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    Former Marine of 14 years with family of 6. Recently de-converted from Christianity. I enjoy exploring new ideas now and exploring all ideas as to why we exist and where our consciousness goes when we die. I don’t have all the answers but I’d sure is fun searching for truth in this crazy world we call life. I love people and really enjoy hearing what they believe in regards to purpose and meaning in life. I lean towards a deistic belief now but I completely respect others who converted to atheism after de-conversion from religion.

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  1. Aaron81

    Fear of Death

    Jesus fuck me I get it. I’ll never talk shit about science again. Holy fuck.
  2. Aaron81

    Fear of Death

    @Wertbag My bad bro. Thanks for clarifying your intent. For me I give it all equal weight due to my lack of trust. Not saying that everyone should do that or that it’s the correct outlook I just don’t trust humans. After all, I was fooled by Christianity for 19 years. Take care!
  3. Aaron81

    Fear of Death

    @@Wertbag My intention was to highlight the fact that we don’t have factual answers to origins or what happens when we die. We have theories. We have had several theories on how the moon was formed as well. Peer reviewed theories. I want to say they have changed the moon theory like 4 times. Therefore, in my OPINION, it would be beneficial to keep an open mind and continue exploring all possibilities.The fact that you felt it more important to snipe me instead of answering this woman’s question is very telling. Yea dude I get it, evolution and the Big Bang are widely accepted. I wasn’t advocating for intelligent design or simulation theories. I was simply pointing out he fact that there are in fact many theories on origin and life. I don’t give a shit if you like them or not or if they have a current peer review. The way modern science is advancing who knows what theories we will have in the future. When someone is struggling with fear of death they probably aren’t looking to a science book for comfort. Maybe some are but I didn’t sense that from her question. I said a hell of a lot more than what you highlighted and you seemed to have skipped over the main point I tried to highlight. Which was to keep an open mind and continue to search.
  4. Aaron81


    @Geezer I love seeing hot takes like this . You have to break out the sword and gut the entire thing from head to toe. You really do. When you get to the place where you realize it is more likely to be 100% bullshit than it is true, well my friends, you have entered reality at that point. True reality. Then comes the mind fuck that you were literally living in a dream world. So for me now, I don’t care what is is, deism, atheism, theism, science, history, philosophy; anything written by man has to be questioned. Within reason. We know 2+2=4. We don’t know or understand fully how the moon was formed. There’s a lot of shit we don’t know. We have theories. And these theories have to be tested and verified by the best of your ability along with the collective whole. At the end of the day though, you have to decide what you will believe. You have proved that you can’t rely on data written by man alone. You’ve got to use the entire human capacity for analyzing evidence to make an informed decision. Life experience. This is how you don’t get stuck into shit like flat earth. You’re mind is different at 30 than it is at 20. The most honest teacher is your own life. If you want to learn about something, live it. The ability to draw logical conclusions based on knowledge and experience is what gets you out of religion. To ascribe to another dogma that claims to know about life-origin or existence after death would be foolish. I don’t care what it is. If that illusion you speak of (Christianity) fooled me that badly, that concludes me to believe that I am succeptabel to being deceived again in the future. Therefore I question everything! I don’t know why I ranted on this. Guess it wanted to come out lol
  5. Aaron81

    Thank GOD I found this... Lol

    My first reaction was to laugh and say “bless you child” hahaha! Funny ass shit. Humor is the way to go in life I truly believe. I recently DEconverted in July 2018 after 19 years of hard corps-fundamental-born again-evangelical-save-the-world-Jesus Christ-Holy Spirit- CHRISTIANITY. I think I’ve been light headed ever since I realized it was horseshit. I’ve basically been on a permanent acid trip ever since. It’s great! People really made this shit up...unfucking believable. What a fascinating revelation. So, like yourself, I thank God for ex-christian.net lol.
  6. Aaron81

    Fear of Death

    This is a really good question. Thank you for asking because it provokes deep thought. I enjoyed reading all the responses you got as well. So, thank you to everyone. Fascinating stuff. I look at things differently from some. From what I have observed, some ex-Christians and non religious folks subscribe to the idea that modern science answers all their tough questions now. The hard corps atheist camp. Science books are the new bible. If a scientist says it, it’s true. That is the new default. They are to be trusted because after all, they wouldn’t lie or deceive us for personal gain or have ulterior motives like a religious leader would. Or would they? What’s important to realize is the Big Bang is in fact a theory. Evolution is a theory. They are also very safe. In our society, you can’t rock the boat too much, can’t have the masses having free thought and all. But none the less, they are educated theories and scientists best guess as to origins based on study and data. It’s the alternative to religious origins. Regardless whether they are true or not they don’t answer what happens when we die or if consciousness lives on. There are other theories such as intelligent design (without religious overtones). But due to religious phobia you can’t discuss this theory openly without ridicule, but it’s out there. Christians love this one and they have soiled it by trying to draw ridiculous conclusions that the “intelligence” is somehow Jesus lol. But again, just a theory. It also doesn’t answer your question about death either. Currently, there are two dominant voices in the room, Atheists and Religious folks. I tend to think there is a little bit of truth in all of it. I’m more in the middle but to simplify it, I’m in the atheist camp. I lack belief in “gods” or “God” in the personal sense. However, I have no problem whatsoever acknowledging that there is or could-have-been intelligence of some form that assisted in our existence (universe, earth, life etc). What that is I don’t know. Hell, there are quantum physicists who believe we are living in some form simulation inside a multi universe . That shit is a lot of fun to read about. Again, theory. My point is you should keep your mind open and never stop exploring the endless possibilities of life and what it all means. Question EVERYTHING. Don’t stop at one thing and say “ahh ha that’s it.” Keep pushing. I find consciousness fascinating. It’s the last frontier so to speak. We simply don’t understand how it fully works or came to be. But there it is none the less. Look, everyone has an agenda. Everyone. You’ve already been fooled once by Christianity. Therefore you are succeptable to being deceived. As am I. So I don’t label myself saying I’m now atheist, deist, agnostic, agnostic deist, etc etc etc. I’m a fucking human. That’s what I am. A non religious Human lol. And I don’t have all the answers. No one does. They guess. They make shit up. Yes they literally make shit up. In my opinion, death should not be feared. It’s a part of life. Without death there is no life. Without life, there is no death. So if life is an adventure, death is also an adventure. For me, death is the ultimate adventure. And that to me is exciting. Keep an open mind and think positive. Fear enslaves.
  7. Aaron81

