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  1. So sorry Ag_NO_stic...I have sort have been where you are. You seem like a strong, intelligent woman...keep your chin up and don't let them get to you. Easier said than done, I know... at least I can give you guy hug ((hugs))
  2. I was expecting candy...
  3. Derek


    Welcome to ex-c, Comatoast...where we heathens help each other be better heathens
  4. While I was in the church, I was constantly surrounded by grim-faced preacher-types who were always serious and never seemed happy. They were always so quick to call attention to any small mistake I made. I was a kid, for chrissake...I was supposed to make mistakes and do stupid stuff. When I left the church, I found myself surrounded by fun people...these were people who didn't take themselves too seriously, and who showed more signs of true happiness and humility than any christian robot. I guess I'm trying to say that I gained some real friends and didn't really lose anything worth mourning
  5. I haven't attended a regular Sunday service in many years. The last time I went, I was still quite young, and someone in the congregation singled me out during their testimony. They turned the attention of the entire audience to me. That's not good for an introvert like me. That sealed it ... I haven't attended a Sunday service anywhere since. That particular church has since closed down due to poor attendance...I wonder why lol....idiots.
  6. My leprechaun rode it off into the sunset .
  7. I'm so ashamed to say this, but...I looked at non-christians with a substantial amount of disdain. In the branch of the pentecostal cult that I attended, we were taught the importance of separating ourselves from all non-pentecostals. We, of course, were the only ones going to heaven while everyone else was doomed. We looked at non-pentecostals as something less, as somehow subhuman. Still we prayed for their "deliverance", and on the odd occasion of getting a new convert, we welcomed them as "one of us" and congratulated them on not being "one of them" any more. Shameful.
  8. Derek


    Hey, welcome Jerry. It's not always easy breaking away from the indoctrination brought about by the evil that is religion. Best of luck on your journey.
  9. Welcome aboard, Pilgrim! (imagine me using my best John Wayne voice lol)
  10. That's a sign that needs to be everywhere ...maybe even on church doors lol