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  1. Hi, You could use maybe some expert counselling, if that could really be in your means? Therapy really helped me in some things especially body based or EMDR. Yeah, I would not put anything in science as ok Evolution is real, or that kind of thinking. I mean, science goes through paradigm shifts. And it depends on what you say when you say evolution is real. Most Christians would agree that there is inter-species variation and adaptation. I mean the ancient Jews were herders, so raising cattle and sheep would mean selective breeding to get the best breed. And one of the first theoreticians of genes and genetic tranmission was Mendel, a Christian, and a an Augustian Friar and abbott. And Big Bang theory was proposed and supported by a Jesuit, George Lemaitre. The whole issue is with very ancient things, with the apparition of life, abiogenesis and genesis in general. One does not have a time machine, so these things are wholly speculations, albeit very informed ones. I might get flogged as a science heretic for saying this, but scientists have the same propensity for group think. I mean Max Planck said that the way new ideas about truth are welcomed is when the old guard dies. And Richard Dawkins has the exact same theatrics as a Christian preacher. And his same everyone who does think like is stupid or INFECTED by a MIND Virus, like some christians think everyone who does think like them is influenced by Satan. And about the problem of suffering. I mean, if one really reads the Gospel and early Christian history, one can expect extreme misery to befall his way. I mean one Orthodox writer even said that physical troubles are a sign of God s favour. So yeah... I also have a problem with this approach myself. But the whole idea of christianity seems an extreme version of the marshmellor test, suffer now, enjoy more later. Delayed gratification at its absolute. For some people is a necessary coping mechanism in case of extreme tragedy.
  2. First things first. Hello, and welcome. 1. Please define higher power. Otherwise it is much to vague. Do you mean people who have actual more physical power, or financial power, or intellectual power? What is power anyway? Because I do believe, indeed I experience daily many things, both human and natural which are much stronger than me. Two women could probably beat me. A child with a knife could kill me. A con man could deceive. A tornade could wreck my house. Etc. And the lottery could make me very rich, and an injection could save my life sometime, on the bright side. This is a crucial problem, clear, definable things. This is where science should be at its best, usually. Clarity. Order. That is why I have such a skeptical mind about anything artistic. And I am a graduate of Screenwriting, and wrote short stories and poetry from a young age. But is can be so misleading. The so called artistic truth is so often just an inflamed emotional response, aka an overwhelmed nervous system. Entertaining. Yes. But so can many religious practices and festivals and stories be. This does make them either true or useful. Second, I would urge you to read cult mind control material, like Combatting Cult Mind Control, Steve Hassan and Terror, love and brainwashing by Alexandra Stein. They have some good insights on several issues regrading religious experience. Plus, secular therapy, medical and natural therapies like detoxes and supplements can do wonders for mental ilness. I have personally greatly benefited from a form of EMDR and some expert nutritional advice, but you do your research about it, and caution about any therapist out there, as any therapy
  3. Actually, I should add that suffering was and is a major issue, emotionally and logically. What I said about a minor issue is only about explanation for why babies have cancer etc in the context of some brands of christian orthodox thinking. Its source and way of dealing by God I still find too troublesome to wholly accept anymore if I truly ever did.
  4. Free will defense is actually flawed from the getgo. It took me years to really see it. They say, mostly, that free will is the ability to choose between several options. Ok. Of this is the case than animals and plants have free will as it is abundantly clear that animals and plants make choices of actions. Then they might say yes but animals could not make another choice, he is bound by its instincts aka matural programming. Ok, do humans have natural programming? Abundantly clear for a three year old yes. Then? This is because the problem of suffering is easily explained by the fall of Adam. I for one had only small issues with that. As in we live in the time of the FALL so bad things happen to everyone, without discrmination. The problem then resides, as you said, in the fall of Lucifer. The origin of suffering not the quantity. This was the thing I could not take.A being chose to renounce eternal bliss for eternal suffering. This being is obviously pathological, so it was created like that. If a perfect God creates perfect beings, those beings cannot, by default, make WRONG choices. Wrong is not in their ability. Endowing a being with the ability of evil is making it flawed from the getgo. Saying that a created being has uncreated and uncaused will is making the deadliest sin in all christianity. Thiking you are the same as God. Free will is philosophically, theologically and maybe even scientifically untenable. To hold requires ignorance, denial or extreme mental gymnastics from my perspective.
