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  1. Hi and welcome, 2022grad...the book of Revelations was reportedly written by a guy in exile on a desert island with very little food...so he fasted and concentrated on "god stuff"...eventually his brain became so malnourished that he started having weird hallucinations...I've had similar experiences after eating some questionable mushrooms
  2. Hi, Jenni... I'm sorry that you had to go through all that adversity. Processing what you've been through can take time, for sure. Thing is, your healing started when you left the cult. Glad you found your way out.
  3. Hi and welcome, Jenni One of my biggest reasons for leaving the cult was a lack of any type of real communication on god's part...including the answering of prayers. I never conclusively saw any prayer answered...EVER. The realization that we were all in a building just talking to the walls was a big motivator for me to head out the church doors. It will actually come as a relief to you when you see that all the strength and fortitude you need to face life doesn't come from some spooky, invisible father figure but it comes from yourself.
  4. Took me a few years after leaving the cult to figure this out.
  5. Here in Newfoundland (Canada's easternmost province) we have a thick accent related, I believe, to dialects in southern England. A standard greeting here is "Whaddaya at?" (in plain English, "what are you up to today"). My usual answer is "Nothing any good". In my thick Newfie accent, of course
  6. Why, god put the footprints there, of course. All part of his divine plan. Now, if only his divine plan would involve me winning the lottery and attaining superpowers...
  7. Welcome aboard...nice to meet you
  8. Most of the Christians around here are saying "god is sending a message to mankind" or some other similar bullsh!t. The cult won't be affected here.
  9. Congratulations, you're human we all say stuff we wish we could take back. Try not to worry about it
  10. Derek


    Welcome aboard...glad you found your way out
  11. Just take baby steps...don't jump head first into a workout routine designed for a 20 year old. Start slow, easy, and light. You'll find your groove
  12. Derek

    My Story

    Hi and welcome, SoulRebel95...glad you got out of the cult
  13. And here I was all this time thinking I might be the antichrist Welcome aboard from the east coast of canada
  14. After 30 years of being out of the cult, I still feel the odd tinge of anger whenever I hear someone talk about how great god is or if someone posts some nonsense on facebook about God answering prayer. I just try to ignore it...not always easy but it works.
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