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  1. Ah I didn’t spot that the theology guy had linked to it! Interesting that he didn’t then address any of Webb’s points, just said God had never actually saved him.
  2. You can listen to an interview with Webb on the Life After podcast if you’re interested. Someone in a Facebook group made me aware of this podcast. https://www.thelifeafter.org/podcast
  3. @TABA exactly - how could you ever have security about your eternal fate? And this author is a Calvinist I’m assuming per the Edwards quote, so I’m even more confused!!
  4. Fair points! I think it touches a nerve because I grew up believing in the truth of Christianity completely but never had experiences of my own, even when I was prayed over etc., which always left me with this insecurity about whether I was truly saved - so it’s triggering to find that some Christians actually think that people can believe it and ask Jesus into their heart but not experience true saving belief from God. It plays on all my insecurities. But then with this way of thinking, how does this person know they won’t turn out never to have been a true Christian in 10/20/30/4
  5. I came across the name Derek Webb and googled and found this post (had never heard of this blog, so had no idea if it was conservative or progressive or what - turns out not so progressive!). The author acknowledges that there are people who genuinely believed Christianity was true and built their lives around it but says that their faith was not of God but built on circumstances and education, as opposed to “true” saving belief that comes from God. My question is how can any Christian then know the difference?! Interested in your thoughts if you can stand to read it. https://www.
  6. Wow thanks everyone, I’ve never had anything like any of these amazing experiences, I wonder why not?!! @Joshpantera thank you for sharing that link, I have to avoid Christian discussion at the moment - still too easily triggered...
  7. I don’t think I ever had one, but I know many of you will feel that you did when you were Christians. I’m interested in reading about profound religious/ spiritual experiences in people from other (preferably non Abrahamic) faiths or no faith. This might sound silly but I have to be really careful with what I google as I’m very easily triggered so if anyone has any links to articles they recommend that would be fab. I am also interested in hearing about anyone’s past experiences and how they interpret those now and in any articles on psychological explanations of such experiences.
  8. Thanks all for your hellos, welcomes and messages of support! I have to say I feel like a bit of a fraud when I think about my own past experience as a Christian compared with most of yours. I became one as a child because it’s what I was taught but I was constantly drifting away and never “spiritually mature” or developing sound biblical knowledge. I think as I got older both my increasing objections to hell and original sin and the fact that this country is so secular were factors that stopped me really throwing myself in whole heartedly, although there were certainly periods whe
  9. Thank you DT, and for all your support! Will always appreciate it!
  10. Hi again @Joshpantera! And thanks again for all your input. I think I’m definitely going in the right direction but am very up and down with it (often within one day!). I continue to read loads - which sometimes is a real help and sometimes makes things worse and try to reject what I know would be the Christian interpretation of the things you mention (hell and Satan) i.e. progressive revelation!! One thing I’m trying to do is notice how external factors can heighten/ trigger fears, as these clearly have no bearing on the truth of the issues but can have a big impact on how I *feel
  11. Hi all, I joined this site a few months ago but had “browsed” it a few times a couple of months before that, with the purpose of confirming I was right in having concluded a few years earlier that Christianity was false. Worries that I could be wrong had started to creep in and then hit me with full force (mainly featuring a fear of hell) 3 months ago. I’ve posted on here a few times and have been lucky enough to have had some great support from members. I think I’m right that the majority of members live in the US and wondered if there’s anyone else England-based here?
  12. Thank you for this, Tin Man. Really honest, heartfelt and reasoned. I absolutely identify with the mental health bit. I would say the last 3 months I’ve spent agonising over all this stuff has been its own kind of hell. I’ve also wished I could be a “spiritual zombie” - or even an unspiritual one and just not give a second thought to any of this. I agree that a loving god cannot be reconciled with the individual struggles we’ve all had with Christianity. I hope therefore that there is either no god or a disinterested god out there and not a god whose ‘goodness’ is wildly removed f
  13. Yes I think you’re probably right actually. And by way of reassurance the Holy Spirit would tell them they are a child of God. Whereabouts in UK are you btw if you don’t mind me asking?
  14. Oh okay I see - yes totally - as some Christians (like John Wesley maybe?) argued, that view of God made him worse than the devil. In a different context, C S Lewis said his fear wasn’t “So there’s no God after all” but “So this is what God is really like”.
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