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  1. As a fundamentalist, I was incredibly, strangely indifferent to the thought that everyone around me was going to hell besides my tiny isolated community. It's remained a bit of a mystery to me as to how I could be that indifferent, but I think a large part of it was the extent of my indoctrination, combined with some reluctance to really examine the issue in any depth because it did make me uncomfortable when I considered it. But I chose to swallow the church's interpretation that every person on this earth that wasn't saved somehow chose their own destiny because god gave them a chance to repent, and they didn't. Nevermind the fact that the church wanted it both ways and contradicted itself, as it taught people have free will to decide their fate, but yet at the end of the day, it's god that wills belief or disbelief. But in the end, the concept of hell was what resulted in my deconversion, because I believed I had some family members that would end up there, and it was too painful and too much to handle. That was the start of my questioning and the beginning of the end. This is one of the best blog posts I've read regarding hell and the power of fear. http://blog.edsuom.com/2013/12/healing-from-hell-horror.html
  2. I would have actually taken that as a nonbeliever being incredibly sarcastic. That's how stupid it is.
  3. I haven't suffered what you have, not nearly. But part of your journey is very much part of what I went through. Except, I gave up with praying for healing long ago and never expected it, as I trusted science and the doctors much more than god long before I even realized I no longer trusted him. It was only when the problems felt like they kept on multiplying, and I would get over one health hurdle to face the next, that I became extremely angry with god and became consciously aware of my questioning. This was before my deconversion. I had a lot of bottled up rage. And then I started reading a lot of books, and truly underwent my deconversion from believing in god and Christianity. It was, ha ha, a "god send" for me. If there are people I have to thank for my peace of mind today they are all the authors who have written about their own experiences leaving Christianity. There are a lot of them. If you're looking to be let loose from the mental torture, I highly recommend reading and educating yourself. The bottom line is that very bad things happen to very good people, and you have done nothing to deserve this yourself, therefore you can quit with the mental torture that is Christianity and free your mind.
  4. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/the-future-looks-grim-after-2-years-of-devastating-b-c-wildfires-1.4801181 "For the last two years, the hot and dry weather that has allowed so many large fires to develop in B.C. has been driven by a blocking ridge of high pressure that's been stuck over the province for much of the summer. The air beneath that ridge sinks, warms and dries, creating perfect conditions for a "raging inferno" if it sticks around for a week or more, according to Flannigan. That stagnant pattern has developed because the jet stream is weakening as the Arctic warms, a phenomenon that could spell more bad news for B.C., he said. "There is a suggestion [in the] research that … because of the way the Arctic ice is melting, that a favoured position for this ridge is along the West Coast. If that's the case, then odds are that we're going to see a lot of bad fire seasons in British Columbia," Flannigan said. And so, B.C. is stuck with the question of how to better prepare for the years ahead. Limiting the release of greenhouse gases might be a good long-term option, but both Gray and Flannigan point out that any positive impacts won't be felt for several decades." Note that he uses the word suggestion. He doesn't make claims that it's all bogus hype one way or the other because it's funded by political or economic interests etc. Responsible people will use words like this, and use scientific evidence and indications to make hypotheses. They don't just get on the internet and air their conspiracy theories and opinions about topics because ya know, they're right. They're actually concerned because even if we try to limit the release of greenhouse gases now, we're looking at a not too great immediate future. It's kind of amazing how all the armchair critics don't give a damn about the economic costs of dealing with what we are facing in the future.
  5. Just what the doctor ordered, more mindless worship. Your post reminded me of one of those important moments at the beginning of my deconversion. I was trying to make sense of heaven and hell and discussing my doubts with my therapist and my grief over people going to hell instead of heaven, when he told me life itself is enough for him and the idea of living forever in such a heaven is utterly depressing for him. And yeah, the more I thought about it, the more depressing it became for me.
  6. One of the first things I did during my deconversion was I deleted my social media altogether for almost a year. Most of my online time was spent on these forums and in our chat room. When I rejoined social media, I made sure the only people I follow and who follow or are friends with me, are those with similar views. It wasn't only for the reason that I knew the god delusion of believers would irritate me, it was also so that whatever I posted would not be judged and gossiped over by a group of self righteous people who think they and only they have the ultimate truth. You can take control. Unfriend or block them. The less you see the less you'll be irritated. Later down the road you wont be so triggered by religious people and their nonsense. And I agree with the advice about getting out for a walk. I do that whenever I have to clear my head.
  7. Right. And if he had grown up under the influence of a worldview in which a flying spaghetti monster was the supreme deity who willed and did not will things to happen, he would attribute these healings to the flying spaghetti monster of course. Why do people think that because some things happen, the christian god exists? Hmm.
  8. I have a problem with the word alarm in itself. It doesn't have a neutral connotation at all. What's wrong with using global warming? The fact that it has actually been proven to be happening lately regardless of causes? Or does using that term imply that one belongs in one camp or another?
  9. SB, if having visions and hearing voices are the only reasons you have to stay in Christianity, then my advice stands. Seek medical help.
