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  1. I wouldn't try to convert anyone...echoing other posts here, I would gladly chat with them but I wouldn't try to coerce them in any way. They need to be open and willing to change, and that's not something you can force.
  2. Sounds a lot like "zen" thinking. Years ago, I read a book about zen and the practice of completely living in the moment and giving your current task, however small and trivial, your complete and undivided attention. I think it was called "Zen Keys".
  3. It has been kinda quiet lately. While I'm the first to confess that I don't actively participate in the debates much, I do enjoy seeing Christians going up against some of the more intellectually gifted members here...educational AND entertaining
  4. Hey, Art...you need to do what's best for YOU, my friend...don't keep trying to please the people in the church. Constantly doing stuff for other people (especially if they're unappreciative) at the expense of your own happiness isn't worth the aggravation. I suggest that you get out now. Good luck.
  5. When I first glanced at this post, I thought I saw the word "impotent"
  6. So sad that so many cultures have already been corrupted this way
  7. Hey, SB...glad to know you're doing well
  8. As I walked from my pickup to my workshop this morning, I prayed that I wouldn't get trampled by a herd of elephants. Guess what....not an elephant to be seen. Isn't gawd great?
  9. Derek

    Hello to all.

    Hi and welcome, Walter.... good to meet ya
  10. Derek


    Hi and welcome ...you're among friends here
  11. I've also noticed that 1 or 2 veterans of this site haven't been posting much lately...such as my fellow eastern canadian Margee...but like DestinyTurtle said, life does get in the way sometimes.
  12. I was wondering about that too...seems like it's been happening quite a bit.
  13. I'm still trying to figure out why Abraham is revered as he is...I mean, he was ready to kill his only child because he heard a voice. Yup...let's all follow that dude But seriously, monotheism is certainly one of the biggest roadblocks to progress. As long as islam and christianity keeps spreading, human advancements will be hampered.
  14. He didn't exactly seem the type to "turn the other cheek", that's for sure.
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