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  1. PurpleLilac

    Are All Sins Equal?

    This is such a surreal thread. Do y’all often debate scriptures on Ex-C? It seems very weird to me,like why not nit pick some other old book?
  2. PurpleLilac

    First Christmas as Ex-C with Fundies

    Full of cow cookies,lol. And yes,racist,homophobic,sexist,freaking crazy person who will undoubtedly tell me he can sense demonic spirits in my house at some point.
  3. PurpleLilac

    First Christmas as Ex-C with Fundies

    *nods* If only it was so simple. There’s no way in hell my dad is going to calmly accept my new boundaries,especially with the eternal souls of his only grandchildren on the line. Can y’all see the disconnect between “come for a major Christian holiday” and “I’m not religious anymore,so don’t talk about god or religion with your grandkids at Christmas.”
  4. Or my parents,specifically. I’m in my 30s, have a Christian (non-fundie) husband and three kids and I’m about 3 months post Christian. I was discussing with my atheist brother today how to set the new rules for my parents. He won’t be here to help me in person. Basically,I need to protect my kids from my dad. He is nuts. He fills their heads with things about the end times and angels and demons and sin. In the past,I just kept a close eye on him and softened his words behind him. This christmas is going to be very different as 1. I’m going to tell my dad not to bring anything like that up and 2. If he does (he will because Christmas) Im going to be telling my kids that is what grandpa/some people believe. My parents will fly in and be in town for one week. We haven’t seen them since last Christmas when everyone was still fundie. Any advice on how to set clear boundaries on a Christian holiday that includes magical stars and angels and whatnot? How to minimize the awkward? How to parent my children through this awkward af holiday? I’m going to be talking about magic and merry and solstice etc. But what to do with actual Christmas which is wound through our books and decorations and music?
  5. Thank you. It helped so much that we went to group therapy together for a few months. He watched the cracks in my faith form and saw the changes in me. More importantly,he grasped how crucial it was to be there and love me unconditionally.
  6. PurpleLilac

    Are All Sins Equal?

    It’s all made up,as we know. But it’s a funny story that my father was moved by the Holy Spirit during a service and prophesied that,among other things,”If you’re fat,go on a diet!” 🙄
  7. I told my husband a few months ago I needed to tell him something,that I couldn't carry it on my own anymore. We sat on the couch and I shared I wasn’t a Christian anymore and that I didn’t believe in Jesus. We both cried some and he told me “I’ve never been through this before but I’m here and I love you.” And he does. Sometimes I go to church with him and our children. We still hold hands around the table to pray for dinner but he doesn’t ask me to take a turn anymore. We choose each other and I trust his heart. It helps that he’s never been very loud about his faith. He quietly lives it out by being a good husband and father and I’m very lucky.
  8. PurpleLilac

    How did you choose your nickname?

    My parents have large lilac bushes outside their house and in June,their yard smells fabulous. I was born in June and I wanted members to think “woman” when they read my name (which I am). My avatar is a tattoo I would like to get someday. A reference to getting free of religion and fear. Bird out of the cage.
  9. That was fascinating to read. “Humans are inherently spiritual beings”. Are we? I wonder about this sometimes. As for witches and pagans casting binding spells on the president,I suspect it comes from feeling helpless and not liking the feeling. I think a lot of religion comes from that shared helplessness.
  10. PurpleLilac

    god speaks...or does he.

    My brother has helped me a lot. He came out 11 hrs ago as both gay and atheist so he has wandered this path for a lot longer than I. The thing I struggle with the most is the realization that I can’t pray my family into health or safety on the roads etc. I can do my best to keep my children safe and hope my husband drives safety to work. Fate has a hand in my life now.
  11. In my late twenties,my husband and I got weary of the Assemblies of God (our background) and went to a church closer to CoC but with instruments. It was a relief to me to just sing and not wonder when someone would break out in hysterics or tongues or prophecy. Anyway, I remember one night we visited a Pentecostal church to hear a speaker from the Answers in Genesis people 🙄 and the worship leader was singing the same line over and over,with intensity. The music swelled,the crowd stirred and I remember thinking, “Oh. I remember this.” I had to get away from it for a few years to realize how emotionally manipulative it was. Nowadays,I’m enjoying the Beatles,Katy Perry,Bruno Mars and a bunch of other ones I didn’t listen to for thirty years,
  12. PurpleLilac

    Did you ever email your former pastor?

    The diabolical mimicry thing just defies rational thought. I’m still surprised a day later the pastor would say something so stupid. And yes,I also thought of Islam when he mentioned a myth having so much global impact. 🙄 I expected a much better fight and didnt get one. I checked into the J Wallace website he mentioned and it wasn’t impressive either. I watched “The Case for Christ” a year or so ago in theaters and the whole investigative case assumes the gospel writers were writing something they actually saw happen. So that’s useless. I cant believe how easy it is to take down a religion once you’re open to the idea.
  13. PurpleLilac

    "Christian" bracelet on Amazon -- LMAO!!!!

    This is soooo fantastic. 🤣
  14. PurpleLilac

    Was your family "weird" too?

    My family was ruled by my father. Unless my mom got good and angry,then we all stayed out of her way. But family events were usually mostly drama free or drama lite. I remember big meals around the table and football games and a lot of laughter. Nowadays,things are a little more tense with my brother and I ex-C and politely refusing to talk about god or religion or politics with them. But we still have a good time spending a few hours together and sharing a big meal.
  15. PurpleLilac

    Did you ever email your former pastor?

    Wow. That was fascinating to read. I am just gobsmacked that this religion has survived so long. That it has caused this much pain. Ugh.