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  1. Love this post. Damn we have a lot in common. Both indoctrinated the Baptist way, joined the military and left our town, both named Aaron lol. Good shit man. Glad you made it out. I realized that after I deconverted, even though I wasn’t attending church for a few years it didn’t mattter. The belief system was still affecting me. Just goes to show the power of religion. Thanks for sharing.
  2. This is still going on? You guys demolish would be assassins in here that’s for damn sure. It’s not even close when you read the exchanges. I’m pretty impressed with the intelligence being thrown around. I don’t even need to go back to college for a science review. I have all of you here, no need!
  3. I received much enjoyment watching Christ’s Idiot crash and burn on here. Unfortunately, I can never get back the 15 minutes it took me to read through just 40% of the thread. However, discovering his remains amongst the rubble was very satisfying. Great was his fall. RIP Christ’s Idiot.
  4. Jesus

    Finding Hope

    This is why I love this site. Thank you for sharing this.
  5. God and I laughed are asses off when we read this. I gotta tell the Holy Spirit about this shit. That mother fucker will be rolling lol.
  6. (Trumpet blast) (Angel’s voice) Behold, THE GREAT I AM!!!! You think this is a mother fucking game? This ant no mother fucking game. If My mediation secretary puts any of these prayers on my desk, I’ll send a few bolts of lightening your way and light your ass up. -Prince of Peace
  7. When you look closely you’ll always find it; victim mentality. You’re no victim. “Is that the place Daniel was sent, or is that the historical place where Christians were mauled in the early centuries? Or is that simply an original place with no allusion to anything else other than for a group to pile up on a believer and be insulted and called every name in the book as has beendemonstrated?“ Here it is again. Victim mentality. This guy has no respect at all. I know I said I’d be chill and allow debate but I’m pretty much done with it. If the Jesus isn’t allowed on here this guy certainly shouldn’t be either. You’ve been asked to go to the Lion’s Den out of respect for people who don’t want to be sneaky evangelized. We don’t give a rats ass whether you want to go there or not.
  8. Jesus

    Maybe Atheist

    @Mandy and whoever else, I’m not a troll, I’m right here with you. Made a video just for you, you’re not alone.
  9. Jesus

    Maybe Atheist

    My bad. No offense intended. I enjoy humor to make me feel better. Figured you might want to lash out at the Jesus. **Admin** take all my shit down if it’s pissing people off.
  10. Jesus

    Maybe Atheist

    No problem. Take all that stuff down if it bothered someone. I figured it was funny and everyone was getting a kick out of it. I laughed my ass of when I saw God on here. Figured he needed his buddy Jesus. I’m not changing my name though. -Aaron
  11. Ugh, you’re completely right. I found out I got laid off the day I slammed into her. I think I’ll just stay quiet next time and let the professionals handle it. Good advice.
  12. @Christforums You want to ‘clear up’ misconceptions and address kindergarten reasoning lol. What misconceptions? You mean like how the gospels were written by anonymous authors, how there’s no evidence of the Jews in Egypt, how the story of Noah’s Flood is an absolute joke and was plagiarized by ancient flood myths that predate it up to a 1,000 years, how several letters attributed to Paul were in fact not written by him, how a major forgery was inserted in the last chapter of Mark, or how to explain the numerous contradictions in the Bible? Are those the misconceptions? Or was it stuff like how early Christians forged historical writings about Jesus like they did to Josephus’ writings? Just trying to narrow down these kindergarten reasons you’re referring to. Is that the ‘kindergarten’ shit you’re referring to? GTFOH lol. Ant no kindergarten people here. Just a bunch of “woke as fuck” people who don’t believe in talking donkeys or in a half human half god who can moon walk on water and turn water into wine. That’s all you’ll find here, people who no longer believe in BULLSHIT.
  13. Jesus

