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  1. I even read or heard that sometimes they are actually used to kill bacteria. So infect a human with a virus targeted to kill E coli, or smth like that. Also heard what you say, that the better adapted viruses do not kill their host, as it would be counterproductive. Microbiology is so fascinanting.
  2. The funny thing is, I heard this from Slavoj Zizek, a virus is a simple entity. It is not even alive by many standards. The whole of human society is in lockdown because of some microscopic mushroom like those in the Super Mario videogames. Incredible. And somewhat humbling. Hope you and all will be ok.
  3. I seriously doubt that such a thing as "magic" exists, outside the realm of illusionism - which is a very clear proffesion. And about it anyway, most religious guides in human cultures stretching from south american shamans to greek polytheist priest to monotheist mystics have been mainly men from what I know. And celtic druids. Maybe this was also discrimination. But it was a global one for millenia in lots of unrelated areas. I am not a fan of equality. I consider it a unrealistic goal because it leads to nowhere. What I think should be more seen is realistic rights and responsabilities. For example can a person judge reality in a mature fashion? Then he/she should have the right to vote. So a sort of meritocracy in this regard. The answer is yes, women can judge reality in a mature fashion. Not all but not all men. Smth like that. People should get what they deserve and can handle based on reality not ideals. What is required to do smth? This to me seems the pertinent question. Can men give birth to children and breatsfeed? No. Then they should not be allowed to try breastfeeding. I am starting to be very atached and focused on discovering and living in reality rather than ideals beliefs and ideology, no matter how atractive and high minded they might seem.
  4. I have this really uneasy to almost panicky feel about this whole situation. Army and police, having to have a written declaration on your every exit, people in govt who I never trusted in peace time leading in such crisis moment, unclear and ever changing commands, it kind of reminds of the worse things in christianity, the auhoritarian leader, do what I want, stay in your quarter, but it is for your own good discourse. I am really getting pretty annoyed, especially about written declarations. Also uneasy because global economic turmoil usually means massive problems and possibly violence. Like here in my country, you are allowed to go out for necessities, but some fine points about necessities are up to the police force to decide. Ok, them deciding how often or if I go out, and that sort of things, where the money goes. I never understood on my own skin the threat of a dictatorship, and this is probably not that serious, but....if this situation were the norm instead of the exception, I must say I am quite, I don t know. I seriously doubt that on the long term life is even worth it in such a society. This might be just the panic talking, though. I really don t like it and hope it ends soon. Any thoughts? Soothing ones preffered. :))
  5. The God of the Bible seems now such a contradictory set of beliefs that it seems very hard to actually answer this question. It seems like the ancient greek pantheon mixed up with no clear structure. What is the God of the KJV exactly - love, a person, a feeling, father master, vengeance, eternal torturer, trinity, unity, etc. ? What would rebellion mean? The structure of modern christianity seems such a big pile of confusion that I cannot say really anything clear about it.
  6. I kinda doubt that theory. There is this fear in my country also although communion is taken with a spoon. I have never heard of mass health issues stemming from that issue. However the very heterogenous crowd a church gathering has, all ages and occupations seems a more possible culprit. Also italians are big on socializing, like the spanish Also highest elderly population in europe with a high percentage of people living intergenerationally under one roof. Also idk if they took it seriously in the beggining. Also a highly turistic country with many immigrants. So many leads. Or pure bad luck.
  7. Illaria Rameli - A larger hope, that is the book.
  8. About Hell. Isuggest a new book by Illaria Ramelli a church historian and a book by orthodox christian scholar david bentley hart on universalism, that all shall be saved. They argue that, actually, a huge chunk of early christians, including ascetics believed in universal salvation but that view staryed to be marginalized later, second half of the 5th century and onward altough can be found even later like issac the syrian 7th century so it never really completely died out but usualy went underground. Both this authors have interviews free online about the subject. I say this so you may know the variety of views of eschatology of the early christian churches, and I say churches because it was way more diverse in theology and practice than we sometimes think.
