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  1. Doesn't make much sense to me, either. Apparently, spacetime began at the exact moment of the big bang. There was nothing before...no time or space. Without time, there could be no cause...so how did the big bang happen? Dammit...now my brain hurts
  2. To be honest, I never felt a void, as such...I was a little overwhelmed at the prospect of having more freedom than I had in the church. Freedom from the fear of burning in hell for some stupid little transgression...freedom from the dreary ritual that is the cult...freedom from a bloodthirsty, tyrannical god-figure that says "love me or die"...just freedom.
  3. Hi and welcome to Ex-C, knighterrant! A good place to find out how others in similar positions have fared is the "testimonies" section. Some inspiring stories there :)
  4. I have been out of the cult for over 30 years, and I occasionally feel tinges of bitterness, even now. I just have to keep reminding myself that the bitterness isn't my fault. And you're right...you don't need the invisible man in the sky for morality. You can certainly be a good person without believing in the lie.
  5. So sorry that all this happened to you, Blue. As a father, I cant imagine treating any child of mine that way...thats not what a real dad does. Stay strong...you can do this.
  6. Ya, that's what I thought...f*ckin black holes...
  7. Welcome to Ex-C, Christopherhays...like Older said, congrats on getting out. That's a big deal
  8. Hi and welcome to Ex-C, Offorrest I had my childhood stolen by the pentecostal cult and it still haunts me even now, some 30 odd years later. There's comfort in knowing that you're not alone...which is why I'm here. I get a lot more out of this site than I ever got from the f*ckin cult. Good that you're here
  9. I don't think you should actively try to deconvert them. I believe that you should just be the best version of you that you can be...and show them that you can do that without religion. It may or may not make them question their own faith...if it does, great! If it doesn't, hopefully they accept your position on it. Oh...welcome to Ex-C
  10. Hi and welcome to ex-c I can somewhat relate to what you said...I've been out of the church for over 30 years now, and lots of times I'm unsure what to say. Most Christians around here are stubbornly sure that their way is the only right and true way, and all others are lost. Giving them my point of view is a waste of breath, so I don't usually bother any more.
  11. If you still wish to attend a church, is there another church fairly close by with a more open-minded Padre? Your current pastor sounds quite closed off to reality. Open-mindedness seems to be a rarity in religious circles, but I suppose it is possible.
  12. HIMH...I quoted and responded to Georgia's comment, therefore I contributed to the derailment of your thread. My apologies.
  13. This was me some time before I bailed out of the cult.
  14. God doesn't give a rat's ass about anybody. We all have to help ourselves, not depend on some spooky, invisible father figure for everything. AND...if real Christians uplift instead of judge, then there are very few "real christians" around.
  15. Hi and welcome! You're among friends here.
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