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  1. Derek

    The scars of breaking free

    The scars of breaking free are real, and I still have them. And I left the cult over 30 years ago. I have come to accept that the scars will be with me for life.
  2. Derek

    Boring Post Thread

    I'm a little hung over.
  3. Derek

    Point of no return

    So, in the church of the cookie monster, do you put cookies in the collection plate? Or do you give money so he can buy the cookies that he wants?
  4. Derek

    50+ Healing Scriptures For Cancer Patients

    My Dad died of cancer...and he prayed to jebus until the very last second of his life. "Healing scriptures" are bullshit. May as well watch hardcore porn.
  5. Derek

    Point of no return

    Deconversion is certainly an uncomfortable process for many people. But, like you said, once you complete the process, it's difficult to even imagine going back.
  6. Derek

    Been Lurkin'

    Welcome to freedom
  7. Derek


    Genesis 1:3..."and god said "let there be light", and there was light.
  8. Derek

    2018 4th Hottest on record, Hottest for NZ

    Here in my part of Canada the annual temperature curve seems to have "flattened" a little...that is, the winters don't seem as cold as they used to be but the summers don't seem as hot either. *throws snowball at LogicalFallacy*
  9. Derek

    New progress on path of human evolution

    You mean we've been here longer than 6000 years??! What next I wonder... Great article, though
  10. Derek

    My Story

    Mrspearl, your story is inspiring. One thing I have seen that many of us here have in common is that, in some form or other, religion stole a significant part of our lives. In my case, like yours and so many others, it was my childhood. I'm so glad you made it out. Welcome to freedom.
  11. Derek

    Religion, and what it did

    Everything in your post applies to me as well, but I'd like to add one thing, if you don't mind... Religion stole my childhood.
  12. Derek

    God doesn’t get credit for morals

    Justus...Idk what you've been smoking, but it must be some goooood sh!t
  13. Derek

    Former Christian

    Welcome to ex christian...its a good place to be
  14. Derek

    God doesn’t get credit for morals

    Typical christian...taking a statement that is simple, straightforward and to-the-point and applying some twisted form of logic to it to form the wrong conclusion. BTW..."eternal, unerring word" was in quotes to show sarcasm. Maybe we need a sarcasm emoji...
  15. Derek

    Hello all, glad to be here.

    Glad you decided to join us heathens