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  1. Really strange how the concept that hatred breeds more hatred and conflict cannot be understood.
  2. Good luck but it appears to be a losing battle and here's why in my opinion: in America the Christian religion is still seen as the "norm," in particular among white people, a great many of whom have an interesting take on American history: that they and their norms (white Protestant middle class) are what makes America great, and that anything different (and true equality with others) is dangerous. Trumpism involves white evangelicals much more than black and for a good reason. I just watched The Great White Hoax, which examines why divide and conquer has worked in America historically, and why it's working now. Under such a system, how do you create change? Tell the people who their enemies are and the uneducated, dissatisfied, ignorant ones (there's a lot of them) will run with it, in particular when they are religious. It all explains why the current leader of the White House is where he is and why secret organizations such as The Family are rejoicing in that. The way I see it is that Americans are involved in an ongoing battle about what it means to be American: progressive multiethnic multi-religious, diverse society of equal rights and privilege (many whites refuse to see how white privilege operates) vs some version of a white Protestant 1950s style America as normative, that in it's most dangerous form is explicitly racist and has no shame about it. One only needs to watch Trumps campaign speeches from the last election to figure out which side of this battle he has appealed to.
  3. Exactly. People compare the present to the past. Don't do that. The future is yours for the taking. What do you want out of life?
  4. Why was life more exciting? I think you need to examine why. What emotional high did xtianity give you? Did you leave socially as well if all your friends were xtian and that is part of it? Did it affect your relationship with your family? These things can be replaced with other enriching things, it takes time, energy and perseverance and most of all awareness of what is missing in your life and a plan to improve it.
  5. I've only heard about the UAE, haven't visited, but it sounds like it's a country of unbelievable riches and unbelievable poverty, (that enables that opulence). Such places won't be receiving my tourism dollars.
  6. @Bhim I take it you see no merit in the love thy neighbor teaching. As has been pointed out, when you discriminate and act against a certain portion of the population, that leads down the road to authoritarianism way too easily, and isn't that what you despise about religion? People who are brainwashed can be victims to that state of mind, hating them simply because they haven't "woken up" is useless. I say this as a former fundamentalist - I see how I was where they are currently at and I don't see how hatred does anything but cause potential conflict with them. They already have a persecution complex, so why add fuel to that fire? Reasoned debate if they are so inclined is much more effective. Is your neighbor likely to despise you in return if you display open hatred, or attempt to find common ground if you extend a hand of friendship? You jettison anything potentially productive with hatred.
  7. Yup, a narcissist, that's pretty typical and there's a lot of "Christian" ones out there. I have one in my extended family and it's always everyone else, never her, that's at fault. The more distance, the less contact you get with such people the better. I had to read several books on narcissists to learn how to deal with it. I hope therapy is helping you, it sounds like it is.
  8. As had been said the rational logical mind and the primitive mind are two different things. I don't believe in hell or fear hell. But can even I predict how I may feel if I'm put in a highly emotional situation where previously effective mind control techniques worked on me quite effectively? Even I can't predict that - maybe my logical rational mind would shut down (temporarily, hopefully) as I'm "triggered". It could be similar to PTSD in that way. I agree that this person is acting as a "gatekeeper". More than that they have something invested in labeling other people, never a good sign.
  9. How would I be aware of that? I don't remember and am not aware of all the positions taken by individuals in this forum. Hate is hate to me, regardless of where its pointed, so I won't reiterate what I said.
  10. Welcome! Entertaining read - you're a good writer. I hope you'll stick around and contribute to the forums.
  11. I voted other. I agree Christians should be approached on a case by case basis. If they keep their evangelizing to the Lions den where it's permitted I've no issue with it. If it appears elsewhere it's not acceptable as the purpose of this site is to support those newly devonverted. I'm not much of a debater myself but I enjoy reading debates with Christians as I find it educational (my biblical knowledge is next to nil , the cult I grew up in had it's interpretation/ cherry picking approach and didn't actively support reading the Bible). Debate should remain civilized. If it gets abusive and turns into trolling behavior towards members here I'm for kicking those xtians out.
