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  1. There is a mistake we often make when judging belief systems - that us judging them by our beliefs only. It that thing "just" means you already have a standard of justice which may or may not be part if the belief system you are looking at. A faith only system could reply that "justice" is a divine decree so anything God does is just by default. There is no outside "standard" upon which to judge God. A divine command theory of justice. In Orthodoxy "faith" has a very quirky definition in many texts. Not just trust but a sort of direct connecting energy towards God ( from a sermon from the sitting Romanian Patriarch). I venture to say that most ideas in Christianity have different explanations in Orthodox East. With other issues, but still. This direct connecting energy to the divine through divine grace is both the power to do good deeds, and is strengtened by good deeds. And Paul himself says this when he says that people have the Law inside them and act accordingly. Also there is a difference to be made between Gospel good and fallen nature good. Orthodox mystical theology is pretty interesting on a purely intelectual/ literary level :).
  2. Worships Jesus Christ. Well, there are numerous ways people have defined worship and Jesus Christ. And interpret the Bible. Wars have been fought. Blood spilled over it. So saying only that is too broad. I could label myself as some kind of hard agnostic. In that, now, I see our situation as beings in an Impossible situation to "know" truth, indeed that term makes no sense at an absolute level. It is like asking water how does a rock feel. It is just a weird question. There are some Christian pararels where Christian hesychasts said that God's essence is unknowable and unimagineable but we know his uncreated energies. So I'm an an agnostic on the absolute existential level, but a rational empiricist of sorts on the relative level. That is using reason and sensation to build diverse ever changing ever verifying models of reality.
  3. Apostasy is just the Christian term. I mean, I get why people feel icky about the term and have a bad sometimes traumatic history with it, BUT it's just a specialized jargon inside a specific theological system. It is like medical jargon for that matter. As to what people believe, feel free to read around.
  4. I have come to admore the mind's ability to make stuff up. You get great art and science and philosophy but also Scientology. It seems to me like a package deal :).
  5. Edit. I mean Indo have part naturalist explanation for the anti sex attitude in the Church or what is the general connection between instincts , especially sexual urges, and morality and self image ( good, bad) but for another time.
  6. Hi. Be in peace. I do wonder why the bisexual thing got you, in my case sexual feelings in general were regarded as most something you can do in marriage, but preferably, as Paul said, do not. :)). Yeah, I know, it is seen as more evil. But again, in my case, seeing and admitting that you are a depraved being in constant need of forgiveness was the baseline. You weren't supposed to ever feel that good about yourself anyway. Well, I found two main resources - cult books - Steve Hassan, Alexandra Stein, Robert Lifton, etc. ICSA international cultic association. Second - books from other religions written by practitioners - Shamanism of various kinds, Buddhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, and religious history - Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman, pre christian Europe. Hope you find them useful. I recently had the insight that Hell is like an OCD thought for me - the more entertain and discuss with it, the more it drags you into unsolvable anxiety. Research it, observe it, understand its effect, very good. Enter into a prolongue dialogue with, neah.Idk may this helps.
  7. Funny how even Jains use them, and the praxis of Jainism and Nazism couldn't more different. ( Monks wear mouth cloth to avoid unintended killing of insects and microscopic life)
  8. Well I hope belief in flags will collapse soon, as well. :)) In America as well. Nationalism is just religion with new attire. People get attached to flags like to crosses. And, for the more good than bad, of course like any Christian will vehemently defend his religion's net benefit.
  9. I don't get nationalism, but , strangely enough I do have a strong reaction to the national hymn. It was written during the long fight for independence and unificatio in Romania and I just find it very touching, emotionally. It literally says to fight for freedom or die trying. I find it very inspiring on a personal level, altough filled with Christian terminology in one stanza. Also I recently started to have a truer admiration for my ancestors, mostly peasants. My great grandfather fought in wwI, his son in WWII, etc. Just an appreciation of their very real struggles and sacrifices so I started to dislike the outright , - well they were backward people let's look to the "civilised" West attitude. I don't have a medal for fighting in the antifascist war like my granfather so... while criticism is valid, a level respect is also owed. Granted it is a more of a respect your elders stuff then performative nationalism. I call it a critical respect for my ancestors.
  10. I have encountered it or some form of it, I admit. It is weird bk even in religions of jainism with it's emphasis on self development, and that karma makes bad stuff, they do acknowledge behaviour as a big part not just the mental. I'm woo fan but my kind of woo is , should I say, sort of body positive and more mind body equality.
  11. I personally have contact with an ordained daoist priest/university phd in contemplative studies, translator of ancient chinese. The works. I discussed some health issues one time. There is no such idea that "wrongthink" from what I gather, is the root of all diseases. Authentic TCM ( trad chinese med) uses a whole host of diagnostic and treatment modalities, which are still studied at uni level and modified and improved upon till this day. Why would they use those of they think it is all wrongthink? This ignorance or degrading of the body seems foreign to chinese culture where emotions have assigned body parts, where the highest spirit resides in the physical heart. Plus , they do think we are part of the Dao to some extent so it isn't just "we" as cause or effect of stuff. New age stuff seems to have a very capitalist individualistic spirit undearneath all the language, which I find incompatible with most ancient cultures anyway. "I" cause X, "I" solve X with MY mind Furthermore I DID read a book by a psychotherapist detailing cases of cancers in remission, pain, etc resolving after trauma treatment, but they would not say it is all bk of mental stuff.
  12. Hello, You people who suffered , suffer from anxiety. Did your sleep suffer because of it? Nightmares, insomnia, lack of restful sleep, etc. All stuff. My thing is highly intense dreams ( not necessarily nightmares) and lack of restful sleep.
  13. Like was said, "good" is variable as a standard. You couod say "good" is the ideal standard of a person/community. The "law" in a way. I mean fear of Hell, terror actually, is considered a good thing in many Christian circles.
  14. I wanted to make a thread asking just that. If you know anyone who went back to some form of Christianity.
  15. Where did Seajay say he was diagnosed with that as the underlying issue? There is a bit of chicken and egg issue here. For ex, trauma from Christianity can cause anxiety, which causes you latch on to some teachings, which causes you more anxiety and so and so. Anxiety is a symptom. It is like being diagnosed with low stomach acid. That is only a symptom. In general modern psychiatry has not caught up with trauma theory, nutrition, neurology THAT well. If a dr is unfamiliar with Christian digma and its potential, he can easily diagnose OCD, bipolar, anxiety even schizophrenia. A psychiatry resident friend of mine told that exact thing happened. People who exit from cults often suffer from misdiagnosis like that. Read Steven Hassan. I also reccomend Dan Shaw and Alexandra Stein for some interesting obs. Plus Seajay said that one of his old therapists said fear of death was an underlying cause. There is a guy, Le doux I think, who wrote a book about anxiety and his obs about the biological underpinnings. I was cautioning against being very sure about how another's psyche actually works, that's all. My current philosophy is try, with open skepticism, and ser what works, especially long term and keep it as long as needed. Medication, meditation, counseling, body centered trauma work, quitting gluten, getting a dog, etc.
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