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  1. 1. The metaphor of the barmaid shoukd be taken as, well, a metaphor. It was not intented as a real test for a theory. I think its thrust is a good instinct towards simplicity and communicability, as I could see the temptations of complications and hermeticism in the fields of maths and physics. 2. Is science affected by the humanity of the scientists? Of course. But it does have one of the best if not the best bias detection systems of every other human field. 3. I just watched some youtube videos and even I know there are tens if not hundreds of competing hypothesis in science, wit
  2. Well that dialogue is actually a testimony for atheism, materialism and utilitarian ethics. Which is quite interesting. It basically says do not preoccupy yourself with God or those sorts of questions, just try to relieve suffering of others as much as you can. That things about with evil comes good and with good evil, is confusing. Does evil cause good and viceversa, or evil and good are intermingled in everything? Also, don t blame anyone, but kill the evil doers. When, they you DO blame someone for evil. Like the nazis for killing all those people.
  3. Again, as I said in my previous post you are quoting incompletely, I said that I agree with you about the extreme end of spectrum. Look at the quote below. I am sorry that happened to you and that is left such a big mark. Truly. It is very possible that you did the best thing for yourself. And I also said that each person can choose his limits/boundaries. And, for another repetition of my post, every relationship has some modicum of suffering. I doubt that in your current relationships you never had any disagreement. You never made any compromise. You never nego
  4. If you really start to think and feel about life's uncertainty things get a little terrifying. In this day and age we console ourselves with the illusion of science and state to protect us. While this happens , that very thing also hurts us. So we are not protected. Aside from commenting the truth values of religion they can offer relief from the pains of human condition. I have come to think that many things seem irrational in them because they were not made to be rational. Is it rational to pledge allegiance to a flag? But it has powerful emotional logic. It eases fear - sky gods
  5. I agree with most said except the last line. You will never find anyone anywhere that will never make you feel any pain or suffering whatsoever. My point is that suffering is inevitable and that dealing with difficult feelings is necessary for any relationship, for life in general. If you are willing to sever ties with anyone because they made a joke that kind of hurt you, that makes any relationship impossible. Going with the allergy metaphor. Suppose you live in area with lots of ambrosia plants that cause you allergic reactions, but not severe or incapacitating. You could move, but moving h
  6. What I meant us that somebody may say a joke, for example, and you feel personally attacked, while the intent is very different. Also stuff like magical thinking where you make associations between events with no demonstrable connection, which I think can be quite damaging. The fact that abusers use that line does not mean it is always false. Sometimes we can be too sensitive and we should work on that. For example, some people could be raped and then have a traumatic reaction to an odour reminding them of the rapist. Or to a situation. Even in this unfortunate situation it is main
  7. But, then, why the enourmous literature of the Christian religion detailing stuff like what, where, how to eat and dress? Why the many commentaries on Scripture? Why did Jesus say to his disciples that now they are his friends because they have shown them the true knowledge? I mean they say cannot understand God but are openly preaching about him and ordered to witness to all nations the true God? Maybe they cannot understand all the mind of God but they sure say they know an awful lot of it.
  8. I do not agree. Feelings can deceive you. You might feel attacked and that just might be in your head or because of your own sensitivity. So I would say put some reflection on it as well and then decide. Of course, like I said, hanging out with someone is a personal decision. You could not hang out with someone bk you don t like his hairstyle. :)) and that is ok.
  9. My impression is that "science" is not a set of models, but more a set of procedures that can produce those models, refine them and ultimately refute them. If any present theory, and I mean theory in the scientific sense, would be completed, or refuted, or reexamined, this DOES NOT mean science is wrong. If you use mathematical symbols and reach a wrong conclusions, that does not mean the mathematical procedure is wrong, in its essence. Maybe and probably in that temporary use. And to correct it you use more or better mathematical procedure. Abrahamic religions, from my observatio
  10. I heard of a theory called complex systems theory. What I understood is that stuff which are complex systems like climate, like human anatomy, which involve huge amounts of particles in a dynamic, present major problems in determining causality. Like, now, with all the science, covid effects still dumbfound many specialists. So it is good to have reservations about cause and effect. And many ppl collate simple systems with complex systems. This seems plausible.
  11. Well, from my XP, I think you WANT to believe very hard. Or as one modern Orthodox theologian said, they do not believe it, they just believe they believe it. Like if you give up that belief, you can lose a lot - family, friends, whole worldview and structure, and seems to gain very little at the beggining - loneliness, confusion, hardship, insults from loved ones, activation of phobias, etc. Also, you lose the advantges of the faith - there is a "Sky Daddy" that is going to make all things well, suffering has a meaning, but will end soon, etc. That rationalisation serves a purpose, like most
  12. It is a riff on the free will defense of theodicy. I find "free will" to be an incoherent concept beyond the level of social behaviour anyway. In a theological framework of abrahamic religions, it is even more absurd. For one thing you have to suppose that a choice between eternal inimaginable bliss and eternal inimaginable torment is really a "choice" . Or somehow that that choice has any value at all. I mean let us imagine that you could choose between being in a situation where anything you choose to eat is fresh tasty and nutritious and another where half is
  13. I have come to think, like others this is complex topic with many variables. I could suggest you could try to tell them smth in the language of the Church. Like you are fighting with God like Jacob. Or that you think that doing good things and rebuilding your life is enough for now as acts of faith, as Paul said that those who do good things follow the law written in heir hearts by God, not the one written on stone. Or that you feel your faith needs to mature so you are in a period of rearranging all your life, like when a child leaves his parents home for his own. That you trust the ever pre
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