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  1. HUGS I am so sorry you have been suffering so much, for so long. You don't deserve this. Hoping it gets better for you. ❤
  2. Apparently Natural Healing is evil and of the devil!
  3. It didn't just start with Social Media. I live in a very religious state, and there are many people like this around here. So it's very hard to get away from it completely. However, I think I may take a break from Facebook for a few days and see if it helps some.
  4. I have been taking a break from many of them too. That way they don't see what I post, and there posts don't show up on my feed.
  5. I don't think he would go to church without me. I actually had a good talk with my husband over the weekend, and it sounds like he is becoming more on my page. He still wants to go to this Cowboy Church, but it sounds like to me that he is starting to have his own doubts. I keep feeling like I need to give him time.
  6. It's not just social media. I live in a very religious state. I see judgementalness like this everywhere here too. That's why I wish I could just get away from here, like go up into the mountains for a few days where it is a much more peaceful place to be.
  7. So today I came across a very 'religious' lady on social media. A friend was talking about his chakras, and this woman commented and told him it was 'demonic' and evil, and not of God. And then another Christian 'religious' lady wrote that yoga, martial arts, and homeopathy are all of the devil. *Facepalm* I'm seriously sick of people like this, saying things like this. Acting like they know all the answers. One lady said she trusts everything her Pastor says... Huh? Sounds more like a cult to me. I know, because I used to be part of a religion that taught you should believe everything the Prophet says. And if you question them, you are in a state of apostasy. I'm really trying to overcome my anger I feel towards religion, especially when I come across people like these women. Sometimes my husband says things about religion that also angers me, but I am trying to be patient with him. Especially since I see a little doubt in him. But sometimes the things he says bother me, and angers me too. He also wants us to go to this Cowboy Church, but I honestly have no desire to go. I'm also mad at myself because I haven't been completely honest with my husband, and haven't told him I don't believe in Christianity at all anymore, except for some of the moral aspects of it. I wish I had the money to just go away for a couple days by myself, so I can regroup. But I don't have a job, because my youngest son (who has Autism) can't stay home alone. Maybe I should go for a walk or something when I feel like this, I dunno. Thanks for letting me rant.
  8. @Fuego, life is a continuous journey. I think our beliefs change as we grow. And we need to go where we feel drawn, even if some things change. From what I understand, a Wiccan chooses their own beliefs, they don't always follow everyone else (or other Wiccans). This is common with those who practice alone. Not sure about other groups or covens, since I am still learning.
  9. I know you posted this awhile ago, but I'm new here and wanted to respond. My story is similar to yours in that I also felt drawn to witchcraft and nature beliefs. I just started this journey, but I am finding that I am a much happier, more relaxed person since I accepted who I truly am.
  10. I believed I had found God. I believed I had a relationship with him. But then after seeing how many Christians treat others, I stopped believing. I decided to research Anthropology, Evolution, and humans 1st religious beliefs. The 1st humans didn't believe in God. The 1st religious rituals were burying their dead, and then as their beliefs evolved, they started worshiping nature, which evolved into other religious beliefs. You would think if the Christian God were real, he would have let the 1st humans know about him. But nope. That didn't happen. I also found out that they have proven that there is no way we could have all came from just 2 people (Adam and Eve). I also researched proof of the Bible, and while many of the towns and cities in the Bible can be proven, many of the people and stories written about in the Bible have never been proven. Many stories in the Bible are extremely similar to other creation, and biblical stories passed down from other peoples, from generation to generation, such as the poem, "Epic of Gilgamesh." I used to believe that God healed my son of his Hydrocephalus when I was pregnant with him. But then he was born with Autism. Why would God heal him of Hydrocephalus, but not prevent him from having Autism, learning disabilities, and mental health issues? Also, the doctor told me that it is common for Hydrocephalus to sometimes disappear, so there is a scientific basis for that happening. I have struggled with Anxiety and Depression most of my life. I did everything Christians told me to do to heal from those, but nothing worked. Not praying, and not even reading the Bible. Nothing. And then I found something that is healing for me. I have found that meditation and grounding myself is healing me of my mental health issues. I now feel more peace and happiness in my life, then I ever did as a Christian. My depression has left, and my anxiety is mostly under control. I will never follow anything blindly again. I will always have an open mind, look at all sides, respect others beliefs, but I will not believe anything without solid proof anymore.
