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  1. She can't come up with the same results, unless she agrees on what constitutes evidence. You've already said you can't agree on that, and likely she cannot either.
  2. I'd have to say I agree. Regarding Sweden, I've found it shocking what ive read about the stats - when the death rates are compared to the average death rates of the last few years in Sweden and neighboring countries, it's much higher in Sweden. There's not even enough evidence that herd immunity will be possible at this time, and Sweden has bet it's whole approach on that being a reality.
  3. No it doesn't. Not everyone is aware of where terms originated and where the clear distinction is. I'm not, or wasn't, with feminazi. It's my opinion that it's way too inflammatory as it is a perjorative, as stated. The alternative suggestions put forth by @disillusioned are a lot clearer as to the meaning. Shouldn't we all attempt to use clarity in language as much as possible? The water really gets muddy with perjoratives.
  4. I think that's an excellent way to put it. Likely almost all of us ex xtians here are familiar with "cultural language". In terms of religion, it's almost like code speak. The words carry messages that only someone who grew up in the church would understand. I'm sure there's variety in the code we all experienced but the key thing is that we were immersed in the code/ language and can see the messages and cultural references. And to those still in the cave, the speech of those who have learned a new language, with points of reference that they don't understand, can sound alien.
  5. I don't. Was simply pointing out that indeed there are asshat churches where having a dick is the one criteria to "pastor". The furthur I get from that place the more turdbrained it appears to me.
  6. The easiest route for people in the cave is often an emotional response as all they can really see is that some people apparently think they are superior to others. While those outside of the cave never made that claim or statement - they simply said that they learned to see the light and think critically about the evidence, and came to a conclusion that the evidence supported. Those in the cave cannot even agree on the nature of what constitutes evidence, in a great many cases.
  7. I didn't claim they CAUSE behavior, I indicated that they influence it. A big difference. You have your opinion, I'll have mine.
  8. bwahajaha. Clearly you haven't heard of my ex church, and many others, if you don't think that some people get the title/role just because they possess a dick. At best, all they ever did was sit in a church bench and learned to mimic the crap they listened to. In my ex church, in all of North America, there was ONE ordained pastor who earned a degree overseas, and earlier this year he was kicked out of the church because he imagined himself too educated and enlightened and the church thought he was too progressive and "had the wrong spirit." I come from a church where they l
  9. I don't like the term as it can be misused, ie applied as a blanket label to feminists, and some will explicitly do that. Crazy freaks sounds better to my ear. Anyone wanting to label 50% of the population rapists, generalize about them and kill them all is sheer fuck nuts crazy.
  10. So, you're really going to go to bat for patriarchy in the churches?
  11. If you are under the impression that jokes about violence against women among men have zero influence on the behavior of men who are looking to justify the use of violence, then you're a tad deluded. Can you not accept that both of us made points? Why does one person need to be correct and the other wrong? I was simply pointing out that what you may think of as innocent light joking can have consequences.
  12. I doubt that joking about rape with a rape victim is going to make them feel better. So let's call it acceptable in the name of free speech, or the fact that no topic should be off limits in humour. You're with your bunch of guy friends and someone makes a joke about violence against women that everyone laughs off. And then participant x, who has been physically abusing his girlfriend (of which his friends are completely unaware - this is how it is in a lot of cases), has an argument with her that night, and turns to physical abuse again, and he's like "I'm justified, hell, even y
  13. Yes it may sound condescending but this is exactly how it is. Speaking as a person who used to be in the cave - I couldn't even comprehend the possibility of alternate realities existing. I was kept in there by fear of hell.
  14. Dan Barker, Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist "Faith is a cop-out. If the only way you can accept an assertion is by faith, then you are conceding that it can't be taken on its own merits. It is intellectual bankruptcy." - also Dan Barker
  15. I agree. I cannot for the life of me understand those xtians who will argue that bad is good, their god is good regardless of what it does or who it damns to eternal suffering... That their god cannot be questioned because it's god. Those xtians really should think on what they consider love to be. Basically they're all brainwashed to believe sadism is love.
  16. You call your comments "discussion"? Discussion is reserved for sensible people, not those trying to get a rise out of women by baiting them, or judging them - there's no other explanation for your stupid comments.
  17. Who the fuck do you think you are to judge someone's personal decisions in a public forum when you don't know the first thing about them besides the few things stated?
  18. It's called past trauma - many people here suffer from it. And yes, religious people and fundamentalists will laugh at such an idea as others being traumatized by religion. If you've been in therapy at all you will know that most people have "hot spots" which when triggered, result in deeper primary emotions coming to the surface, and when those do, they can override reason and logic. I'll give you an example - mine are set off when I feel someone is trying to control me in any way. And the history behind that is a lifetime of being controlled in a fundamentalist cult and having my decisions
  19. What a misogynistic prick. What else is to be expected from redneckville lol. Stupid references to women not being able to change their own oil etc.. Any thinking women with a brain in her head knows to steer well clear of such types. As will I from now on, find some other women to antagonize as that's all you're attempting here.
  20. We don't "cut slack" - it's called the Lions Den - you come here, then be prepared for it and know what you believe, why, be prepared to provide your evidence and not stick to general opinions like "there's Christian scientists, smart people believe this way, therefore my beliefs are valid."
  21. So we're on to government? Please stick to your original topic and points. I'm sure others will continue to engage with you but personally I've lost interest.
  22. Do us all a favor and go spend some time in the extimonies section.
  23. Uhuh. Those who take "evidence" from YouTube from the views of one or two people and apply it widely are what I would refer to as conspiracy theorists.
  24. Oh look, another believer come to claim that exchristians didn't truly understand or have it - this is right next to the notion that we weren't "true believers". PS. I can still recall specifically what was taught about faith in Sunday school in my church - "faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." Ie.faith is wishful thinking, believing that which you don't see.
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