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  1. When the Universal Church ~ those Churches started by apostles ~ when they got together in council ~ having gathered and selected books and writings to be kept as worthy ~ we/ they called this collection ~ as we call it today ~ The Holy Bible ~ this includes Hebrew writings old ones that are not all ~ The word of God ~ some are records of state ``` Church tradition of the Universal Church is the teaching of each peoples by the Apostles ~ this more clearly can be the word of God ~ from God to us by his disciples ``` Here in the west ~ more so in the U.S. everyone seem to have started his or her own church ~ This is Protestant ism mostly ~ any person can simply say : I was lead or shown this or that by the Holy Spirit and start his own church ~ this is why there are ~ I’ve heard over 4000 different churches ~ that call themselves Christian ``` It is said that if you dropped the Bible into tribe or group of people ~ and ~ they were to start a religion based on what they found in the Book ~ it would have little chance of being anything like the Universal Church which is still with us today ~ or ~ the many, many churches that have sprung up in the west ``` It is embarrassing to have some of the groups ~ that say they are Christian ~ out representing the Faith ~ no wonder many hate Christians ~ they think that’s who we are ~ I’ve had these blurts bang on my door and want to tell me of Our God ~ pretending to be Christians ~ when probed they don’t believe Christ was divine ~ how are they Christians and other talk of Christ was the god of this planet and if they are loyal they can be god of their own planet ``` I’ve heard people say what it was like for them in their church ~ and they hate Christians for it ~ I would really like them to know that isn’t Christianity ~ that in not who we are
  2. Gluttony can refer to drinking too much or any excess ~ or hoarding ~ not everyone who is over weight is a glutton ~ many people gain weight while eating no more than others who are thinner ```
  3. Thank you Fuego ~ I'll see what can be done with this method ```
  4. Well ~ I don't think God hates fat people ~ where would you get an idea like that ~ are you referring to gluttony ~ even that ~ I don't think is a terrible thing to the Lord ```
  5. Well, he Barack is ~ I think a Marxist Muslim ~ but maybe just maybe America will/has survived him ```
  6. I love the Weezer ~ they permit an engine to run in clean oil ~ and the engine is better for it always...
  7. Are you a fan of: Nikos Kazantzakis ???
  8. I thought maybe you rode a horse ``` Ranch in California and in nevada ``` Austvats is the Armenian word ~ God ```
  9. Quote: Sin is a theological issue. Sin is usually defined as the breaking of a law or command found in the Bible, It can also be a violation of a specific Church or Denominations rules or traditions. Sin has no relevance outside the religious realm. I think most everything considered sin ~ is something everyone hates ``` Lying and murder ~ theft ~Whatever ~ and the thread is about Sin and I think some are worse that others ~ you wouldn't put a person in the Electric Chair for lying ~ but you might for Murder ```
  10. Some oil ~ multi grade oils are better or worse by what they add to make them multi grade ~ I've read about a think called: "Shearing" that is said to happen to the multigrade additive ```
  11. Water is absorbed by the paper ~ not much petrol get by the rings ~ petrol will respirate from a engine at operating temp ~ through the crankcase breather into the intake manifold ~ anything remaining is taken by the filter roll ``` I've collected them over the years (the filters ) they stop engine crap that the spin on filter let's pass through ``` No problem Weezer ~trail riding ~ on what ```
  12. He must have been in his prime and that age ~ people went to see him ~ came back to the mountains as said they could understand ~ he could speak our tongue ~ others went to hear and see him ~ there were followers of Christ in the 1st century in our mountains ~ Thaddeus and Bartholomew came to us and we killed the ~ well ~ our King had them killed ~ in the most painful way ~ Bartholomew was flayed alive ( skinned )~ little by little each day and allowed to recant ~ but he would not ~ I don't think I could have taken it ~ then his head was cut off ~ Thaddius as well as the Kings daughter ( Sandokht ) ```
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