  11. Welcome Samuel! I can somewhat relate, as far as growing up in a Christian sect. I grew up Mormon (then left it for Christianity, then left that), and when I left the Mormon Church, my parents blamed my husband. They told people I left to save my marriage, which was completely untrue. It was a very painful time in my life, but I got through it. It took some time for me to heal, and I think it will take time for you as well. When you leave the religion of your childhood, you lose part of yourself. Part of your identity. And then you have to try to figure out who you really are, and that can take time. But it will happen. Just be patient. Just remember that you need to do what is best for you, not what is best for other people. Your happiness is what is important. It's a hard road, but it is definitely worth it. ❤
  12. @LogicalFallacy Thank you! I will check it out.
  13. @MOHO Thanks for sharing! My hubs and I both left the Mormon Church together back in 1996, and both converted to Christianity the same day in 1997. We have been through a lot together, including our son's diagnoses of Autism, and our oldest son's current struggle with alcoholism. We have also had our hard times in our relationship, and there have been times I thought about leaving him, but then I remember that he has stuck by me through the hard times including my anxiety disorder and depression, and that is unconditional love. I am hoping eventually he comes to the same realization as me, and that our relationship can continue to grow and heal. But if he doesn't I hope at least our relationship will be strong. I am glad you still have a good relationship with Mrs. MOHO.
  14. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! It means a lot to me!
  15. Hey everyone! I am new! My name is Jenn, and I'm a wife, and a mother of 3 adult sons, one of which has Autism (my youngest). I grew up Mormon, but converted to Christianity when I was 25 years old. My journey out of Christianity started when I stopped believing in Mormonism, but at the time I decided that Christianity was the right path to follow. My doubts about historical Christianity started after I read the book, "Evidence that Demands a Verdict" by Josh McDowell. The book left me with more questions than answers. The answers he gave to many of the questions he had, didn't make sense to me. They had flaws. But again I put those doubts behind me. Then the last year or two, those doubts crept back into my mind. It started with realizing just how judgmental many (not all) Christians were towards others of different beliefs, or sexual orientation, etc. My oldest son came out as Bisexual on his dad's birthday last year, and we accepted that part of him, unlike many Christians would do. I have seen many Christians online posting hateful, ignorant things towards other people, and it bothered me. Wasn't Christianity supposed to be about loving others despite who they were? I even had a Christian friend who told me that God didn't love anyone who wasn't a Christian. A few months ago, I started researching Anthropology and Evolution. Much of which Christians say was all a lie or inaccurate. But looking at the science of it, Evolution made sense to me. I learned that there is no way we could have all come from just two people. I also studied what early humans believed, and much of that was they understood that they were created from the Earth, so they showed reverence and respect for the Earth. I then studied how religion has evolved over thousands of years, and learned quite a bit, and how creation stories are similar. I also learned how Christians get it wrong on what others belief, whether religiously, or spiritually. I have stopped believing in Christianity as a whole, and my beliefs now are changing. I consider myself a Pagan and Wiccan now, but my beliefs are evolving, and I don't know all that I believe yet. I do believe in being kind to others, and being respectful even if others don't treat me the same. I am now a much happier person, and I have found that meditating and grounding myself is healing me of my anxiety and depression. Christianity never helped me with those at all, no matter how hard I tried. I don't feel as devastated in losing my Christian beliefs like I did when I lost my faith in Mormonism, but I haven't yet been completely open with my husband (who considers himself a Christian) about all of my new beliefs. He does know of my doubts, and he has been supportive. I doubt he would leave me if he knew, but I just feel the right time to tell him is not right yet. He is starting to have his own doubts, and he does share a few of my beliefs, but I feel like I need to wait for him, if that makes sense. I have told a few of my friends about my beliefs, but only the ones who share similar beliefs as I do. I have been trying to find support and a mentor where I live, but the closest groups I can find are 40 mins away from me. And it is hard for me to travel that far. I came across this website, and decided to join this group for support. I hope that I can meet others who are on a similar journey as myself.
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