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  1. Didn't catch the sarcasm, tone is difficult to interpret with written words, guess that's where emojis come in.
  2. Yes and this does not mean we should dismiss racialized experience. Can the child of an impoverished black family and the child of an affluent black family be treated the same by a white person? That's the point.
  3. Since this has partially evolved into a debate over racism and what form it takes I'd be curious in knowing how many people posting here are white and how many are black. I'm white myself. I hope the other white posters realize that at best, we are what you call armchair critics - we do not have lived experience as black people. Yet many white people think it's within their purview to draw conclusions concerning the lived experience of black people. Do abled people act like they have the lived experience of a disabled person? Most don't.
  4. This might interest you Also search ex-c for abiogenesis, there's several hits on the subject.
  5. Meditation can be done while walking slowly on an even surface - you just focus on the act of walking instead of breathing.
  6. If you have a public library account most have a lot of ebooks to borrow. Also meditation can help intrusive thoughts when they happen - for example refocusing on only your breathing, when thoughts arise. Meditation training will help with that. I use an excellent learning app called Balance but there's free ones.
  7. Oh he debunks more than that.. Start with that book and also read his others.
  8. However it's not the worst way that anger can be channeled. Last week I chatted with someone from my ex community who was wishing very concrete harm to others, having dreams of doing harm, and actively encouraging those in the church to commit suicide. I do not know if this behavior helps to process the feelings of anger, but it's apparent Leia has given some thought to the ethics of what she's doing.
  9. As already mentioned, Heaven and Hell. He has many books examining the Bible and I've found all the ones I've read to be excellent.
  10. So you fear leading people away from belief in xtianity because you have a nagging fear that hell exists? Than you really need to be reading scholars such as Bart Ehrman.
  11. Currently listening to it. It's good.
  12. This one goes into depth about the evolution of both as man made concepts. If you're capable of reasoning it can help combat irrational fears. That's the only way you overcome them - with knowledge, and with knowledge comes belief. Edit: imo you've been spending time reading the wrong kind of "evidence" presented by the other side - and triggering irrational fear in doing so. You need to stay away from that and read critiques of xtianity by real scholars/ historians that will help.
  13. There's no "almost has to be" about it. You should read Bart Ehrmans latest book - Heaven and Hell.
  14. Every time you start thinking about hell, or having doubts that you are going to hell, or thinking that hell exists, stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye and state "I've chosen to worship evil," until that sinks in. Couching it in those terms - that by believing in the xtian god, his creation of hell and his sending human beings to hell - you'll be more aware that you do indeed have a choice, to step away from the worship of a god that's worse than evil. And that by stepping away, you can choose a morality that is much more humane and loving.
  15. Beliefs based on evidence that is verifiable aren't abstract and subjective.
  16. Justice can just be another convenient name for revenge.
  17. Liberal xtians aren't brainwashed? That's news to my ears. I tend to think anybody reading and believing a bronze age book of fairy tales written by men to control other people, is indeed brainwashed.
  18. Control and security my if that ain't xtianity right there in a nutshell.
  19. What things do you not know that still impact you? Are you open to the possibility of an afterlife?
  20. I left the religious community because I got sick of trying to measure up to their standards of how one or believes, behaves, or acts to be accepted. Until I became non religious I thought acceptance, true acceptance, was just a pipe dream. It came at a high cost, finding a place where I can be myself and be accepted, but it was so worth it.
  21. Pissed at religion? Yes that's an understatement..I'm still pissed sometimes. I lost 38 years in that. So what's wrong with being pissed? You gonna do the xtian thing now and tell me that bitterness is wrong, or sin, or that negative emotions are wrong? Or that I haven't forgiven and forgotten and moved on? I'm allowed to have my emotions and process them. Maybe you're also reading too much tone into my comments. I feel complacent writing this. I'm at a happy stage of my life. But I do get slightly pissed when people start telling me I "need" religion, or a god.
  22. I don't engage with conspiracy theorists in person, it's pointless, but I will share articles like this on social media and don't happen to care if xtian family or friends take offence. One must live with the realization that you cannot go without activating their martyr complex, it's bound to happen.
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