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  1. I do I do.....amazing He is lurking out there under a different account...good grief. He needs to go get a REAL life
  2. Ya right...when the three stooges (father, Son, Holy Spirit) decide to show up even just one time FOR ME. I will be back into Xianity 100% in the blink of an eye! Read the ABOUT section in my profile AND my More detailed Introduction.... then tell me again how a bible verse can fix Cancer or anything else? Thanks
  3. I do not agree. The brainwashing/indoctrination and lies; lie after lie after lie. This is what changed my actions and behaviors for the worse. I would be much more open to taking more of the "responsibility" IF I had the right to file, at the very least, civil tort charges against the leaders of the organizations who engaged in deliberate fraudulent behavior in order to benefit and gain for themselves. Until then, I call "BULL" on putting the entire blame on me, or anyone else put under thought control and repression. Yes, yes, and Yessss
  4. " it's on us to learn what does work." This is the very difficult stage I am in now. In some ways this is more difficult then the deconverting and facing the fact that " prayer doesn't work, the lord isn't real, and the bible is myth". Sigh.
  5. Thanks for trying but we've been here many times before to no avail. Just a thought. I have been reading the NUMEROUS postings over the years!! and realizing the many hours many of you have invested responding to SB..... Is it possible that SB is a troll that just pops in every few weeks/months to stir everyone up again and get this endless merry go round spinning round and round. Leaves for awhile and then returns and does it again. And then again. And again. With NO positive progress or change... just more insanity and madness. Maybe we are all being "played" and as long as people keep responding the "games" continue. Try ignoring SB. You are wasting your precious time WITH NO POSITIVE BENEFIT OR OUTCOME OR CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. Numerous times it has been suggested that professional help needs to be sought. And it never is. The prof help has been suggested to many other posters on this sight and they do so, or at least stop their endless, never ending merry go round postings. And their posts show some change and improvement. But NOT with SB. Think I am being hard and cold? Just go back and read ALL of SB's posts and look at the pattern.. definitely looks like a TROLL gaming with us!
  6. I LOVE what Mark Twain Said: sanctimonious (săngkˌtə-mōˈnē-əs) adj. Feigning piety or righteousness: "a solemn, unsmiling, sanctimonious old iceberg that looked like he was waiting for a vacancy in the Trinity” ( Mark Twain). More at Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th
  7. Does anyone here still have an account and access to post a link.... I never joined that forum because I don't debate very well.
  8. Whoa..hope she was institutionalized until they could treat her mental illness.....that is the WORST and most sad I have heard of...
  9. Unfortunately his forum may never read any of it....they are afraid to "eat of this tree of knowledge" because they might have doubtful thoughts and what they read here will make sense, god forbid ... and the women have not been given permission from their Spiritual Leader Husbands to come here and read. But, who knows, hopefully I am wrong and some may have the courage to take a look!
  10. There are lots of, scary numbers of them, Xian women out there who believe and say it out loud : "Jesus is my lover", "Jesus is my husband" and/or "I am married to Jesus". Whew...when they started teaching that insane craziness (it's been, IDK, ten years ? or so that it started. Maybe someone else remembers when it started) I took notice and started finding my way out of Xianity!!!
  11. Have we ever had an Xian in the Den before that is as scared and responding in such fear as this one? Doesn't seem like it. Obviously deep down he is terrified that the Three Stooges and his Xianity really is insanity and nonsense. We are seeing the knee jerk reactions caused by fear.
  12. Instead of answering intelligent, rational, logical questions he just gets crazier and crazier....challenging his Lord and Master who Rules status must have overloaded his brain cells and still not one question has been answered..
  13. Has anyone asked our TRUE Christians , who know the True God, ChristForums or Justus to answer these ???
  14. There you go, holding people up to a standard by which you know nothing about. Are you or your wife the spiritual leader in your household? yiikes....the truth comes out...Christforums joined Xianity so he could be the Lord, Ruler and Superior Governing Master of His home.... .Yet again I am soooo glad I married a well educated, highly intelligent, rational thinking, logical, 100% Atheist man....42 years of being a team, in every sense of the word, and every area of life, that worked together as equals as we journeyed through life. Every Xian man I have ever met was playing God on some ego trip about he is Master over his home and slave, dumb, non-thinking wife and idiot kids. (Not insulting their abilities but their brainwashing (the kids and wife) who were not allowed to be rational, self governing, intelligent, thinking people.) The Ruler of their house and his Biblegod wouldn't allow it.
  15. Oh My god, another Crazy Christian who can't or won't answer not even one question about facts, truth, proof, evidence, science, historical fact about whether the Three Stooges really exist!
  16. I am not an apologist. Question for you both, do you think people sometimes become the very thing they hate in others? He said he isn't an Apologist but couldn't deny he is Grandiose and Delusional
  17. Xians like him that come here are lazy...they wont read our introductions or our testimonies or our About section of our profiles. So they have no clue about us as living, breathing, feeling people who have already been there and done that (Christianity) and have very valid reasons for setting ourselves free. If Xians like him truly cared about people (us) they would want to know and understand us. When I first found this website 12 years ago, before starting to even think about doubting and deconverting from Christianity, I read Profiles and Intros and Testimonies to learn about the people, the individuals. I still do that now, so I understand and know something about who I am conversing with His kind of Xian could care less. He hasn't read a dam thing on this website about the individuals he is conversing with and WHY they deconverted.
  18. My brother-in-law was very ill. I was not even slightly close to him at all. We had zero in common and had never emotionally connected, bonded or cliqued in any way. I only saw him a few times in my life. But, when he died I felt incredible peace and joy. Not my joy, but joy of whatever, whoever: angels, spirits, someone or something's joy. And I heard beautiful harmonic sounds, singing, no words. Just beautiful sounds. It was that situation where you are not hearing sound coming into your ear. And it doesn't seem to be your brain. But you hear it. This happened before I got the phone call that he was gone. He was 3500 miles from me when he died. Same exact peace, joy, rejoicing, awesome harmonic sounds/singing, as described above, when my Mom died. But this time occurred at the same time as my intense emotional state; crying, hurting, grieving etc. And this time it was immediately after I was told she was gone. Not just before like B-in-law. This is going to sound weird, but we were going through the effort to convince the graveyard owners to allow us to bury my brother-in-laws urn of ashes in the same spot another family member was buried (it is what he wanted). So we had his urn in our home until we knew what we could do. As I was going about my day, cooking, cleaning etc. Totally not ever thinking about what was on the shelf. Not giving it a second thought. I had forgotten it was there. Often I noticed I would feel his presence when I would work in or get something from that room. I was really sad he had died but was not in any extreme intense emotions or grieving that would cause my brain to malfunction to cause this. This lasted for a month. I knew that I knew that I knew he was there. I could feel and sense him. Had what seemed to be visits from my mom and my dad a few months after they died. A couple times with mom. Once with dad. I couldn't hear or see them but could sense that they were there and that they were letting me know that they were Ok. That they were happy. I felt like they were joyful and at peace. My mom was so happy she was giddy.