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  1. Stargazer95

    Recurring fears

    A big part of it, also, I think, is that the ancient world was very man-centric. This is another clear mark that the bible is a product of its time. After all, what is the logical reason to ban women from speaking or teaching in church? There is no reason. We're not inferior, or less intelligent. There are plenty of women who make excellent teachers. The reason is simply that it just wasn't an acceptable thing back then, and the bible was heavily influenced by the culture in which it was written
  2. Stargazer95

    Recurring fears

    And they would agree. They look down their noses at anyone else who calls themselves Christians but aren't so big on the inherent wickedness thing. I don't doubt it. Fundamentalist Christianity is one big ball of guilt, shame, and self-loathing, mixed in with a bunch of Jesus loves yous. It's contradictory in a way, but hey, that's Christianity for ya.
  3. Stargazer95

    Recurring fears

    Oh, that's good. I love that. Some Muslims, too, while not going quite that far, are also horrified at the idea of original sin. They believe every person is born as a blank slate, and are therefore responsible for their own actions, rather than being handed a death sentence at birth because their great-great-great-great whatever grandparents ate some bloody fruit. It's extremely unfair, not to mention twisted. I used to follow the Facebook page of a guy called the Dirty Christian. He has t-shirts for sale with the slogan "I'm a terrible person" printed on the front. I mean, gee, Christians accuse everyone else of putting humans on a pedestal. But sometimes they do the opposite. It gets kinda old hearing you're a dirty, rotten sinner with no worth all the freaking time (not that I did, of course. Thankfully my parents were loving people and never drilled that into me). But that's basically at the heart of Christianity.
  4. Stargazer95

    Recurring fears

    Kat, you're just gonna have to give yourself time, as @TruthSeeker0 said. Please, please don't let your fear stand in the way of your progress. Acknowledge it, but don't let it stop you. Here's an exercise you can try. Make a list of all the problems you have found with the bible and Christianity in general. Anytime that fear creeps up on you, pull out that list and use it to beat your fear over the head. But even if it doesn't work, keep moving forward anyway. Keep reading. Keep studying. The more you see that the whole thing is a load of shit, the less you will be scared by empty threats. Look, I'm in the same boat as you. I see Christians talking with such confidence about the hell that awaits unbelievers, and I quake in my boots a little. But like I said, they're empty threats. They can't prove it. And the book they rely on to prove it has more holes than swiss cheese. Acknowledge the fear and acknowledge why you're feeling this way, and then try to push forwards anyway, despite the fear. Good luck!
  5. Stargazer95

    Recurring fears

    I wouldn't worry about that if I were you. Predestination and a good God are incompatible. If predestination is true, then God cannot be loving and good, and therefore he's the not the God of the bible (who Christians claim is loving and good). Plus, for that particular Christian doctrine to be true requires the whole religion to be true, and there are many good reasons to think that it's all bullshit. Try to stop torturing yourself with the "what-ifs". All you can do is follow the evidence. If Christianity is true there should be an abundance of evidence. If it's not, we should be able to find holes in its doctrines and in its holy book. Focus on that and maybe someday the what-ifs will vanish.
  6. Stargazer95

    Recurring fears

    If he ever gets beyond the subtle, let us know. And if you see him, send him my way. I'd kinda like to have a chat with him also hahaha
  7. Stargazer95


    I think God may have told her a little too late? I mean, if it was really from God, he could have sent her with the bouquet the day before the wedding, rather than many years later. That would have made more sense. Anyway, to answer your question, yes, I have heard many odd stories of things like that. Some I don't know how to explain. But look, even if it is supernatural, it's not necessarily the Christian God behind it. There could be any number of weird "forces" responsible for it. Or it's just a coincidence. Coincidences happen all the time. Sometimes we read too much into it. But I have a story to share that really made me doubt the truthfulness of all that stuff. Several years ago, a Christian speaker, author, and apologist I liked was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He shared a story that, at the time, I thought was mind-blowing. He had been visiting a church, and afterwards, a friend texted him and said two different women had approached him and said pretty much the same thing - "Satan has entered his stomach through his spine and he should go see a chiropractor". So he booked an appointment, and then bumped into another woman from the same church who told him that she saw a vision - a man would lie on top of him and bring healing to him. (Weird, I know). When he got to the chiropractor's, he learned that his spine was misaligned at the point where it intersected the stomach (fulfilling part 1 of the "prophecy"). And to re-align his spine, the chiropractor had to lie on top of him (fulfilling part 2). Now. Obviously my reaction to this was omg that has to be from God. Guess what? The guy died anyway. In my mind, this had been such an incredible prophecy, and yet, it obviously was false. It totally skewed my views on every miracle and prophetic story I've ever heard and made me question all of it.
  8. Just saw this on my news feed: Comments? I'm thinking it's probably too soon to throw away those crutches 😬
  9. Stargazer95

