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  1. Maybe you live in a racist neighbourhood and having a black employee hurts your business and causes losses. Maybe you are a slave owner and banning slavery causes you losses....The fact that your bussiness will have losses should not and is not, legally speaking, a sufficiebt reason to fire somebody. Replace someone with other politucal views with a civil rights advocate. Do you think the people who employ them should have the right to fire them? How would you feel if the tables were turned? There are laws that protect from firing based on skin colour by the way. You cannot fire someone just
  2. No, nothing deep. I tried reading the Koran in Romanian and English. It sounds worse than the Bible and gave a bad feeling. But there is no history of Islam in English or Romanian so maybe the translations are off. The Christian Calvinist apologist James White has debates with Muslims. On the Muslim side there are some videos from Hasan al Maliki, Saudi scholar of Islam that presents a more open view of Islam. Also Adnan Ibrahim. The first one is imprisoned and faces death from blasphemy charges, the last lives in Europe. Most cases of blasphemy are Muslims with sligtky different views anyway.
  3. I am sorry, poci, you feel that way. But I get the feeling you are hypersensitive towards some things. Maybe you have traumatic triggers. This is not a joke or an attack. Many people suffer emotional dysregulation and traumatic triggers, some here on this site have suffered or are suffering because of their XP in Christianity. And if youccanot handle moderately intense arguing, irony and sarcasm I would highly recommend you reflect on your psychological state bk it will be very hard to handle any human relationship without a moderate form of resilience. If you ask, maybe ppl on this site can o
  4. Hmm, idk who and why they thought of it as metaphor but the probl with that is that metaphor could mean anything. You cannot base a worldview on metaphors. Metaphors are like the aesthetics of decor, not the resistance structure of a building. And I really think many believed and still believe Genesis and Revelation, from the beggining. Allegory vs literal meaning has been a continous battle or so it seems.
  5. You know, Jesus could simply show all people the truth if He is God in clear and precise ways. He doesn't. Kind of end of story, no?
  6. Yes, in a way. Well, the word empty is used to mean that in a space that was filled, it is no longer so. Or at least at that density. So, your psychological and maybe even practical space was filled with Christianity, now it is not so much. Feeling that emptiness sounds like a normal response. Like feeling cold in winter above the 45 latitude. Depressed is more of a tricky term. But if you mean sadness in a large measure, loss of dear things produces sadness. So another natural response to losing so much of your life ( identity, meaning, family, etc) About me
  7. Did Jesus Exist? - YouTube This seems like a nice video on the topic of the historicity of Jesus. It seems pretty researched and non biased for the most part and does seem to want to impose a view necessarily. By the way, I am no expert and do not claim.certainty, I do not even claim rigorous prolongued study - I have not gone to Jerusalem for example altough I would like to even know. But my time and energy is limited. What and how and why to deal with that is another subject altogether.
  8. I hope you are ok Prologue. You would do well to research judaism and muslim refutations of christian dogma. They have been at it for many centuries so that is one of the best places to find anti christian points. So, the evidence for the resurection I have heard are mostly 1. So many people believe it, to the point of millions dieing for it. Well, the counter is that, in sheer numbers, most of Earth 's population does not believe it, and those who do, have different opinions about it. - how, why it happened. Also, the ONLY abrahamic faith that says it preserves the original H
  9. Hello. I truly know that fear. Simple easy to test info. Our mind (.body, brain, etc) remembers things and acts as response to powerful stimuli. Like, you learned English as a child, now you automatically understand and respond. Try listening to a foreign language you do not understand. It has no power over you so to speak. The same with many skills. With repetition and enforcement they become automatic. Like driving or playing the guitar. You may have noticed that things which are 1.often 2. Emotionally powerful are remembered better and their memory triggered e
  10. Hello. Hope you are well. I personally don t get why people had a problem with the church anti lgbt stance in particular. I mean why not with polyamory or restrictions of sexual activity - oral/anal/masturbation in general? My exp with church was that it had an ideal - celibacy, permitted activities beyond the ideal - some type of sexual activity inside a longterm heteresexual monogamous relationship sanctioned by church and state, outright of anything beyond it with various degrees of gravity. God wants you to be, do X , you try to do it, the level of deviance from that
  11. It is very hard to say smth without a lot more detail. But you know what is strange? The Gospel itself teaches that one who does not reject his parents in service of the truth is damned. If your parents were comitted Jews, and you converted to Christianity you would probably have much less problems in telling them of your change in faith. Idk if you can tell them that but maybe you can say you learned from the Gospel that truth and honesty are more important than anything and this is the lesson you learned from the millions of martyrs who prefered honesty than wealth, f
  12. Kind of hard to read actually. And by his public statements I would rather believe that Trump actually believes there is no God but Trump , and Rudy Giuliani is his messenger.
  13. Well, if you were a baptist in Ukraine you had a doublewhammy - christian and non orthodox. I also think that the govt feared denominations that had origins in the West because they thought they could more easily contact the West. And I know the fear of Hell pretty well. Funny thing is, me being in the Orthodox church I thought the sects - name for non orthodox or catholic denominations- were, in a way, the worst of all - heretics. And that heresy is an invention of one of the most powerful demons ( the demons of knowledge , or Hell's theologians) and that the heresy was the produc
  14. The thing is, suicide IS not the solution for post death anxiety. For one thing, the being/beings in charge if there any could just decide that some people live on after death and some do not. Or they could provoke amnesia. Or etc. So, sorry, but suicide is not a sure way to find out about for certain about post death situation for all people and maybe not even for you. Like I said, see no way out, yet, for sure, of uncertainty.
  15. What also helped me was thouroughly examining the concept of self. You might get help from your intropection in this area.
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