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  1. @Thumbelina you have also decided to ignore what I have now repeated three times. You havn't got anywhere near the "should I consider the possibility that god perhaps doesn't exist as I know him", and if you don't, you will continue to preach here as you are doing. You aren't even attempted to start a conversation that is open-minded. Instead, you keep repeating more of the same old "the bible says..." and "god says or did this or that."
  2. Yo @Justus , this bears repeating: Those of you christians who come on this forum and start talking as if what the bible says is the literal truth, haven't realized that you're starting at the wrong point. Try tell us why you think the bible is true, and don't go anywhere near "the bible is true because it's the bible" argument. Same goes for god - don't tell us god exists because he is god. It just proves you haven't even come around to considering alternatives.
  3. I ran across this today in another support group and thought knowledge about these events and conferences should be shared on Ex-Cm as there are certainly people who could benefit. The ICSS runs yearly conferences geared towards those who were born/raised in and survived culltic groups or relationships, and they also have a conference titled recovering from spiritual abuse. There are also a wealth of videos on their Youtube channel (link on their homepage). http://www.icsahome.com/home
  4. I haven't followed the conversation at all, nor do I intend to, but just commenting on this. When people say they aren't racists, it doesn't count for anything. And no, I don't follow or know anything about this dude. I'm simply saying, that because someone says they aren't something, doesn't mean they aren't.
  5. So well done, you didn't leave her any room to backtrack from her statements and judgemental claptrap.
  6. Sure. I'd say my top three are Valeri Tarico (Trusting Doubt), Dan Barker (Godless) and Marlene Winell (Leaving the Fold). The first two are about personal journeys out of faith. Winell focuses more on the psychological aspects since she's a psychologist who also runs her own support groups, info at http://marlenewinell.net/recovery-religion I found Winell really helpful, reading her book helped me reframe my past in a much healthier way. Then of course there are others like Ehrman and Pagels if you're interested on the bible itself and what scholars have to say of it. There's a muc
  7. Hello and welcome! Your story is familiar, much like my own. But it's possible to break free, mentally as well, and find yourself in a much better place. It sounds like you have the motivation and you have a plan to get out. That's what I did, and it can seem scary when you've been indoctrinated your whole life in regards to the world being evil etc, but just be brave, one step at a time, it's doable. It gets much easier if you can live separately from believers, space is good. I'd recommend a secular therapist if you can find one, it can really help you work things through. There are also a l
  8. This here ^^^^^^ Those of you christians who come on this forum and start talking as if what the bible says is the literal truth, haven't realized that you're starting at the wrong point. Try tell us why you think the bible is true, and don't go anywhere near "the bible is true because it's the bible" argument.
  9. I really enjoyed reading your story, well written and entertaining. I only wish I'd have been able to start sorting out what's what at a much earlier point in my life, but being deeply indoctrinated really takes a while to swim out of. Your father sounds like a thinker, that influence likely played a big part in your "religiously lax" upbringing and the fact that you were able to question things more freely. I think religion would lose a lot of the hold it has on people if religious parents could at least tell their kids, it's ok to figure out what you think on your own, thinking is not a sin.
  10. No, logically, your argument makes sense. I've thought of that too. According to my former beliefs, any and all children who die before the age of being confirmed as adolescents, automatically go to heaven, even if they haven't been baptized. My church handily escaped the argument that god is evil for never bringing people to be exposed to the faith or to him by arguing that every person in this world at some point in their lives has a choice to either pray to god to be saved, and god will indeed save them if it's his will by miraculously leading them to this tiny sect, with a tiny
  11. There's a lot more to IQ than the colour of the person's skin, for one thing. Ranking intelligence by race is probably as old as us humans ourselves, trying to one up each other in any way we can. http://iqandenvironment.blogspot.com/2008/05/list-of-environmental-factors-that.html
  12. You're not telling us anything new. People attribute "miracles" to whatever deity it is they believe in. And the Christian god is far from the only deity that people believe in. The fact that something awesome happened to someone somewhere once upon a time does nada to prove the existence of the christian god.
  13. I don't know how long you've hung around these forums, but if you've read enough you would have realized that people here don't regard the bible and the stuff within it as the infallible truth. At best, it's a collection of writings inspired by people such as Jesus, who either existed, or did not exist, at the time. If you start with reading Ehrman and many of the other biblical scholars talked about on these forums, you could add up the evidence on your own and come to the realistic conclusion that the fact that something was recorded, or written down, does not mean that it's true.
  14. To be honest, from what she's written, I doubt I'd have had the patience to be friends with her even as a Christian. Now that I'm a non-believer, friendship with Christians is one area where where I totally let my feelings hold sway and decide the issue all the way. Afterall, your friends are supposed to be there to support you, regardless of your beliefs, not to judge you and tell you where you went wrong. The friends that have treated me this way after learning of my leaving the church have got no follow-up from me to their messages of concern, and I'll only stay in touch if and when they re
  15. I agree with all of the above, the sooner you get out of that environment the better. It doesn't sound safe for you at all and it isn't going to change as the people involved around you don't seem to have any idea how wrong it is.
  16. Hmm, did I know god. About as well as I knew Santa Claus when I was a kid. Except Santa was the one who actually provided some concrete "evidence" for his existence in the form of gifts. Of course, I eventually figured it out. Just as I did with the sky fairy man. Christians love to say they "know" god. They don't. They believe in him. There's a real difference between those two. And please stop claiming that we weren't believers to begin with. It's getting so old around here. It's one of the prime methods believers use to prop up their illusions that non-believers were
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