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  1. I never got to believe in Santa, Christmas was for the “lesser” Christians No presents for me . My Lutheran grandma was thrilled whilst becoming an atheist I was now able to celebrate Christmas.
  2. Yeah definitely agree: “(just doing and being kind is not enough if it doesn’t involve them converting or sharing their faith)”. And it’s the most painful thing when the religion rears it’s ugly head and you realize the only reason that they have been treating you right is because of their religious beliefs.
  3. I looked at the assertive bill of rights, that’s going to help me too I think. We live in a society that seems to demand so much attention, I struggle to find my own space and my parents did just about everything to destroy my boundaries.
  4. I’ll have to check out the biofeedback session. That’s fascinating.
  5. Gosh I hate that space in the deconversion process. It was a long long long space for me. I remember through out my youth being taught to ask forgiveness for things all day long through out the day as soon as you perceived that you had done something wrong. We believed that asking Jesus for his “precious blood” for... not just things we thought or did that might be “bad”, but also just things that weren’t according to “god’s” will. So maybe you bought the wrong groceries and that wasn’t according to God’s will... which you determined cause you had a stomach ache or maybe you just
  6. Yeah, I’ve considered paganism. But I couldn’t get over all the nonesense. It was helpful in leaving Christianity to put time into examining another tradition though. I actually have never considered that maybe building my own philosophy and traditions around modern life wasn’t the way. Going to the movies is as much ceremony as I need in my life. Ceremony was always the part of religion that I found the most unnecessary. I dont know if I will change at some point once I have some distance and say yeah ceremony would be fun... and start.... knighting people? 🛡Cause
  7. “Bowling leagues and birding are sure to be taken over by the religious here... and that is exactly the issue... there is no place that people in Texas do not feel like it's ok to want to put you on their prayer chain when you have a cold, if they don't want to just lay hands on you right there and claim your healing in Jesus name.“ I’d recommend picking up a vice. Something other people don’t do. Something that’s sure to scare off the religious. Have you tried coming out as gay? Worked for me.
  8. I’ve been mulling over the organizational strength of religion and thinking about what that means for a person confronted on the street by people intent on converting them to their religion. In a lot of ways we see different levels of power as problematic in relationships and I just wonder what other people think of this idea of what it means for a person to have to respond to and or fend of the imposition of a prying religion that proselytizes.
  9. Thanks for the tips, turned 30 this year... still not there.
  10. Sounds interesting, I’m going to check it out thanks
  11. It’s a little out of my depth on the whole, but I think I pick up a lot of smaller pieces.
  12. The age of atheists: how we have sought to live since the death of god. by Peter Watson
  13. It’s funny I’ve come to appreciate how a growing number of gay guys aren’t letting Christians determine the religious narrative. This surprised me. I think there are a lot of gay guys like myself who had deeply emotional religious experiences. I just think of how many gay men must have been the writers of the Bible. Leviticus I attribute to the heterosexual men. Psalms, and so called prophetic books to the gays guys. Ive even come to appreciate that my way of interpreting the Bible heaven and hell and all else was not religious after and it took a lot of time to see that what I wa
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