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  1. To me it just looks like intellectual hunger. Some people just like to think like others like to cook.
  2. I did say and stress "almost" . Altough there are differences between ideas of race, as Krowb said. Like , most European Jews look..well, European, but nazis said they were another race.
  3. I think "race" is too strong of a word for human variations. And it was probably intended that way. The word genetic clusters sounds more precise. Biilogically speaking, diff between a black man and a white man are almost insignificant. Stress the almost. I mean I would be categorised as white (altough noone in my country thinks in American racial terms but European ethnic terms) but there is a biological diff between my genetic cluster and germanic scandinavians. Funny thing, in my country, ethnicity is closer to "race" in America. I mean, for me, instinctually, a russian is an en
  4. https://youtube.com/channel/UCnEuIogVV2Mv6Q1a3nHIRsQ. Some video about identity here.
  5. Hmm, thanks for info. Definetly should read about this more. Seems like a big modern issue.
  6. Sorry, mistake. Anyway, my sympathy to anyone suffering from this. It seems painful to say the least.
  7. I don't think ALL of THAT is impossible. I mean 1 . There is no generic "think" or "feel" "act" like a woman. That sounds a little stereotypical. 2. Actors learn to act and look like other people all of the time so that is certaintly possible to an certain level. We all portray a mask to other people anyway. However, I am curious. Does a trans person, for example, a woman to man, "feels" she has a penis? Like some phantom limb? Or does a man to woman that she has breasts? I mean does a trans person actually feel her body? Like if I reach a males chest she feels her "breasts" touche
  8. Well , 2 things.1. Who and why and when and when decides "health" ? And mental health especially? It seems a very culture specific thing. Although "normal" from norm means that it is a greater variation from the norm. I don't necessarily trust psychiatrists that much to decide that. 2. Some ppl just seem, for different reasons, to enjoy violence. Separate question for trans issue. Are there not any therapies, of all sorts, that can help such a person accept their body? Is modifying the body the only option? Can you not modify the brain/hormones/psyche? This
  9. I think you misunderstand what I said. What I meant what was that he seems to want ultimate immediate certainty. He does not start with it is not real until I see an argument. He starts with , what if, against everything I have seen, Santa or anything else is actually real?what if I am missing something? And, granted we humans miss stuff all the time. Things can be real, even if we lack the evidence for it. So he seems disturbed by any remote possibility, however proven or unproven it might be. It asks a very unreasonable and possibly unsustainable burden of proof. Like I have no evi
  10. I think his issue is that while he does not believe it, it might be true. I don't believe that Bidennis an alien from the Orion Constellation, but then agan I don't know. Not believing smth does not mean it is not true. Not having evidence does not mean it is not true. The thing I do not see an easy way to really eliminate the what if? In its absolute extreme form. I mean one can feel terrified about going out of the house for fear of geting killed by a cop, to mention smth contemporary. At some level WE all live and cope with risk :?
  11. Well, the flames are spiritual as well. Plus the soul is not immaterial, at least in the Orthodox tradition. Created being's soul are refined matter. Sort of like invisible gas can burn.
  12. 1. Did you seek therapy? It seems your probl is one of uncertainty. You cannot possibly check if the Bible stories are real or not as you do not jave a time machine. By check I mean in a most certain clear simple way. So you want to eliminate even tge possibility of any type of postmorten punishment, regardless of source. That seems a hard if not impossible task. Better find ways to deal with that uncertainty. On universal salvation. The idea was there from the first centurirs and there are writings on it.
  13. I am in a moment in my life where I am researching religious phenomena and this reminds of one very important subject. Not why people believe, which is a subject in itself, but why they might WANT to believe. It seems to me that, psychologically speaking, what we WANT to believe influences what we end up believing, like a lot. Would anyone agree? The same goes for free will.
  14. I disagree. Fully. I think free will is a magical superstition, unsuppirted and contradicted actually by argument and secular science.
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