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  1. That is why I wanted to end the discussion. thx for the heads up, though.
  2. I am sorry to be so blunt, but I think you are wrong here. There have been paradigm shifts in science before. Like quantum theory after mechanical theory of physics. There have been paradigm shifts in medicine - cancers cured by psychotherapy alone. And before that, the discovery that germs can cause or amplify diseases. But this discussion is going nowhere so we might just as well end it here. At least I will end it here. Thx for the talk.
  3. I would repeat the same advices. Having a intimate and very close relationship of any kind is only possible when people share the same core beliefs. Because to be intimate requires sharing your core. And if those conflict...well then you have conflict not union. Of course other degrees of relationships are possible.
  4. It depends on what you mean by respect, but nobody deserves default trust. That is even in The Gospels.
  5. Well know, really know the feeling. Like I am teleported in a foreign distant land, somehow like a russian peasant in 12th century goes to the Imperial court of India or something to apply for a government. Need more life skills!
  6. For me, I admit, there is this great fear of punishment. Even if want I really want is just enough distance to better study and understand and put all the questions. "leaving God" seems so frightening. It is really weird that we humans are in charge of pleasing God. I mean am I so powerful as to make this being change itself according to my every thought ? It's like a weird parent-child relationship, fueled by a lot of strange things. And it is even weirder that GOD himself does NOT get his hands dirty, he sends the devil, or lets him anyway to the dirty job. Like some kind of politician who would not appeal to the police, but to a the mob to make a hit. For me, this religion does feel or is about love (I really don't know what that is actually anymore) but I do know it is A LOT about fear, about guilt and about pain. I really, really REALLY cannot believe the Lord of the Universe is in anyway like this. If this God exists, he cannot be a child with extreme superpowers. For the first time I felt how weird it is the idea of EATING his blood and flesh really is. What? Really, there is no other way to receive communion than some kind of symbolic cannibalism? O real cannibalism if you go by the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church. Every fiber of my being screams THIS IS NOT GOD and CANNOT BE! I mean some forms of Buddhism actually make sens, but this.... Maybe I am not enlightened enough, but even the idea that God loves the world so much he gave his Only son...what? Really, couldn't he just destroy the devil? Or destroy posibillity for sin. Or just cleanse the human will of all illusion. I mean...what? You know, I am trying to be civil but more and more Christianity looks to me like just a form unhealthy psychological issues projected into the absolute. Sorry, maybe I went a little overboard but I felt the need to say this. With pain, I say that things just look more and more demented, not better. and I wish they were better. If there some kind of understanding that eludes me, so be it, BUT for the moment, I CANNOT believe these things even if I really do try. I sincerely think that God, whoever and however he is, values truth, personal and absolute truth above all else, even comfortable illusions. I he did value illusions, then HE is the devil, because Jesus said that the devil is the king of lies. As of a long time ago, but only now can I say it , I am agnostic, as I do not know yet what to think, even about my "religious experiences" , especially considering that having been thorough psychotherapy, I can see that a lot of the "insights" and strange, unbelievable emotions can be just about the normal functions of the soul, be they about trauma and pain and crying, or joy and that kind of stuff. It is the position I feel most comfortable in, a kind of skeptic. The weird thing is that the first teachings about questioning your thoughts and experiences and really checking them out came FROM the Chuch Mystics and ascetics. It is hard, but is freeing. One quote, from a Christian Orthodox bishop preacher, Anthony Bloom really helped here. He said, in a discussion with an atheist, that God values sincere unbelief more than false belief. So yeah.