  9. Hi. You could also ne helped by books by experts on mind control and mind bending tactics. I started reading Alexandra Stein. Don t agree with all of her premises but she does have a detailed description with many examples and presents a compelling argument. There are others. Indoctrination Podcast by Rachel.Bernstein. Steve Hassan, Jon Atack. Search International Cultic studies association. Some great pointers for considering and reflecting on ANY spiritual group experience. Kathleen Taylor Brainwashing I heard good things about but have not read. The psychology of belief and religious practices in general could also be intersting. Also , this might seem weird but try reading the Koran. Sufficiently similar and sufficiently different so you could see abrahamic religiin with some distance and how you feel about smth like it. Pls do not convert to Islam though :))
  10. Well maybe homosexuality is targeted , I think, because it is also a big media event/ trend right now. So it is a visible obvious target. If drugs were bigger they would have blamed drugs or conversion to Islam, etc. The whole gay marriage permit in the US a recent event, sore event for many xtians. So big, obvious, easy target. It seems logical they would take a shot.
  11. Well put here. For example in my christian reading they warned that evil spirits can pretend to channel divine wisdom so one must be skeptical about it. This was the beggining of how should one test for authencity. Like, how can one test said spirit? By the way many ancient christians thought Mohammed channeled a devil not God.
  12. Hello and all good to the all good! Reincarnation in what sense? What does mean, exactly? Some sort of separate individual part aka soul? And this travels from form to form ? This already presupposes a lot then. So first we would need to pinpoint and trst the existence of this part and then probe it travels. Then how and why. I see so far no sufficient proof for it. I personally do not like that idea anyway. One being , yes. For me the ressurection where all humans get their body back sounds better. But first things first. What is the general framework you are thiking of when saying "reincarnation" ?
  13. I see this as the unwanted infringement of government on personal choice. If a behaviour is chosen freely and without grosse use of physical harm ( army training would be illegal if we outlawed ANY physical harm ) than the government should not intervene. It is ideological imposition. It is the full right of a person to believe what he wants of his sexuality and act accordingly. I would not like to be dictated upon by some justice minister with an obvious ideology what to think and what to do as long as I am.not grossly hurting anyone. That measure reeks of the authoritarianism I am against. He can speak and preach BUT NOT outlaw. The hypocrisy is so big. You protect freedom by outlawing a person s acces to forms of therapy? That is the contradiction of radicals in that area of " progressives".
  14. Also I would add the psychological reason. Of course people in great danger would want a saviour. It seems the most messianic verses in the Old Testament were made in a time where the israelites were a captive slave people. Wanting and hoping for freedom. Seeking comfort from external caregivers seems an ingrained childhood instinct that we sometimes revert to in moments of very big trauma. Sometimes only that hope of future salvation kept people going in very rough times. I mean often people DO need saving. And yes in the face of the dangers of nature we are very frail and want sone protection and assurance. I personally found looking at it through a psychological lense helped. So transitioning from theology to psychology. In this way you can see better why you like Jesus and not christianity. Or maybe just another interesting perspective on things.
  15. This is relevant because abuse against agnostics, stems from, I think, a lot of definitions not being clear. Like you and TEG seem to have different definitions of belief. To clarify, If someone asks you - Do you know...X, like how many mountains are in china ? this is a binary questions - Yes, I do know, No I do not know. If someone asks you - do you believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the theology of , say the Roman Catholic Church, the answer, is again, can be either Yes, or No. Answering "I do not know" means you are not answering the question, but answering a different one, like Do you KNOW if the theology of Roman Catholic Church is true? So there cannot be a tri state, because your "third " option is actually one part of a another binary. Plus, it depends on what crieteria of knowledge we use. Like- if you say, the Christian God answers all prayers for everything, I can mostly surely show you that THAT GOD is false , because reality does not work like that, as per the way most humans perceive it ( that being the criteria). Like it is often said, Christians, when confronted to other God images, are hardcore atheists - Christians themselves were called atheists by the pagans in the early Roman empire for refusing to worship the Roman pantheon and any other pantheon but their own. Christians are sure the God as depicted by Muhammed, as a famous example, does not exist- there are so many polemics from the early days still recorded about this issue. I think many people who have visited this site are as certain at this moment as one can be that the Christian depiction in the Bible is such a contradictory thing that it does exist. Not all of course. They also would claim certainty in saying rain is not sent by the crying of eternal broken hearted goddess. So you can be hardline gnostic atheist to some affirmations, very skeptical of others or curious but not yet convinced of others. And these do change over time. So it hard next to impossible to have a generalization on the issue. I am pretty sure there are no unicorns in the town I live in, for example, now. Not sure there have never been horses with horns in all of recorded history.
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