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  1. The problem arrives with "I have witnessed" leading to statements like "this holds true" in regards to 50% of the population. What you've personality witnessed says nada about half the population - it says more about the circles in which you associate, the kinds of people who are willing to associate with you, and a few random people you are forced to associate with ie coworkers. Making generalizations about half the population, which includes different cultures and belief systems and a lot of variety, is stupid.
  2. Why do you think you're pissing people off? LF has a long fuse. I was simply pointing out that he didn't mean to upset you.
  3. Oh I did. When I left religion "The world" has brought me a joy and peace I never had before. I'm glad I no longer need to demonize it for fruitless reasons.
  4. I wouldn't call it misogyny when people disagree with you. Not a good idea. Also LF isn't trying to put you in any place. No need to be hot headed. I had several arguments with LF when I was getting to know him (in which my emotions would run off and my reasoning logical mind was far behind). Often we're too willing to think ill of people when they trigger a large amount of a primary emotion within us.
  5. Uhuh. Bet you're watching such women in a church are you not since you're xtian? Are you not familiar yet with the fact xtian women have it pounded into their heads that they need a man in their lives to rule them? Pretty clear to me, you haven't hung around atheist women a lot. Or women of all kinds, inclinations, and careers. Or you wouldn't be spouting what you're spouting here.
  6. ^^ here it is. You believe because you're motivated to believe, and because you think life without afterlife has no purpose. In fact you even compared no consciousness to eternal torment. Only someone who has been brainwashed can do that - compare the existence of eternal endless suffering to no suffering at all. If I may paraphrase @florduh, religion is an emotional hook.
  7. Georgia is here to preach. Georgia are you aware there are now hundreds of testimonies that you could datamine which would answer your question? Why is it that you must insist on dialogue when you could be reading the testimonies section - the answers are all there.
  8. Nope, not at all. There's no "father" for atheists so asking them about considering a relationship with one (at least as you define father) makes zero sense. My eyes were opened. For many it was a combination of factors. Some were pushed for reasons and then started reading and learning and how the hell can you believe with all the evidence piled a mile high in front of you. Other factors in the church are meaningless in comparison to that mountain of evidence. So while you may be looking for mechanisms, whatever those may be, consider the core doctrines of what you believe and what t
  9. Please quote, I've no idea what you're "come on" ing about.
  10. ..... Care to finish? She pointed out the obvious, that some people are shits. This is the case, religious or not.
  11. Not only the Western world. Anybody who reads it, believes it and succumbs to the fear mongering and control mechanisms of religion. Do you understand that it makes no sense to "have a relationship" with something that doesn't exist? Do you understand lack of belief? Would you ever consider having a relationship with the Flying Spaghetti Monster outside of the pastaverse? a·the·ist /ˈāTHēəst/ Learn to pronounce noun a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the exist
  12. May I point out that the group therapy in journey free.org is by donation and you can still join if you are unable to pay. Another book you may wish to check out is Marlene Winell's book, Leaving the Fold. She discusses how xtianity fucks with your mind and I think this would be useful.
  13. The solution to that is reading about the invention of hell. What do you know about that? Are you aware it's a new testament invention? It was invented by early Christians and it was contentious. The Jews of the old testament believed in no such thing nor does any such concept appear there. Bart Ehrman just Published his newest work, Heaven and Hell. You should read it. You've simply inherited a fear of a centuries old fairy tale. For many people, irrational thoughts disappear with knowledge and the application of logic. However mental illness (I'm not saying you have any, I'm just sayin
  14. It's our entertainment, and we watch it every day.
  15. There's one certain thing about crazy people of any stripe spouting off: they are attention seekers, and they gain victory when we do exactly what they want, ie pay attention to their nutty theories. Unfortunately the age of the internet enables this. Before that, they were just the crazies spouting off on Street corners, and you'd walk by, eye roll, and that was that.
  16. I agree with @DanForsman. If it were not this coincidence, it would likely be another throwing you off course and convincing you that a future in heaven or hell is at stake. What kind of loving God makes itself so complicated that people need to find "truth" from complicated coincidences? I could say a lot more about this god and "love" but I'll leave it at that for now. Stick with the therapy. And stick with the meds. And spend time on here, there's a lot off useful info to refute irrational fears. I hope you find peace of mind.
  17. Uh no, I do not miss that at all, as I never felt held and comforted by a god, although maybe in my early years. Once I hit my teens and early 20s there was only a lot of questions as to why "god" was allowing all this shit in my life. And it got worse in my 30s. It felt much better when I finally figured out there was no deity to question. May I suggest something - give yourself the unconditional love and acceptance that you are craving. Don't know how? Start with reading Leaving the Fold by psychologist Marlene Winell. It's not a crazy concept - you have self care and lov
  18. Agree 100%. I'm thankful that I started the wahls protocol (an autoimmune nutritional diet) for my health issues at the beginning of the year and try not to dwell on the fact I have asthma and cardiomyopathy. At the end of the day we can only do our best and need to avoid any stress now that affects the immune system. I've largely stopped looking at the news for that reason. I'm one of the people that will not be able to return to work - I was in retail and that's simply too risky. I'm hoping that when things are more back to normal, that fact will not disqualify me from assistance, as I'll ne
  19. This wont work as we are all connected like a huge network. You'd have to do the equivalent of sending the immunocompromised and elderly to a completely different planet. Heres a visualization of the network in different scenarios. http://statnet.org/COVID-JustOneFriend/ I think the only reasonable thing we can do now is as our PM suggested - prepare for massive testing and the ability to quickly track down local outbreaks, while slowly reopening the economy. Until we have something like a vaccine.
  20. I don't know or particularly care how others here define feminism but for me, feminism is anti-patriarchal. So for any people thinking that taking offense over being called names for your position is ridiculous - maybe you need to consider that this is an ex Christian website intended to support ex Christians in recovery, and that for at least some women in that group, that includes recovery from patriarchy. Everyone has triggers. Yes I know lots of people like to make fun of that term as something experienced by "snowflakes", but in psychology its actually a thing - having a stro
  21. I agree with what you've said. Christianity bears a lot of responsibility for the perpetuation of patriarchy today. This is true even in families that are not overtly religious - it can still be infused from a religious society around them and in which they may be reluctant to stand out from the norm. Sometimes, for example in islamist societies, standing out can be dangerous, particularly if it's a father being outspoken about the rights of his daughter. I have a friend who grew up in a non religious family in Iran, and her family supported her move to Canada, largely because she would have m
  22. There's a lot of abusive men who unfortunately take that in a different way and use it to justify abuse, both physical and emotional. And yes there's churches that won't step in when such abuse occurs.
  23. I'd like this answered as well. This was @freedwoman thread so seeing as she brought up the term it's reasonable to ask for a definition. Forgive me, but there's a lot of resentment and something else pouring out towards a great portion of the female sex right now, as well as belittlement ("can't survive a day without men"),so I think you're actually better off examining your own emotions right now instead of making claims about overly emotional people not being able to use logic. @freedwoman Maybe examine where all that strong emotion is coming from. Signed, An
  24. Feminazies? Okayyyy. Feminism can mean different things to different people. I think you did a good job there putting words into people's mouths and generalizing, re "feminazies" supporting crazy child killers and husband murderers. Edit: PS the worst women I ever knew was in the church - she ran after her husband with a knife and threatened to kill him, after which point he left her. I consider myself a feminist and nope I do not condone that kind of action.
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