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  1. Hi, my name is Steven and I am from the midwestern US, right along the Bible Belt. There is still much that I am trying to parse through in my mental models and worldview that has been a more arduous journey than I anticipated. So, a little about myself, I grew up Christian (big shock, right). But in a family of true believers. To define what I mean here, I am not referring to belief in belief but rather, true belief. To clarify, I often hear, even now, the accusation of Christian hypocrisy because at a funeral, Christians grieve no differently from atheists. But this was never true for my family. We celebrated. Just recently my Uncle Carol, a very funny man, passed away and the eulogy was given by his brother who had those gathered rolling in laughter about the crazy stories and antics my great uncle used to get into. My mother and grandmother already have their funerals planned out and keep these event plans their Bibles, the cheerful songs to play, the refreshments to serve... We are true believers, unafraid and unapologetic. But, I think, we are also ignorant. And this is a crushing admission for me. We have always prided ourselves on our intelligence. Two of my sisters were Salutatorians and one only because she missed half of her Junior year due to mono. I am also (reasonably) well educated. At least, on the right side of the bell curve. And I am still a little lost at the moment. For the sake of my own therapy and to try to figure things out, I am writing my testimonial that I hope to have posted tonight on that topic board. Undoubtedly a TL;DR but something that I feel I need to write and post for me, if for no one else. I am kind of new to this. Please be gentle.
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