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    Former Marine of 14 years with family of 6. Recently de-converted from Christianity. I enjoy exploring new ideas now and exploring all ideas as to why we exist and where our consciousness goes when we die. I don’t have all the answers but it sure is fun searching for truth in this crazy world we call life. I love people and really enjoy hearing what they believe in regards to purpose and meaning in life. I lean towards a deistic belief...

    Never mind, hail Satan, there is no god.

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  1. I got to like 5 minutes and couldn’t take it anymore. Absolutely couldn’t fucking do it. You dumb son of a bitch Christian...”uh blah blah she began using her own reason and that’s the problem, she did not go to god.” Ahhh! LOL! I can’t do it with these mother fuckers right now and I used to be one! Deconversion videos are a real problem. They truly are. Especially for fundamentalists. The main reason is that there is no such thing as an ex or former born again Christian; (god voice) “and all the sheep I had, they still are mine because I can’t loose the motherfuckers I got em in my hand” John verse I don’t give a fuck anymore. So when they see or hear of an ex Christian they say, “well if they really had the Holy Spirit, they couldn’t have left.” I’ve had 2 Christians basically tell me that I’m still going to heaven because of the “once saved always saved” doctrine. Ok YOLO then. Embarrassed to admit it but I’m pretty sure I said all that dumb shit myself and believed the exact same thing at one point 🙄
  2. Aaron81

    just saying "hey" :)

    Wait what!? Goddamn! That is quite the trophy 🏆 to hold up around here. Be proud! My paternal grandparents were Church of Christ and I attended whenever I was in their care, which was quite a bit growing up. Church of Christ, ahh yes, all those who didn’t get baptized are going to hell, no instruments allowed, communion every Sunday, oh the memories! Yea I hated (HATED) going to their church growing up. So boring and awful. 27 years? I can’t even fathom what you felt like getting out of that shit.
  3. Aaron81

    A Marine’s Story

    This is a really good thread. I’ve really enjoyed getting everyone’s perspective on the doctrine of hell. I remember when I had the moment of clarity; it all made sense in one instance. At that moment, I deconverted. Everything was clear to me about Christianity. This is a system of control. It all boiled down to Adam and Eve, heaven and hell, and Jesus. They fucked up, Jesus came to unfuck it, believe the story or you’re going to hell. When you’re taught the god virus as a child, you really don’t have a chance at life. It like the gun went off, all the sprinters bolted out of the box, and your ass got left behind.
  4. Aaron81

    A Marine’s Story

    @TruthSeeker0 Hell he could be a southern baptist because I was taught “once saved always saved” as well. Yea Calvanists Love predestination. I used to be a big fan of John Mcarther, a Calvinist preacher always on the radio when I lived in Texas. I know that when I was a Christian I began to do this as I got older; make an exception for good people or group of people. I think I had to because I would have gone crazy. It was like every goddamn person I met I was analyzing whether they we’re going to hell or not. My head was really fucked up. So I tend to think when people do that it’s their way of relieving the stress of it all. The doctirne of hell is some serious psychological shit!
  5. Aaron81

    A Marine’s Story

    @Fuego I knew that someone was going to insinuate that I was never a Christian. That’s why at the very start of the video I attempt to establish my authenticity as a true believer. It’s literally cognitive dissonance at its finest. To see a former Marine and combat veteran to boot, express a lack of belief probably scrambles their brains. I don’t fit their narrative and it’s confusing for them. One guy basically said that since I was saved, I’m always saved regardless if I’m professing to be a non believer or not. I guarantee you that if I was an asshole he wouldn’t have felt the need to give me that exception. I almost want to inform them that making special exceptions outside of what the Bible teaches is a baby step to deconversion.
  6. Aaron81

    A Marine’s Story

    @TruthSeeker0 That damn Lynyrd Skynard song is what did it! As soon as I started talking and heard it playing I was like, “well shit, now you done got in your feelings you idiot.” I didn’t realize how destructive the concept of needing to be saved was until I had stepped away. The idea that you are broken and need to be fixed; it robs you of everything. I have so many regrets and thoughts about what could have been. Even though I’ve had a great life compared to a lot of people, I would have liked the opportunity to have taken different life paths that I likely would’ve taken before getting caught up in that shit. I’m just so glad I made it out before I wasted my entire life believing in a lie. Great quote you shared! She sums it up perfectly.
  7. Aaron81

    A Marine’s Story

    Thank you! Apparently Marines are ultra sensitive, who knew?! Have a great day.
  8. Aaron81

    A Marine’s Story

    @TruthSeeker0 It was awkward and incredibly ironic finding myself speaking out against my former religion. Thanks for the feedback! I have another one I just uploaded today that conveys the emotional aspect of leaving. It’s funny that you mentioned me being chill in this one because the one I uploaded today got me all choked up in the middle of it 🙄. Guess I’m not so chill after all lol.
  9. Aaron81

    Bless the Lard! I'm a professional evangelist! Glory!