    Maybe Atheist

    I’ve been there! Whether you’re atheist or agnostic, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Nothing wrong with saying, “I don’t know.” I think keeping an open mind and being true to yourself is what’s most important. Thanks for sharing -Aaron
  14. I really enjoyed reading that, thank you for sharing. I relate a lot to what you said about having your mind blown. Revisiting previous conversations, rethinking life decisions, revaluating people in your life; all through the new lenses of reality. It’s an amazing feeling to be free.
  15. I am very hesitant to give someone life advice like that without knowing them. It would be reckless of me to tell you who you should or shouldn’t live with. That decision will ultimately have to be made by you alone. Having read the details of your situation, the advice still stands; do exactly what you want to do without apology or guilt. Do you want to live with your parents and help your mom? If so, when the TIMING is right, tell them your situation with love and respect. I wouldn’t go the “there is no god because of such and such contradiction in the Bible” route. I’d just simply state why it doesn’t work for you in your own words. Do not engage in debate. Respectfully ask for them to respect your new beliefs and offer any and all help towards your mom if that’s what you feel you need to do. If you approach this subject and can’t give legit reasons in a confident manner, you’re going to run into trouble. This could infuse a debate or they could play the “victim” role as parents. “Oh where did we go wrong Lord? Did we not raise her right?” Prepare for all of that. So, you’ll need to express that you would love to move in and help on the condition that you live your life how you see fit. Formualte a plan and execute it.
  16. @midniterider Yep! If she’s an evangelical as she claims to be, I sincerely doubt she would have been able to push past the cognitive dissonance and read or watch a single one of those postings you guys put up for her. Doubtful she looked at or read a single one of them. I care for those on this sacred site. Those who would have to endure her manipulative tactics while still dressing personal wounds. I give a fuck at this point and it felt good to lash out. Hey don’t come up in this house with that bull shit. Not having it. This site, to me, is holy ground. True holy ground. Where we purified ourselves and shared our deepest thoughts and experiences with each other as we grasped at reality with everything we had. We purged ourselves from that evil philosophy of self hatred and masochism. There are appropriate forums on here for her bullshit and last time I checked, this wasn’t one of them.
  17. Jesus


    I completely understand your reasoning. I think it’s a gut feeling that you get after having seen it time and time again. I converted my sister, wife, brother in law, sister in law, several friends, and led family members “back to the lord” using highly manipulative tactics myself. I’m talking about personal conversions where I led them to the lord right then and there or later as a direct result of my emotionally manipulative tactics (ie the holy spirit). Now that I’m out, the tactic she employed was painfully obvious to see from the outset. Things that gives it away 1. The false happy-go-lucky routine. ‘Oh don’t mind me just here to learn and ask a few questions.’ Lol. Bull shit meter tipped all the way to the red. 2. Playing the victim. You can read it over and over in her comments. Especially when she names those who were critical and praises those who were “nice and cordial” to her. It sets the tone for all those commenting further to handle her with kid gloves. ‘See how nice this person was to me and how awful and hostile this person was?’ It sets the tone. (She also claimed to not have money to afford a book. Jesus.) 3. They give themselves away in their speech. ‘I’m not here to evangelize or anything.’ As if that needed to be said. The only reason she said it was to take away suspicions so that you let your guard down. Oh honey I won’t hurt you I’m only here to learn and listen . I could go on but it’s a wonderful tactic to disarm those who fall prey to it. Scary. To think I’ve disrupted and hurt so many lives truly bothers me. So I see the tactic and truly hate it.
  18. @Axelle That’s awesome. Very happy for you. “What do I do?” If you choose to tell your parents about your situation then do so without apology or self guilt. You’ve got nothing to apologize or feel guilty about. You’re a grown ass woman with the world at her fingertips. You can’t control their reaction. Maybe they do flip their shit on you. Guess what? They will get over it. And if they don’t, that’s not your problem. Christianity teaches people to feel bad about who they really are. It teaches you to go around and apologize for literally just being yourself. Do you and fuck what anyone thinks about it. Period. To reiterate; be yourself and offer no apology for it. Sever the cords of self guilt that Christianity planted inside you. Cut ties with that mentality and accept every single aspect of yourself as best you can. You need not explain your actions or living situation to anyone, including your parents. Form and shape your own destiny based on what works for you. People have a hard enough time living their own life let alone trying to live yours for you. Do what thou wilt.
  19. Jesus