    Recurring fears

    I still fear hell. Just last night I was lying in bed nearly freaking out wondering if I was wrong (how typical is it that these thoughts come when you're trying to sleep?). But I'm still finding my feet in terms of my beliefs. I imagine that with study and time, those fears will disappear. At least I hope so. There is no justice in Christianity. Picture, for example, the Nazis and the millions of Jews who died at their hands. They all get the same punishment. They all go to hell, according to Christianity. That's not justice. And those Jews would have no sense of justice either because they're suffering just the same as their killers.
  10. Stargazer95

    Recurring fears

    I think for many people, fear is used to draw them in. But once they're in, the fear disappears and they start loving God and loving their faith. Of course, that doesn't make it any less of a hideous scare tactic. If a God needs to use fear to get people to follow him, is he really worth worshipping?
  11. Stargazer95

    How can I deconvert my mother?

    I understand the desire to want to tell them everything. To get them to understand your perspective and release them from the mental prison of Christianity. I kinda want to do the same with my family. But, you pointed out something in your post: Christianity shoves things down people's throats. If we do the same, we are really no different. The thing that changed my mind was thinking about how it would be received if I dumped all this information in their laps all at once. Probably not too kindly. Some people just are not ready to start questioning, and may never be. Some people aren't equipped to deal with this kind of stuff. And if they're sending off clear signals that they're not willing to confront the truth, then you need to think twice about dumping everything in their laps. It's unwanted on their end, and may do more damage than good. However, that doesn't mean that you have to sit quietly. You can plant subtle seeds. When they make a claim that you want to challenge, you could try some gentle prodding in the form of questions. It might make them think about things a little more carefully. But pick your battles wisely. If you think it's just gonna start an argument, it may be best to keep your mouth shut. You'll have to make that judgment call yourself. I recommend looking up videos on Greg Koukl and the Columbo tactic. He also has a book called tactics. Now, fair warning - he's a Christian, but he gives some good pointers on using questions to steer a conversation and get people to think. That's the key. If you get your family to think for themselves, then they may start questioning things without your help. When/if that happens, you'll be ready to help them as much as you can. But only, of course, If they want that. Also, do you know 1 Peter 3:15, the verse that instructs people to be prepared to give an answer? Well, that's what you can do while you're waiting. Know what you believe and why, so that if anyone asks, you can tell them. Good luck.
  12. Stargazer95

    Article dismisses the notion of Ex-Christians

    Someone should send them a link to this site so they can dismiss us to our faces. Of course they still will, because that's the only way that they can explain how a person can lose salvation that is supposed to be impossible to lose. On a side note, they provided an image of what a true Christian looks like. Let's see how many of these applied to me: - fully trusted in Jesus for salvation - CHECK - understands what the Bible says about sin- CHECK sin’s penalty - CHECK who Jesus is - CHECK what Jesus did for us - CHECK and how that provides for the forgiveness of sin - CHECK - has received Jesus Christ as personal Savior (I believed so), has been made a new creation (I believed so), and is progressively being transformed into the image of Christ (I believed so) All the above applied to me, and yet they would say I was never "one of them". In that case, no Christian, no matter how devout, can be sure that they're part of the clan. That's where the logic leads.
  13. Stargazer95

    Hello all

    Well that's to be expected. Every Christian automatically assumes that the bible is true and that there are no reasons to question it. At least until they start finding those reasons.
  14. Stargazer95

    Hello all

    Thanks @Aaron81 That means a lot!
  15. Stargazer95

    Did Jesus Exist?

    I don't think we'll ever know for sure. For me, though, I'm a little skeptical that all those stories could be based on nothing. Especially when you consider that Paul's conversion and at least some form of Christian belief happened quite early (some would say within a few years of when Jesus was supposedly crucified). It just seems a bit far fetched that it suddenly sprung up out of nowhere and with no context at all. I also don't think that pointing out problems with the gospels disproves a historical Jesus entirely. It's possible that there really was someone back then that the stories were based on, and that over the decades the truth got all mixed up with legends.