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  1. Hi and welcome Phil...nice to meet you
  2. Sorry for your loss, my friend. Take care.
  3. Welcome to Ex-C...there are approximately 30000 different christian denominations out there...each one convinced that they're right and all others are wrong....not to mention the myriad other religions who believe they know the true god(s). It's a mass delusion. You're not going to hell. You'll be fine
  4. It's definitely nice knowing that one is not alone
  5. Hi and welcome Shelly...nice to meet you
  6. The F-word is like punctuation...Right fuck? Right fuck. For some people, it's an entire sentence. FUCK!!
  7. Derek

    New athiest

    Hi and welcome, PSR...leaving the cult is a big decision. But you'll find lots of support here...its a great place to be
  8. Sad news...best wishes, my friend.
  9. I have found it quite educational. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks
  10. Sometimes I find it irritating, but at the same time I like watching our more debate-skilled members tear their arguments apart. I myself, however, am not very skilled in the debating department, so I don't actively participate much.
  11. I'm so much cooler online :)

    1. Margee


      Me too Derek!! 🤣

    2. LogicalFallacy
    3. TrueFreedom


      It's pretty hit or miss for me, much like meat-space. 🙃

  12. Hi and welcome from the east coast
  13. Welcome aboard The God Delusion is a great book...took me considerably longer than a weekend to read it though lol
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