    This is brilliant. Your cup runneth over with sarcasm and truth!
  10. Aaron81

    How many people have fully read the bible?

    When I was first saved I averaged 4-8 hours a day of bible reading for about a year. I read through the NIV, NKJV, and NASB and dabbled in several other translations I’ve skipped here and there thru some ‘begats’ and shit like that but I’ve read it and read it. I’ve read the NT I don’t even know how many times. It has to be 100s of times over the 19 years of brain washing myself. I could probably quote or paragraphase entire chapters at this point.
  11. This right here...hilarious. Ahh hahahahahaha! THERE IS POWR 💥💥💥💥💥 LOL! We did the same thing! I loved when we did this and haven’t even thought of this in years lol.
  12. Aaron81

    Am I An Atheist now?

    I agree wholeheartedly. I’m simply a non religious person and leave it at that when it comes to speaking with other people. Knowing that I am probably atheist (or agnostic atheist) is more for me just to identify with where I stand in the big picture. I place myself in the atheist camp because it is the main resistance to religion but I do agree that the word carries negative connotation. I don’t think life long atheists realize that sometimes but we are all individuals when it comes to atheism. I’m not a 1 in 10 to the whatever power in belief in god. I just leave it at I don’t know and at this point I don’t give a shit. My heart is for those deceived. Once out, they have the freedom to choose. I’d be sad if they chose another religion (bullshit lies) but that would be their choice. I encourage myself and anyone who will listen to be a free thinker above all else.
  13. Aaron81

    Hi from TX

    Love your post. Wearing the devil costume got to me. Just the other day I was in the store with my kids and I was trying on some crazy evil masks with religious overtones. I so enjoyed mocking my fundamentalist-evangelical-born again-or-you’ll-all-fry-Christianity lol. I’m very thankful that my mom allowed and encouraged Halloween as a child having been a Methodist herself. Which basically means anything goes but you just have to go to church and say your prayers at night. For some reason I decided to go full retard at 18 and become John The Baptist incarnate. So very happy you made it out.
  14. Aaron81

    Am I An Atheist now?

    Well...shit. Guess I’m atheist. Wow. As a Christian and even before I was a Christian, I don’t think I could have ever envisioned utteirng those words. I’ve been struggling with this since July! I think I never had a true understanding of what atheism meant until today when I got my thoughts down on paper so to speak. Anything is possible now. For me to go from what I beleived in to what I am now...holy shit. Oddly enough, being atheist (or agnostic atheist) doesn’t take away my sense of awe and wonder about life like I thought it would. It just means I don’t have a fucking clue why life exists and I don’t have to assume god anymore. Thank you all again. I’ll continue to read through further answers and comments. Whether or not I’ve disagreed with people here or has tantrums, I’m so appreciative of this community.
  15. Aaron81

    Am I An Atheist now?

    Thank you all for taking the time to respond. I really enjoyed reading the insight you all brought to the table. More importantly, they helped me to think more critically about my beliefs. Maybe ‘objectively’ would be a better way to describe how I’m thinking. After believing in a god for so many years, you realize it’s ingrained in you. It’s hard to separate what you’ve been taught from your natural beliefs. Based on evidence alone, all I have for the existence of a higher intelligence/god is circumstantial. My ‘logical’ conclusions aren’t logical to everyone and I realize that now. However strong I may ‘feel’ the circumstantial evidence is, it will never confirm the existence of a god on that alone. I’ll never have a murder weapon. Or at least I don’t think one will emerge in my lifetime. On the case for god being the designer or initiator of the Universe, based on the evidence we currently have, I reluctantly say not guilty. Now back to the question and you can see where my thoughts are: When I ask myself if there is a god, the immediate answer without having to try and think is “I don’t know.” So, do I beleive in a god? How can I answer that? I already admit I don’t know if there is a god. If I say no it means I know there is no god. If I answer yes it means I know there is a god. To ask if I believe in one is already absurd to me. I know Santa isn’t real. I don’t believe in Santa. I don’t know if a god exists. Based on evidence, I don’t currently believe in a particular god. See how how I dance around this shit? I should be able to answer what I believe in. Saying I don’t know doesn’t make sense. But that’s what I want to say. Does a god exist? I don’t know. Do you believe in a god? No because I don’t know if one exists (I guess that’s the right answer) ugh. Someone destroy me because I feel pretty stupid right now.