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  1. I left the cult in 1988 and I still feel the odd tinge of anger. I think it's perfectly normal and human to be angry at the indoctrination that happened in our childhoods. Like Weezer said...find a constuctive outlet for it.
  2. Welcome to ex-c, Dandilion For me, coming out was like ripping off a band aid...my pentecostal cult family was butt hurt for a while, and they "ministered" to me every chance they got, but that soon stopped. Maybe they figured I was a lost cause and the devil had me
  3. Why did God put the tree of knowledge in the garden of eden? And why did he make adam and eve hungry for knowledge? Surely he knew that they would eat from it...? He CAN see the future...right? (I ask a lot of "why" questions. It's why I'm a "heathen").
  4. I find this SV person to be rather entertaining...especially with all the "demon attack" talk. Lmao
  5. Hi and welcome to ex c As to the missionary stuff, that's what Christians do...they spread their doctrine...its like a virus. And it's just as harmful as covid 19. On the bright side, heathens like us ( ) are gaining some ground as church attendance has been slipping lately. Just recently, it was announced that a church in my hometown is closing later this year because of financial issues. I guess god needs money lol
  6. Hi Blue, nice to hear from you again
  7. Even the mushrooms??!
  8. Hi and welcome, 2022grad...the book of Revelations was reportedly written by a guy in exile on a desert island with very little food...so he fasted and concentrated on "god stuff"...eventually his brain became so malnourished that he started having weird hallucinations...I've had similar experiences after eating some questionable mushrooms
  9. Hi, Jenni... I'm sorry that you had to go through all that adversity. Processing what you've been through can take time, for sure. Thing is, your healing started when you left the cult. Glad you found your way out.
  10. Hi and welcome, Jenni One of my biggest reasons for leaving the cult was a lack of any type of real communication on god's part...including the answering of prayers. I never conclusively saw any prayer answered...EVER. The realization that we were all in a building just talking to the walls was a big motivator for me to head out the church doors. It will actually come as a relief to you when you see that all the strength and fortitude you need to face life doesn't come from some spooky, invisible father figure but it comes from yourself.
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