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    Short Version: I have decided to look at reality and stop blaming myself for God ignoring and doing nothing about my physical suffering. And find the truth. Was Severely Abused Mentally, Physically, Sexually, Emotionally by both parents and was a very Neglected Child resulting in Numerous Social/Coping, Emotional, Mental and Physical Problems: Overcame all but the Physical problems to become an intelligent, productive, contributing member of society in spite of it all by my late 20's. Fervently and sincerely100%, all-in no matter what Pursued Christianity and God. I needed help with the insane mess I didn't make but was stuck with. Especially overcoming, preventing, reversing, healing numerous physical problems that even my do all I can self care help and high quality medical help could not fix. Not one prayer answered and NO Help from God or Jesus or Holy Spirit in 52 years.

    MORE DETAIL:https://www.ex-christian.net/topic/80716-not-one-answer-to-one-prayer-for-healing-giving-up-on-god/

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    Spirit Guides ? Energy Fields ? IDK

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