  12. Even the Bible states it plainly: I Peter 3:15- "to sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man that ask you a reason of the hope that is in you." That, they do not do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll get no argument about this from me, Florduh. I willingly hold my hand up and say, 'Mea culpa!'. I did that. Yes, when I was a Christian I knew about and thought I understood this verse. But I didn't. For me that verse meant always have a bible quote ready as an answer. Which, of course, isn't giving a reason but giving a circular argument. And a circular argument is not a reason, it's a failure of reason and reasoning. All such logical fallacies are failures of reason. But did I know this at that time? Nope. And I expect that other Ex-Christians here didn't know it either. It looks like LmtO didn't and still doesn't. But maybe we can nip this recurring problem in the bud? Thank you. Walter. As a Christian, my reason would've been very plain, with no logical, well thought out arguments behind it: I believe because I want to go to heaven. I suspect it's like this with many, in particular the brainwashed fundamentalists. When it's about emotion and not logic or reason, you completely overlook them.
  13. Welcome! Christianity breeds patriarchy, which is poisonous for women as their lives become subject to the dictates of men. I'm so glad you saw through it and know your true worth. That can be a struggle for me even 3 years after leaving (the indoctrination was deep on that level). We have a chat room on discord as well if you'd like to join there.
  14. I agree completely. All this is presented with a very "I'm being reasonable" persona with some mixed in passive aggressiveness every once in awhile, ie "maybe I should take my leave before I'm treated too much like a POS here." I don't know if others are seeing through this act but the tactics are pretty clear to me.
  15. Welcome fellow Canadian! You're relatively lucky among the crowd here, being raised non religious and being able to see it for what it was. Too many get hooked into it emotionally and it's all downhill from there. Stick around for awhile, we also have a chat room.
  16. Where have you heard it? Did you verify it? Can you point me to some scholarly articles that discuss this? Preferably ones that are objective. So should you. Have you read what scholars actually have to say on the veracity of the Bible, or how well it all hangs together? Or read the arguments made by historians with the proper training and a more objective unbiased take on the Bible? Have you given any thought to what it's like for athiests who live in the US, in the Bible belt in particular? There are many, many in your country who would abolish the separation of church and state.
  17. The grief is normal. It helped me immensely in reading Marlene Winell's work, she discusses the stages one goes through. They aren't fixed and can even reappear at odd times. I still have grief but it's over lost relationships. I love birdwatching. I took it up again a couple years ago after over a 10 year break.
  18. You have made observations and interpretations of those observations that are subjective. sub·jec·tive /səbˈjektiv/ Learn to pronounce adjective 1. based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. "his views are highly subjective"
  19. My anxiety has lessened to a large degree (it really increased with all the cognitive dissonance and being stuck in a cult especially when I started questioning). I've fought depression after leaving but it's been more related to the consequences of leaving my ex church and being alienated from my family and any moral support from them. I had similar experiences with nature. I've always enjoyed being out there and most comfortable in nature but it's a whole new experience now. I think it's largely due to the fact Ive read up on evolution, understand it, and am constantly amazed at the world, and that I'm here and have the incredible privilege of being here.
  20. I too read the God Delusion in the space of a few days and poof, whatever remained of my belief literally disappeared overnight. Welcome to what I refer to as the free world
  21. Not here to evangelize and save souls, huh? This isn't a place to preach about the Bible - we are way too familiar with such sermons.
  22. I know. And it's been normalized and "made ok" through Trump's speeches as well. Didn't want to get political but that's my take on it.
  23. Nice of you to admit that. I feel sorry for you, hate is a waste that serves nothing productive in this world and only causes division and more conflict.
  24. ^^this is important. That's essentially what I pointed out when I "came out" to my parents - that it wasn't me causing them pain, it was their beliefs, and I was not responsible for those or for their emotional reactions. People will try to lay the blame for their hurt on you. Have none of it.
  25. Congrats, and give him time to make the adjustment. I've found it's utterly pointless to give my reasons to family who are indoctrinated - at it's worst it just causes a lot of pain for everyone. I had people in my family who treated me as if I'd become the most immoral person around, so that may happen as well. It gets easier with time but it changes things for sure.
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