams of doing harm, and actively encouraging those in the church to commit suicide. I do not know if this behavior helps to process the feelings of anger, but it's apparent Leia has given some thought to the ethics of what she's doing.
  14. Beliefs based on evidence that is verifiable aren't abstract and subjective.
  15. Justice can just be another convenient name for revenge.
  16. Liberal xtians aren't brainwashed? That's news to my ears. I tend to think anybody reading and believing a bronze age book of fairy tales written by men to control other people, is indeed brainwashed.
  17. Control and security my if that ain't xtianity right there in a nutshell.
  18. What things do you not know that still impact you? Are you open to the possibility of an afterlife?
  19. I left the religious community because I got sick of trying to measure up to their standards of how one or believes, behaves, or acts to be accepted. Until I became non religious I thought acceptance, true acceptance, was just a pipe dream. It came at a high cost, finding a place where I can be myself and be accepted, but it was so worth it.
  20. Pissed at religion? Yes that's an understatement..I'm still pissed sometimes. I lost 38 years in that. So what's wrong with being pissed? You gonna do the xtian thing now and tell me that bitterness is wrong, or sin, or that negative emotions are wrong? Or that I haven't forgiven and forgotten and moved on? I'm allowed to have my emotions and process them. Maybe you're also reading too much tone into my comments. I feel complacent writing this. I'm at a happy stage of my life. But I do get slightly pissed when people start telling me I "need" religion, or a god.
  21. I don't engage with conspiracy theorists in person, it's pointless, but I will share articles like this on social media and don't happen to care if xtian family or friends take offence. One must live with the realization that you cannot go without activating their martyr complex, it's bound to happen.
  22. Why does the xtian god need to be needed? It all comes back to, invented by humans, for humans, to control humans.
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