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    Reading, Writing, History, Languages, Reconnecting with the Past, Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Learning, Singing, Napping
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    Hey. Ya'll can call me Luna. I live in New England, USA. I'm 26 and technically agnostic, but I also consider myself a pagan. I'm still on a spiritual journey. I am an ex-Catholic.

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    Hey everyone! You guys can call me Luna. I was raised in a Catholic household and firmly held those beliefs until about high school. Since then, I've been questioning. I've never been an atheist, but I am definitely agnostic, with pagan leanings. For a while, I considered myself a Hellenic polytheist. It was very brief. Right now, I'm still unsure about what I believe in. I just know that I do believe in something. I've always felt a pull towards the moon, so I tend to pray to her and call her Mother Moon. Sometimes I just talk to the universe. And sometimes, I do still pray to God. Although, I don't know if They listen. I believe that all faiths are real. I don't believe in all faiths, but I believe that the gods of those faiths are real. That everyone is right, in some way or another. That's just what makes the most sense to me right now. I'm looking for a place to talk about ideas and beliefs and old beliefs and really dig into what it means to be an Ex-Christian. So I'm really glad I found this place.