  7. You know, this thing about insecurity really got me thinking about some issues. Thanks.
  8. No, not a believer standpoint, but just that stuff about some kind of critical thinking vs fundamentalist rationality. What do you think is necessary for that click? For me it is something about it, like it just adapts no matter what argument. Like, God cannot be wrong, but he created beings that knowing what is right did bad things. Doesn't that show HE was wrong? No, because he is loving and the possibility for is because of love. What is Love. God is Love. So God is not wrong..It has something of a circular logic, do you get me. This bothers me a lot, God always comes up on top, like in weird psychological games. It is something that changes with your argument, it's that stable. This is my current quarrel with it. And about science. Well, I would not at all be surprised that, in 100 years scientists would say- we were wrong, the earth IS 7 000 years old. I mean this stuff changes ll the time in physics. Even the science about evolution has gone a long way and there ARE several opinions on it. So on human biology. I mean that is the essence of this activity, there is ONLY provisional knowledge. So I could not really make a stable case on what some scientists say in one moment in time. Or my intuition. Intuition have been proven wrong, by science and just plain old reality. A lot of science, recent and ancient, contradicts other science. And that is really ok. I mean there are the well know atheist Sam Harris and Daniel Dennet who have a fundamental contradiction about free will. Scientific interpretations and explications are diverse and fluid. Have been, probably will continue to be for some while. About the supernatural and science. It first depends on how you define science. My idea there was THAT scientific activity has a limit. That limit is the natural/material world in which we reside. It CANNOT, therefore investigate or conclude anything about supernatural causation. So science CANNOT prove some religious points wrong, because it is beyond its scope and possibility. Hence the accusation commonly given to religions, that a lot of religious ideas are untestable. PS. Note to self, study more about archaeology. If I am arguing FOR something, that would be some form of agnosticism. As in, there might be something I don't know so I am only going to consider my present knowledge and opinions with some skepticism. I pressupose my knowledge is incomplete and my conclusions partially wrong.
  9. Hmm, I personally have absolutely no problem in believing The world is only 7 000 years old, whatever TIME actually means and is measured. And this because the starting point of this belief is an all powefull God. About the absence of evidence thing in Exodus. Well, sincerely I have no idea how. But that does really not prove anything as well. I mean what could have they have found? Skeletons, pots and pans, statues, etc? I do not know how easily these deteriorate in that desert. I mean the had no stable buildings, so what could a nomadic tribe leave behind? But this is a thing (archaeology) I have no data, so I cannot comment. I do know how how much they searched, how, any bias, etc. BUUUUT, thank you for this, I really want to research a little on this problems. Actually, I want to go to Israel and Egypt and these areas to see them for myself. Even without the christianity part, they must be awesome to see. History was and is one of my passions. had a semi dream in completing an ancient languages/history course. And there are lot more that just A FEW names here and there. From a historical point of view of an ancient document, there are a lot of things in there. From the contacts with Babylon, with Syria, with Rome, etc. And this , remember, judging it as an ancient document. I mean HOW reliable are these things anyway? But anyway, in that Exodus story there are a lot of supernatural events. So if there is, again, an all powerful God, then maybe that's the cause of the lack of historical evidence. God somehow destroyed every trace of their pilgrimage in order for them to COMPLETELY forget the life of slavery. Again, this is the supernatural logic here. And that is my main problem about trying to find some kind of scientific approach ( which has a methodological naturalism) to a a story of events with clea supernatural elements in it. I mean Genesis could have happened in six days. Why not? I mean one you accept the basic premise - God is all powefull and all knowing and we cannot fathom his Ways, you can easily reject (almost) absolutely any argument.
  10. For you, yes. But let me play the devil's advocate here. Let me give an example of normal and religious logic. First absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. This about the stories in the old testament. Plus I do suspect that as there many instances in ancient historical records fir which there is not a lot of evidence. And the are many biblical accounts that verified by archaeology, like the existence of Pontius Pilate. Second history is nit such a stable field, historical records are discovered and reinterpreted all the time. But this is just normal logic. Plus you are making an argument from authority. You belive those that you credit with knowledge. I could sau the same thing about people who say and are verified to have mystical knowledge. Why is your argument from authority better than mine? But plain religious logic. All those proffesionals are deluded by the devil in his attempt to keep christians from God. End of case. Can you respond at all to this line of reasoning? By the way I am just saying all of this in order to show that there are numerous ways one can reject/ deny/ rationalize away about anything. You underestimate how stubborn and creative we humans are : ) I am not trying to start a debate here, anyway. Just that I am not surprised any more about the stregth of the trickery of the human mind. There so many cases of addicts for example denying with all their might and truly believing they are ok and the others are wrong
  11. It is weird that reading these things. I put forth two posts, one about the psychological god-figure with clear emotional issues and another about incoherence of beliefs. A lot of what I said I can see here as well.