  5. Well divine command theory, if it is true, then there is no evil, whatsoever. St Isaac the Syrian, wink wink the EAST , said that he thinks all of it, the fall, etc, is an elaborate plan of God to do good. So actually there is no evil. It is just a surface description of certain events. But it is clear that an omnipotent omniscient omnibenevolent supreme being means that everything is actually good. Free will defense is just...such a contradictory and implausible that only heavy bias and unconscious needs makes one keep it up in my mind. By the way Orthodox mystics gave great weight to the idea that there is no good vs evil actually, because only good can exist and evik is just misuse of good thing. So it has only process existence whereas good as in God has ontological existence. I would argue that christian mysticism is at least on par with any other mystical system. East or west. I stayed for over an year in Mount Athos so I had some direct contact with it. - maybe that is why I feel the shaven and balded monks of catholicism look so weird because eastern orthodox monks leave their hair and beard long.
  6. Not to be too ad hominem, but says the priest of a branch of christianity which broke off from catholicism because a king did not get his divorce papers or smth. Such a dedication to early historical christianity that was. And the same church that ordains women. Again a trend stretching to the so many women priets of the 1 century of which the numbers amount to exactly 0. What a hypocrite opinion, excuse my foul language!
  7. Well, when talking about religion in general one does exactly that, generalises. It is by default that you include that fact when saying general statements. Not all people fit neatly in any category. That is a given And not all religious people think in black and white for example. I personally know many who do not. The fact that people have genuine concern, while that may or not be true, does not mean they do not have black and white thinking. Many people who join cults join for some version of we are going to save the world stuff. That does mean their ideology or actions are sound while acting from that point of view. And there many examples of the PC/ identity politics gone too far. Advocate magazibe called Peter Thiel not gay for supporting the republican party. Evergreen students became violent towards their teachers and Bret Weinstein, hardly a racist, had to resign. Comics refuse to play college campuses. Even Jerry Seinfeld, one of the most clean comics in terms of language. Lenin may have had genuine concern. The nine eleven bombers may have had genuine concern. Genuine concern is not a guarantee of rational behaviour. Not in the least. And come on, seriously, extreme identity politics are the champions of simplifying generalisations. And seriously my grandfather suffered physical and psychological abuse and the hands of those fighting for the liberation of the working class opressed by rich capitalists. Go figure , my granfather was a lowly peasant, as millions in the Eastern bloc. So yeah maybe you are not living in the aftermath of what genuine concern for the opressed can lead to but I am, along with my whole nation. So I am really not all impressed with " compassionate inclusivity discourse" by itself. And black people, by the way, were opressed and are oppresed by other black people way before the colonization in the late medieval era. Aztecs were sacrificing their neighbours in human sacrifice long before the conquistadors. And more women probably died at childbirth than killed by their husbands. That narrative of the white man oppressor is nothing less than ignorant of history and psychology, or some kind of traumatic projection. Humans torment other humans, that is the ugly truth. No race or sex or other has the upper hand, there are only differences in degrees and historical times of hegemony. What Europeans had, was , in my mind, a lot to do with germs and guns. As in diseases they gave to colonised people, and better updates in war technology, strategy and general statecraft. But they were also the progenitors of human rights. Yes the same white educated men. Without white educated men there would be no civil rights movement at all in the last hundreds of years. No democracy. Go to the middle east and see what it is without those " white " inventions. There are rationally inclined people on the left, there are rationally inclined people on the right, on religions, in sciences, and wackos in all. I recommend Douglas Murray Madness of Crowds on the subject.
  8. I would say, based on recent readings, that for many belivers, religion offers the very potent drug of certainty, which non believers seem to try to take away so they enter in survival/ withdrawl mode. It is not, I think, about mere intelle tual honesty, but of psychological addiction. And when I say potent drug I am not making a metaphor. Ron Burks, cult counselor and former cultish church member saud this in a podcast with Rachel Bernstein, Indoctrination, which I recommend by the way, that certainty releases dopamine, as pornography and hard drugs. There is a verifiable withdrawl syndrom with bodily symptoms ranging from anxiety to sweating to insomnia etc when trying to give up certainty. This IS what I suspect with the whole PC identity politics crowd, which has the same black and white low tolerance for ambiguity kill the heretics mentality going on. Many are officiallly non religious by the way.