    De-converting was crazy

    @LostinParis Correct. Based on my religious studies of the Bible you are most certainly going to fry for that statement alone. I’ll be on the same stove just across from you on another burner while the “born again” Jeffery Dahmer watches from heaven. Cheers!
  8. Aaron81

    Visual Assistance Needed

    @jenstar That’s awesome! To my amazement there are several others who have told me it helped them out as well. On my way to work this morning I listened to a deconversion video that I’ve seen many times already. There is nothing extraordinary about it. I just know it helps when I watch it. It’s ironic that someone else might be doing the same thing with my story. It is so enjoyable to share. Praise God Amen lol!
  9. Aaron81

    Hello all

    Home run with this post! Every word was so effective and to the point. Not even sure how you did that in so few words. You’re obviously highly intelligent. In my opinion, full deconversion isinevitable for you. Good for you!
  10. Aaron81

    Visual Assistance Needed

    I’m so glad that my story reached and touched you. I received mixed reaction from the family that I shared with. My sister didn’t really say much other than she loved me and was “praying for me.” Mind you she in no way lives the Christian code of conduct. I didn’t share with anyone else because it’s rare religion comes up and I’m in a different state than my family. Some things like religion and politics are best to keep to yourself. At least that’s what I have learned. My family is pretty much content with their life and I don’t feel the responsibility or need to “convert” them so to speak. I don’t believe certain people are ready for this type of awakening. It’s something that they need to find out on their own. If they ask I would share. My wife didn’t have the same type of intense faith that I had. She is very liberal in her beliefs and rarely reads the Bible. She has slowly started to be herself again as well. The best way to explain how our marriage improved is that we are more free to be ourselves without having to suppress our true self. I take the blame for that because I would judge her for certain activities or actions that I considered “ungodly.” Now we don’t have that problem. I would encourage you to just be yourself and let things play out naturally. She doesn’t ask me questions about it so I don’t bring it up. Prior to my deconversion we were going to church like a few times a year so there wasn’t too big of a change. We had been separated and she had begun to “seek God” for our marriage to be restored. Lol...Honey I’m back and I’m no longer a Christian! God is good amen!
  11. Aaron81

    Visual Assistance Needed

    Thank you I appreciate that. This site is such a great idea. So thankful I typed the words “deconversion” and “former Christian” into google.
  12. Aaron81

    De-converting was crazy

    You guys crack me up lol.
  13. I’ve shared my xtestimony briefly on the introduction forum but I wanted to share a visual aid of my story. The reason being, watching watching ex Christians share their stories on video was extremely powerful for me. Especially in the early stages of my pre and post deconversion. I remeber watching a video on deconversion by a former pastor named Joshua Tongul. Had I just read it, I don’t believe it would have had the same impact that it did on me. Seeing his facial expressions and listening to his tone of voice was extremely helpful to me. The video experience felt very personal. It also generated all the same emotions I used to mistake for the holy deceiver (opps I meant Holy Spirit). Now I understand that it’s my ability to empathize with human emotion and not the holy deceiver (damn, did it again) touching my heart. The point I am making is, these “deconversion videos” were extremely encouraging to me during my pre and post deconversion experience. I hope this video will encourage you on your journey out of Christianity and into reality. If you think it would be helpful to someone, share the hell out of it. I don’t have a social media account so I have only uploaded onto YouTube. We have to get the word out! There should be thousands of extestimonies out there by now but I’ve found very few myself. We really need to get the word out! I thank all of you who invest so much time and energy into this website and community. You have truly helped me grow.
  14. Aaron81

    De-converting was crazy

    To get a visual here is my brief story
  15. Aaron81

    How can I deconvert my mother?

    I echo what several others have said and then some. Who are you to run around and shatter a belief system that brings them peace? That’s like going up to a 7 year old in the month of December and informing them that Santa isn’t real. You just fucked up Christmas asshole lol. A lot of people will never be ready to know the truth about Christianity. Dare I say most won’t. Think of the Matrix. Some aren’t ready. They never will be. Consider yourself fortunate but not ‘holier than though’ just because you have this knowledge. You’re only going to push them farther into it by trying to deconvert them. This shit is engrained in their heads. They don’t want to go to hell and they sure as hell won’t risk that over a YouTube video on the Big Bang. A powerful thing happened to me after being deconverted. I realized the importance of staying out of other peoples heads. I can barely navigate my own mind. What makes me think I can navigate someone else’s? I have found a lot of joy in just accepting others based on their character and not their belief system. I also realized that some people probably operate better being religious because their mind is simply too fragile to accept reality. Dude just love your family and accept them. You’re no better, nor am I.