    Facts. To come on an ex-Christian forum armed with a covert attempt to evangelize; narcissism in its purest form. I’ve seen this somewhere before I know I have. Oh wait, that’s right I’ve done it myself a time or two. Game recognizes game.
  20. This entire thread from start to finish should be a teaching lesson for how to spot evangelistic tactics 101. It was obvious to me from the second she showed her face on the intro forum that she was here to evangelize. Then I came over and read this thread and it really pissed me off. You guys opened up and shared your heart, personal stories, and researched materials only to have her dismiss most of it, offer disingenuous thanks, and play the victim all at the same time. Pretty impressive actually. **Moderator, quick question: can I say “fuck you” to this lady? Or would that be offensive? Never mind. Hold on let me address her personally before I continue: Lady, take your deceptive tactics and victim-hood mentality and f*** off (smiley face emoji). Oh just kidding sweeety my dear I meant no offense only joking lol. Here to be open and listen (smiley face haha emoji and praying hands). Makes me want to puke I absolutely hate seeing good people throw out advice and info to someone who could give 2 shits. Ugh, sorry, ever since I left god and shit on the holy spirit, my ungodly language just will not stop. So sorry. Here let me start over @Miriam we got off on the wrong foot. I’d love to share my new views on Christianity with you... there is no god and ... HAAAAAIL SATAN!
  21. 1. No. Christ pre-destined me to live here. All those who do not know Christ are vessels of dishonor as Paul told us in the Bible. 2. I pray for the lost souls of all those going to hell who don’t know Jesus Christ. 3. Jesus said He is the truth so no I don’t pray with an open mind for truth. I’ve already got the truth. 4. As I just stated, Jesus said he was the truth. What more do I need to know? 5. I have all the faith in the world in Jesus statement to be true. He-is-the-truth. Why would I go outside the church for answers to the bible or my faith? We know as Christians that we are called to come out and be “separate” from the world. So no I’m not going to seek worldly counsel on the bible or my faith. I might as well ask Satan for advice while I’m at it.
  22. Jesus


    Riiight. So maybe I’m the odd man out here but I do not welcome you. And no I don’t want to answer your questions or hear your damn view point on an introductions forum for ex Christians. The shit you said is EXACTLY how I would have attempted to low key evangelize on here. With your smiley face emojis and ‘oh I’m not here to evangelize, just learn from you guys, and oh I have some questions myself so should I take it from the top?’ Fuck no. Take your shit elsewhere or to another forum. Sorry I’m not sorry. Anybody wants to reprimand me go ahead but I’ve seen this tactic before AND USED IT MYSELF. We all know what this is. You're not fooling me that’s for damn sure.
  23. Jesus


    1. Consult a lawyer 2. Follow the lawyers advice!!! 3. Develop a well thought out plan to leave. 4. Do not disclose your plan to anyone 5. Make a mental decision to not give a flying fuck about what ANYONE thinks about you leaving. 6. Execute the plan
  24. Wait what!? Goddamn! That is quite the trophy to hold up around here. Be proud! My paternal grandparents were Church of Christ and I attended whenever I was in their care, which was quite a bit growing up. Church of Christ, ahh yes, all those who didn’t get baptized are going to hell, no instruments allowed, communion every Sunday, oh the memories! Yea I hated (HATED) going to their church growing up. So boring and awful. 27 years? I can’t even fathom what you felt like getting out of that shit.
  25. This is a really good thread. I’ve really enjoyed getting everyone’s perspective on the doctrine of hell. I remember when I had the moment of clarity; it all made sense in one instance. At that moment, I deconverted. Everything was clear to me about Christianity. This is a system of control. It all boiled down to Adam and Eve, heaven and hell, and Jesus. They fucked up, Jesus came to unfuck it, believe the story or you’re going to hell. When you’re taught the god virus as a child, you really don’t have a chance at life. It like the gun went off, all the sprinters bolted out of the box, and your ass got left behind.
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