  10. Ah, Trump appointees are gonna be the sane ones. Gotcha. No ideological/ political bias, no none at all. Feel free to keep arguing with LF if you want, you're quite transparent, any reasonable person reading this discussion can see that clear as day.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamar_Smith Tells you all you need to know. A trusted source, indeed. "As the Head of the House Science Committee, Smith has been criticized for his position on climate change and for receiving funding from oil and gas companies.[2][3][4][5][6][7] He was formerly a contributor to Breitbart News.[8]"
  12. This is one thing I never understood as a Christian fundie. All this talk about freedom, but so many rules, so many sins, that whatever you did, you always felt horrible about yourself. It wasn't only claims to freedom, you can add peace and joy to that mix as well. And when I look back and compare my life before deconversion to the life after, well, I feel a great deal of compassion for the person that was me. I didn't really even know the meaning of the words, until I left.
  13. As stated before, science doesnt always get it right. Hypotheses are made and then tested. Extremely difficult to do in the area of global warming or change which occurs over hundreds and thousands of years. Your ideological/political underpinnings are blinding you to further consideration of the topic, your opinion is well known, and since you have little to do here besides lecture people on how stupid their opinions are, why not just call it a day and let the people who want to talk about science without a constant anti-science bias blinding them, discuss it.
  14. Blue, I don't know if you're just funning with us, but I doubt it. Get yourself some help, ok?
  15. I'm done here with you, if you want to label me self-righteous, go right ahead, that's a novel defense to make yourself feel better. I've long since figured out some types on here don't want to have an actual conversation, I can have it elsewhere, and as someone pointed out, actually do something about changing reality instead of talking about it online.
  16. Ah thank you sooooo much for clarifying the issue for me. /end sarcasm. As stated before, reality doesn't care about opinions, or conspiracy theories, one way or the other.
  17. Welcome! I like you struggled with the idea of hell, and I think a lot of empathetic people end up having that issue, whether they remain in the church or not. In regards to getting your internal life together, give it time, healing is a process. Try therapy, it can be a great help too, as sometimes it's hard to "untie" all the issues without someone to assist with some insight. And welcome to ex-c, feel free to join our discord chat as well if you're so inclined.
  18. Yeah, cus NASA is out there to scam everyone, y'know, it's their ultimate goal. Sheesh.
  19. Thanks for answering my question. Not. I'm well aware of your perspective already. I was trying to get an answer to that question of mine.
  20. If you would have watched the video, you'd have understood that we're talking about incremental changes here, not places all of a sudden being swamped with water over a few years.
  21. As said in the video, it's a question of ethics. The way I see it, we're all in this together, we only have one planet. I can also see that the first world has in many cases exploited resources in and taken advantage of what we now call third world countries. So you shouldn't be too surprised if I say this is an area where everyone has to work together to lift people out of poverty. And no, there is no easy solution to this. And I don't think those who are realistic about the problems this planet is facing are saying that we have to leave the third world countries as they are, either, and tell them they can't develop by any measure. In fact, he pointed out that if we leave them in deep poverty, of course they will have no focus for any such thing as the challenges that this planet is facing, all of their focus will go towards simple survival. I totally agree with the last point made in the presentation regarding empowering women, economically and politically. Until women are truly free from the pressures that they are under in what has long been a male dominated system, and given real control over their lives, we can't control the population.
  22. You clearly know nothing about science and the scientific method. Science can and will be off the mark sometimes, but it's a hell of lot more realistic than phony fire and brimstone preachers, so equating the two is utterly ridiculous. And there's no reason to lambast people simple because they've gotten themselves a PhD and an education. But what else is to be expected from the resident troll.
  23. It kinda sucks to have discussions or debates on some topics on these forums, when people will only pay attention to evidence that fits in neatly with an ideological perspective or worldview. And no, this wasn't directed directly at you Geezer, but it's a general observation I've made. I wasn't asking if you think we'll destroy the planet, but what degree of impact you think we can have considering the exponential population growth and the fact that we live in an industrialized era.
  24. So Geezer, do you think that humans have a large or minimal impact on the surrounding environment? This is the crux of the matter. Yeah, it might be normal, or predictable, but if you've seen the forecasts for population growth over the next few decades, and the statistics for what kind of impact we have on the environment, the math isn't that difficult. The key there is population growth. It's easy to argue the climate did it's thing for thousands of years, of course it did, and the human impact was minimal as we hadn't yet had an industrial revolution. What wasn't in the equation was the exponential population growth combined with an industrial revolution.
  25. We're not preaching. Just saying look at the facts. Yes, all of us love our convenient lifestyles, I doubt we would throw them out the window tomorrow even if the threat was more dire. It's human nature. What you're doing is calling this preaching, when others are simply saying look at the facts, let's try face them, because down the road, there will be a problem. One way or the other, humanity will ignore it, if for no other reason than the fact that half the population is suspicious of data and thinks it's in league with big money etc, or then they have their own selfish interests at heart and can't be concerned over the general direction of things. Or, they're christians, or another religion and jesus or another hero is coming to save them anyway, so this world doesn't mean shit to them.
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