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    I'm a PK, and autistic nama to 4 autistic kids, with an autistic husband. We just think differently, that's all. I'm still deconstructing, but right now I'm a deist.

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    I call it the great Mind

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  1. I threw out a bunch of secular CDs too. Over the last. Several years we got rid of "pagan" aspects of Christmas... this year I'm bringing most of it back haha.
  2. What an honouring tribute, I'm sure she would have appreciated your kind words. The way the Catholic Church treated her sister's child is so awful, and speaks volumes about the doctrines of that church. Wow...
  3. I grew up listening to all of those as well, but looking for more modern bands.
  4. Since I lost my faith I've also lost the joy of listening to the music I once enjoyed. Need to Breathe, We are Messengers, Switchfoot, Mandisa, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions of secular artists comparable to these types?
  5. @TruthSeeker0 Thanks for the heads-up, I think I'll pass. Not what I came to this site for at all.
  6. I don't view it as though I had a relationship with myself, I had a false relationship with a made up being. In the movie Castaway Hanks' character had a relationship with himself because Wilson was a personification of himself, and all of Wilson's thoughts and personality came directly from his own mind. In Christianity, god and jesus' characters are already fabricated in the Bible. I think we did hear our own thoughts when we thought God was speaking to us, so in that aspect yes, we were listening to ourselves. But for the most part I don't think it was myself that I had a relationship wi
  7. Well we talked about it last night and he said since he's indifferent on it I can do what I want. So, I guess I'll do that lol l
  8. No I think it's more subtle, with an underlying theme of free thinking.
  9. I haven't yet, but it sounds great! I heard about it in a secular homeschoolers FB group, and since many of the people there are also ex christians they were excited to show it to their children and discuss it. I need to check it out.
  10. Thanks for commenting, Fuego. He's really not thrilled with the any of those things. Last year he said something about the Garland with lights over the mantle that I kept. We had it whittled down to just that, a Jesse tree, and a nativity. That's it. We both felt that all the other things were for worshipping pagan gods, so if he feels that way about it still I don't want to pressure him to do something he feels is wrong.
  11. Forgive me if this topic has been covered a million times already, I can't get the search feature to generate anything relevant to anything I ever try to find (is there a trick to using it?) For several years my husband and I have been been pruning away all the pagan connections to Christmas and Easter, trying to focus only on Jesus. We know he wasn't born in December but doing away with it altogether is depressing and we have 4 young children. Now that I'm no longer a Christian I have no problem with Christmas trees, reindeer, hunting Easter eggs, etc. Problem is my husband is
  12. I was taught the same. Even that didn't make sense though, and during the later stages of the beginning of my deconversion I a andoned the idea in favour of annihilationism.
  13. If more people actually thought about it thoroughly it would create too much cognitive dissonance...the reality is that hell is in direct contact with with any sort of theology of a good, loving, and just god. The idea of hell has evolved through time simply as a means to control people's minds.
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