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    Out of Christianity for 20 years. I like a little woo in my life but I have limits (Christianity would be but one example.) Not a fan of organized religion. Would describe myself as "spiritual but not religious" with a spirituality pointing in the direction of the Norse gods/myths. Open-minded to things like NDEs but not a "true believer" about it. I speculatively entertain many ideas but fully embrace only a few.

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  1. I don't feel "pushed out". It's my opinion that this is an unhealthy space for spiritually minded Ex-C's. I am not a "victim". Nobody pushed me anywhere. All this language framing people do is in the first case of "only the strong survive" a manipulation strategy and in the second case "feeling pushed out" a way to make it seem as though I'm "complaining" and stating some "victimhood status". I don't claim any such thing. I am nobody's victim. I choose, of my own free will, to not engage and participate on a forum like this because I don't like what it is. Rather than try to push my will onto
  2. I took about a week to decompress and think and I realize coming back and looking at some posts and such that... wow... I am PROFOUNDLY unhappy in this space. Like DEEPLY HOLY FUCKING SHIT I WOULD RATHER GO TO CHURCH unhappy in this space. I feel like it's toxic as shit to spiritual ex-C's and I would really encourage Ex-C's who are fully deconverted but still have a need for spirituality to just leave this space (which seems like it's really most functional as a TRANSITIONAL space rather than a permanent space to live), and find more healthy spiritual communities rather than exist
  3. I just think it IS eternal and that you and I are eternal because we are part OF it, just not eternal in this state. And I have no idea what happens if it "wakes up". I'm talking possibilities not "this is the one true truth". I'm not the one stating how things MUST be or CAN'T be around here. take that up with the people who have decided my viewpoint is the result of someone who doesn't understand how natural selection works.
  4. This is not about "thick skin". To me that's a total bullshit argument so people allow themselves to be talked down to like little morons so they can "prove they are tough enough to endure it". If you were punching me in the face, should I continue hanging out with you? It's all fine and good to punch back, but if the next day you punch me again, should I just stick around for that? We encourage people in "abusive relationships" to get out of them. People are encouraged to leave Christianity here IN PART because it IS an abusive totalitarian little mind control cult. But hey, it's
  5. Also, I edited my last post so the version you read may not have been the final version that is now up.
  6. I don't need to change your mind. I don't care what you believe. Be free. Be you. But allow me that same opportunity.
  7. Ugh, I really am supposed to be taking a break LOL I just forgot something I wanted to tell a friend in PM, a book recommendation (Midniterider check your messages), but I want to take a moment to address this. We are speaking past each other. YOU are the type of person obviously who cannot be functionally happy and whole if you don't believe something is factually true. This is about the various value systems different people have. My highest value is freedom. Yours may be truth. The reason mine is freedom is because I think it's more functionally useful to be free than it is to be "right" b
  8. I can tell you without a doubt I am 100% immune to returning to christianity. And here is the thing you should understand (and from reading your post, I really think you do)... if someone NEEDS a more spiritual way of viewing the world and you are trying to "protect them from themselves" by making them be "full atheists" then you are DENYING them something they need to be happy in life. So when life gets hard for them, they WILL be susceptible ironically to returning to Christianity. When shit gets hard for me... I don't turn to Christianity. I turn to the old gods. I figure out how my ancest
  9. That's interesting. It's simply another way, though in which we are "not the same". Here is the thing... if Christianity had made you TRULY happy you would still be a Christian. You would have no reason to leave. Obviously it did not. Now, Christianity may have met a lot of emotional needs for you, but obviously it didn't allow for genuine happiness because you valued other things above the emotional high you may have once gotten in Christianity. It didn't allow you to be intellectually free. So you found your way out to something that made you happy. I presume you are not miserable in your cu
  10. If I give you a red ball and a blue ball and a yellow ball, you can SELECT one of these balls but you cannot select something until it exists to be selected for in the first place. I KNOW what natural selection is and I fucking know how it works. I'm just really done this this. Fuck it. Think whatever you want. It's not my concern. I'm about to take about a week off this site. When I return I'm' going to stay in the spirituality forum. This isn't because I cannot stand to hear "views that differ from mine". I can fully respect a materialist's right to hold that view. What I can't
  11. Re: this being a "debate zone", this somehow implies that people are obligated to argue shit to the bitter end, endlessly. And they aren't free to simply "disengage" if they find somebody tiresome. I'm not really that concerned with "changing people's minds". People can believe whatever dumb shit they want. And I DO think "the material is all that exists" is dumb shit. I don't have to "defend" this view unless I want to try to get other people to agree with me. Ultimately I don't really care. These kinds of discussions for me are more a proxy to allow people on the journey out of Christianity
  12. Sorry, caught one other thing "I agree that random chance cannot create consciousness, but IMO the consciousness that we know of is derived from a long series of evolution." So what you're saying is... something that isn't possible randomly, somehow BECOMES possible randomly, if enough random shit accumulates together over a really long period of time that we can't actually prove or quantify in any other way except that we just don't like the implications of other theories?
  13. No, an eternal consciousness is not supernatural. No more than an eternal universe is. Do you really not see the hypocrisy of this argument? If the universe can be eternal, a consciousness can be eternal. And no consciousness is not supernatural. I have a consciousness. You have a consciousness. Are you saying you and I are "supernatural". Supernatural is a nonsense word that doesn't mean anything. If something exists it exists. Claiming something is "supernatural" and then by definition it doesn't exist because Supernatural is the magic word that makes something imaginary is just some weird "
  14. Sorry one more thing... You all are SO fond of claiming that the simplest solution is usually the correct one. So we're just going to pretend a conscious universe is NOT the simplest solution to this whole thing? Okay.
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