  12. Well, I think some things are deeper than that. I mean what people look like and how they really are and feel can be two different things. I mean modern depth psychology has shown that even the individual has no conscious idea of it. But lies cannot make one truly happy, as alcholol cannot make one truly happy. In the best case a good anesthesic, but a man basicaly forfeits his reason and depth in order for that to happen. Some kind of voluntary lobotomy. Anyway my own experience is that the human psyche is a very tricky thing. Well technically, she is right. I mean can you PROVE that all those histories weren't just made up or edited to make the Bible look bad? Do you know ancient languages and have you seen manuscripts yourself? Plus I really , really don't understand the whole literal approach to the Bible thing. I mean, that is a books full of metaphor, parables, and the such meant not as a modern objective history book but as a sacred text for evangelizing and teaching. A propaganda object. I get that there are real historical figures and that a lot of Gospel discrepancies can be explained, even if a little streching is required, but really? And it is weird because , you know, GOD HIMSELF never wrote anything down, only had his prophets and apostles write some of it. Plus, I think it could a matter of faith, something like - well the standard of truth I hold is THIS, meaning the bible, anything that contradicts it is false from the start., and anyway God took care somehow that his message came to us, despite human flaws and wickedness. You see, even I can make some pretty good explanations
  13. You know, I might just be built this way, but I have a very strong need for coherence. In the belief system. Now, my biggest problems with the Christian belief seems to be its incoherence. maybe some other info will come along, but the ideas presented are just so contradictory. I am talking here mainly of Easter Orthodox Christianity. God created man and gave him freedom of choice but he asks for unconditional obedience. Man should imitate Christ, but Christ was without sin and with full divine nature so it is impossible to imitate him. You can ask for anything but he only fulfills things which He thinks are good. Man should constantly repent, but his repentance is null without the work of Christ. In the baptism all sin is cleansed and man restored to full freedom, but he sins anyway. Humans should procreate, but their offspring inherit the sin of Adam and suffer and die. Man has a rational and a contemplative mind, but he should be obedient in all time to his elders and not use his contemplative or rational mind. Everyone should of themselves as being the worst sinner ( this is said in the prayer in Church before communion). How can everyone be the worst sinner? Sometimes praying to God does not work, but praying to saint, a being for whom all the power comes from God, does. God is extremely forgiving, but he is extremely strict and even calling someone a bad name merits the eternal torments of Hell.
  14. It is hard. And it is hard because, I think that that it is one thing to just convert to another thing, like hinduism, or buddhism, or taoism. But having nothing really sucks. in time, probably, when the mind heals. And the thing, at least this WAS and IS emphasized in Orthodox Christianity, that even believer's don't actually know the WHOLE truth, only minute parts of it. I really don't know. And yes , the thing about childhood. Well a child *does* need all the answers. Bu the parents are there to give them. And plus a child's need for coherence is much smaller than an adult's needs. This what I have experienced, anyway.
  15. Well, There is that saying in the Gospel of giving everything up for God. If you abandon people for God than that is good. Of course now the Church has lots of canons about leaving marriage for monasticism and does not really support it, but there many cases in the lives of saints of wives and husbands leaving their spouses to follow a monastic calling. Not the majority in any case, but that was a reality. Then again there is this saying that if you leave your parents to follow God in monastery he sends an angel to take care of them. So, yeah. Things get balanced in some way in this or the other life.