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    Short Version: I have decided to look at reality and stop blaming myself for God ignoring and doing nothing about my physical suffering. And find the truth. Was Severely Abused Mentally, Physically, Sexually, Emotionally by both parents and was a very Neglected Child resulting in Numerous Social/Coping, Emotional, Mental and Physical Problems: Overcame all but the Physical problems to become an intelligent, productive, contributing member of society in spite of it all by my late 20's. Fervently and sincerely100%, all-in no matter what Pursued Christianity and God. I needed help with the insane mess I didn't make but was stuck with. Especially overcoming, preventing, reversing, healing numerous physical problems that even my do all I can self care help and high quality medical help could not fix. Not one prayer answered and NO Help from God or Jesus or Holy Spirit in 52 years.

    MORE DETAIL:https://www.ex-christian.net/topic/80716-not-one-answer-to-one-prayer-for-healing-giving-up-on-god/

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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
    Spirit Guides ? Energy Fields ? IDK

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  1. Unless of course reincarnation is true. ..then he may have already come back as other mortal humans a bunch of times!!! Maybe when he told people he was coming back soon he meant it .
  2. I too am a type who wonders and ponders what happened...and finds closer easier when I know what happened......did you ever find out more? You can PM me if you did to keep it private... Thanks
  3. I do I do.....amazing He is lurking out there under a different account...good grief. He needs to go get a REAL life
  4. Ya right...when the three stooges (father, Son, Holy Spirit) decide to show up even just one time FOR ME. I will be back into Xianity 100% in the blink of an eye! Read the ABOUT section in my profile AND my More detailed Introduction.... then tell me again how a bible verse can fix Cancer or anything else? Thanks
  5. I do not agree. The brainwashing/indoctrination and lies; lie after lie after lie. This is what changed my actions and behaviors for the worse. I would be much more open to taking more of the "responsibility" IF I had the right to file, at the very least, civil tort charges against the leaders of the organizations who engaged in deliberate fraudulent behavior in order to benefit and gain for themselves. Until then, I call "BULL" on putting the entire blame on me, or anyone else put under thought control and repression. Yes, yes, and Yessss
  6. " it's on us to learn what does work." This is the very difficult stage I am in now. In some ways this is more difficult then the deconverting and facing the fact that " prayer doesn't work, the lord isn't real, and the bible is myth". Sigh.
  7. Thanks for trying but we've been here many times before to no avail. Just a thought. I have been reading the NUMEROUS postings over the years!! and realizing the many hours many of you have invested responding to SB..... Is it possible that SB is a troll that just pops in every few weeks/months to stir everyone up again and get this endless merry go round spinning round and round. Leaves for awhile and then returns and does it again. And then again. And again. With NO positive progress or change... just more insanity and madness. Maybe we are all being "played" and as long as people keep responding the "games" continue. Try ignoring SB. You are wasting your precious time WITH NO POSITIVE BENEFIT OR OUTCOME OR CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. Numerous times it has been suggested that professional help needs to be sought. And it never is. The prof help has been suggested to many other posters on this sight and they do so, or at least stop their endless, never ending merry go round postings. And their posts show some change and improvement. But NOT with SB. Think I am being hard and cold? Just go back and read ALL of SB's posts and look at the pattern.. definitely looks like a TROLL gaming with us!
  8. I LOVE what Mark Twain Said: sanctimonious (săngkˌtə-mōˈnē-əs) adj. Feigning piety or righteousness: "a solemn, unsmiling, sanctimonious old iceberg that looked like he was waiting for a vacancy in the Trinity” ( Mark Twain). More at Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th
  9. Does anyone here still have an account and access to post a link.... I never joined that forum because I don't debate very well.
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