  9. 1. Interpreting the Bible is really something. There literally thousands of books about it. The Bible seems to mention hell. https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=Hell&qs_version=NKJV But this is a trap. Remember that many confessions of christianity have different opinions and many other sources than JUST the bible as in many personal testimonies. 2. Sinning . One has to define sin first . But any kind of mystake cannot hurt God or damage him in any way. This is usual theology. So God cannot be offended, neither angry, neither sad and naither happy or joyous. Because he cannot be affected or influenced by actions of created beings. So if you do something against an infintely invulnerable , loving, poerful God it would mean that your sin equals 0, not infinite. I mean if you hit a woman, as a man, your damage is greater than hitting a man and so the so called retribution. If you hit your child, or your husband, chances are your husband suffers a lot less. The legal system in the US recognizes this and for example child rape is far worse that adult rape. The punishment is equal to the damage inflicted on the other party. But God, cannot, I repeat, cannot, by sheer definition, be hurt, so you inflict 0 damage on him whatsoever. Like punching air or smth.
  10. I hope that God , if he exists, is not the God of the Christian Bible, as it seems to be read at first glance. I just hope so. Now. A being that shows its love, as John the Apostle puts it, by sacrificing his only begotten son is a vile, sickly, love. I will show how much I love by sending my son, not himself, to die. Not, in fact, by destroying evil, although I could, not by just forgiving you, not. And I also I will give you freedom, which is actually false, but I will say it is true, and make you think it is a gift, when it is only a risk. I will make you, force you , to think that the risk of losing something, vs the not having that risk is actually a risk, and actually better. Then I will choose only ONE kind of people, a backwards, savage, bloodthirsty desert one, play a game of intermittent gratification with them, either by punishing then by saving them from their enemies . The I will make a part of myself become human and die a tortureous death and advise everyone to do the same thing. Then anyone can come into bliss, which mean everlasting praising of myself. And this, my friends, is love, and humility, of which Jesus is the embodiment. I will like my whole teaching is that of a psychotic, so the wise will reject it, and only the fools, as Paul says, will accept it. I will the world with uncertainty and ask for complete faith. I will hide myself and ask for belief in my presence. I will as for impossible things and demand that you ask forgivenesss when you cannot do them. Yes, that I am. Well, if that IS God, then...well...what can I say?I just hope he is not true.
  11. To those that perish the gospel is foolish is a no true scotsman fallacy by the way. But Paul s letters have more than once these fiery threats. He just seemed over the top one many occasions. A little bit too excited.
  12. Well for me I think eternal hell. God knows when he created me if I will go to hell. So why bother? The issue is settled already.that is why me the only form of christianity than even merits my attention is universalism. Second and very close place is that with the god s ways are highers than ours argument. Agreed. But any prophet any psychotic can say anything and get away with it by saying this. I mean if belief in higher authority is the ultimate answer why not Islam. God knows the Koran is full of this logic. The unbelievers will burn in hell. L ron hubbard said this. And so many others. So you need proof and some sort of critarea aka logic to discern. But I was constantly required to obey and renounce my own thoughts from most but not all people in the church. So I took a step or two back to figure it all out. Plus God is constantly portrayed as communicating his will and main ideas. The his ways are higher refers usually to the fact that we cannot be aware of everything all at once as he is or the depth of everything. BUT he could and did answer any question any man. St Athony of the desert fathers asked why sime people die young and some old. He was told not to concern himself with this. What was meant I think is that kind of accou tant thinking is just filling you up with useless details you do not have to worry about. But the main issues are to be known. And personal important ones. Every question that a created being has can be answered by its creator. Otherwise it is just weird. We have a mind good enough to ask but not strong enough to receive an answer? By the way I HIGHLY recommend to anyone reading the koran. Or at least parts of it. And see what you fell about it, unclouded by previous fear.
  13. Well I studied religion in school for 12 years, it was compulsory in Romania until recently. With priests even. Sadly, they did not even preach well, let alone teach biblical history and interpretation. However most of them were really nice while quite quirqy individuals. But yeah teachers would be a problem . As in all other areas of life actually.
  14. Well an introduction to the Bible should be a cornerstone of any humanities discussion imho. In the west, understanding history philosophy, politics, even linguistics and spread of regional and racial differences is impossible to understand without it. Public speaking, translation, interpretation, the arts, some practices of religious psychotherapy like confession, huge amounts of the arts, etc. I thoroughly regret not studying it more in highschool in university as well. I mean if I lived in Egypt I would study Islam and the Koran regardless of my beliefs.
  15. If the Bibke revelation WAS sufficient for belief, everyone would believe. This again brings forth the question of what is belief and its connection to choice. I would argue this is a very important topic.
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