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  1. Love this post. Damn we have a lot in common. Both indoctrinated the Baptist way, joined the military and left our town, both named Aaron lol. Good shit man. Glad you made it out. I realized that after I deconverted, even though I wasn’t attending church for a few years it didn’t mattter. The belief system was still affecting me. Just goes to show the power of religion. Thanks for sharing.
  2. This is still going on? You guys demolish would be assassins in here that’s for damn sure. It’s not even close when you read the exchanges. I’m pretty impressed with the intelligence being thrown around. I don’t even need to go back to college for a science review. I have all of you here, no need!
  3. I received much enjoyment watching Christ’s Idiot crash and burn on here. Unfortunately, I can never get back the 15 minutes it took me to read through just 40% of the thread. However, discovering his remains amongst the rubble was very satisfying. Great was his fall. RIP Christ’s Idiot.
  4. Jesus

    Finding Hope

    This is why I love this site. Thank you for sharing this.
  5. God and I laughed are asses off when we read this. I gotta tell the Holy Spirit about this shit. That mother fucker will be rolling lol.
  6. (Trumpet blast) (Angel’s voice) Behold, THE GREAT I AM!!!! You think this is a mother fucking game? This ant no mother fucking game. If My mediation secretary puts any of these prayers on my desk, I’ll send a few bolts of lightening your way and light your ass up. -Prince of Peace
  7. When you look closely you’ll always find it; victim mentality. You’re no victim. “Is that the place Daniel was sent, or is that the historical place where Christians were mauled in the early centuries? Or is that simply an original place with no allusion to anything else other than for a group to pile up on a believer and be insulted and called every name in the book as has beendemonstrated?“ Here it is again. Victim mentality. This guy has no respect at all. I know I said I’d be chill and allow debate but I’m pretty much done with it. If the Jesus isn’t al
  8. @Mandy and whoever else, I’m not a troll, I’m right here with you. Made a video just for you, you’re not alone.
  9. My bad. No offense intended. I enjoy humor to make me feel better. Figured you might want to lash out at the Jesus. **Admin** take all my shit down if it’s pissing people off.
  10. No problem. Take all that stuff down if it bothered someone. I figured it was funny and everyone was getting a kick out of it. I laughed my ass of when I saw God on here. Figured he needed his buddy Jesus. I’m not changing my name though. -Aaron
  11. Ugh, you’re completely right. I found out I got laid off the day I slammed into her. I think I’ll just stay quiet next time and let the professionals handle it. Good advice.
  12. @Christforums You want to ‘clear up’ misconceptions and address kindergarten reasoning lol. What misconceptions? You mean like how the gospels were written by anonymous authors, how there’s no evidence of the Jews in Egypt, how the story of Noah’s Flood is an absolute joke and was plagiarized by ancient flood myths that predate it up to a 1,000 years, how several letters attributed to Paul were in fact not written by him, how a major forgery was inserted in the last chapter of Mark, or how to explain the numerous contradictions in the Bible? Are those the misconc
  13. I’ve been there! Whether you’re atheist or agnostic, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Nothing wrong with saying, “I don’t know.” I think keeping an open mind and being true to yourself is what’s most important. Thanks for sharing -Aaron
  14. I really enjoyed reading that, thank you for sharing. I relate a lot to what you said about having your mind blown. Revisiting previous conversations, rethinking life decisions, revaluating people in your life; all through the new lenses of reality. It’s an amazing feeling to be free.
  15. I am very hesitant to give someone life advice like that without knowing them. It would be reckless of me to tell you who you should or shouldn’t live with. That decision will ultimately have to be made by you alone. Having read the details of your situation, the advice still stands; do exactly what you want to do without apology or guilt. Do you want to live with your parents and help your mom? If so, when the TIMING is right, tell them your situation with love and respect. I wouldn’t go the “there is no god because of such and such contradiction in the Bible” route.
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