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  1. 66 books with consistent message.and you can say that with a straight face? :))
  2. The theory of evolution and big bang ARE man made. Nobody disputes that. The thing is, even IF I reject all of it, I still don't end up in some Hell, or of I accept it, will end up in Heaven. So it is hardly a " replacement" of religious revelations.
  3. Your explanation make less sense to me than the Jewish Rabbis I listened to. I recommend listening to those rabbis. Tovia Singer is a good example, but you can find many on youtube nowadays.
  4. Just a thought. The word "love" can be used for everything. I mean I heard that God sends people in Hell BECAUSE of his imense love. So she can say she "bothers" atheists out of love.
  5. I never understood the God is love bit. Is God a feeling? And that word is so used and abused that it is meaningless smtimes
  6. That happens. Putting a label as conversion deconversio might confuse stuff at the moment. It is a process of inner life, that is how I tend to view it now. I think that Messianic Judaism is something that is EASILY torn apart by Real Jewish Rabbis, like Tovia Singer from Outreach Judaism or Jews for Judaism. By the way, that name is really confusing, as ALL JUDAISM IS MESSIANIC, they are still expecting the Messiah and there are cases throughout history like Shabbetai Tzvi who took that title. And all Christianity IS MESSIANIC JUDAISM as well, Christ means the Mesia, so followers of Jesus were literally called the followers of the Jewish Mesia. And yes, even Jews today think that the Messiah will reveal God to the whole world, so it would not be JUST for the Jews, as some King David. I dk if you visit this site, but be sure to check those rabbis out before embarking on messianic judaism. Who knows, maybe they will convert you to Judaism. I advise against it..but your call.
  7. I am going through a fed up with theology phase. Precisely because of those types of "arguments" and "evidence"
  8. I get what you mean, but "primitive" has gotten a bad conotation in everyday language. Something like undevelopped, infant like, savage, unrefined, etc. And polytheism in some place was very very refined. Sumerian culture was polytheistic and by the standards of the age was very advanced.
  9. Theology does not have to make sense or be testable.
  10. I have started listening to some rabbis and I am starting to see their point that Jesus DID not fulfill the critarea for the Jewish Messiah. I never read the OT, but they do present a very solid case. Anyone else think this or about this?
  11. hello, Short version. Caution before any major life change. Long version. Well, I am possibly going to step on a mine here, but it would be a good thing to sort any prior trauma before any thought of physical transitioning. If you already have a fragile nervous system, derailing your hormone system can be dangerous and can have long term effects. I would recommend that before any major life change, if possible, like marriage, moving to a new country, other major surgeries, enourmous career change. And really study it. May you be well.
  12. It seems to me a form of symbolic reenactment of child parent, child adults in the tribe, relationship. At least there is a resemblance.
  13. That is not the issue, I think. Not knowing exactly how something happens. The problem is determinism. I can see that if I touch a hot teacup I feel heat. There is a causal determination. So the problem is NOT whether you did it or not, whatever YOU may be, but if you could have done otherwise. I cannot touch a hot teacup and NOT feel heat in my fingers. I think evidence points to determinism of some sort, theistic or not.
  14. I do not understand that. Really. Its value for me is minus. It is damaging. For me, liberating myself from the illusion of free wil brings only peace and happiness and compassion. I think it is actually a bad thing, it brings forth fear, guilt, shame, some perfectionism, blaming other people, etc. But, really, I conscious that such thing is MY OWN experience with it. Maybe some people with, at least temporarily fall into great depression about it if they thought free will is an illusion at the deep level. Only speculating here, but maybe coming from an Eastern European country helps. The US and the anglosaxon world is kind of built upon the idea of freedom, free choice, doing what you want, the free invidual, the self made man. It is the main myth, yes myth, of the Anglosaxon world. People give up God easier than the belief in free will. :)) Freedom was never quite that big thing in my education. Happiness, finding your place, etc, was far more put forth as a thing to want.
  15. Bullshit. That state has another, modern definition. Cognitive dissonance. And is a source of anguish not happiness.
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