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  1. I just to emphasize this. This is ny own view, based on my biases and exp. I am in no way an expert or pretending to say tha this THE truth and the only one. So far at least :)))
  2. The story in the Bible is that Jesus chastised the Jews for abandoning the true laws of God. He acts in the same ways as many prophets before him which chastised the israelites for abandoning obedience to God. The traditions he himself was opposed to were extra Torah , the so called "traditions of men". Also the writings of Paul, considered rhe earliest writings of Christianity, around year 50, are FULL of references to obey secular authority and religious authority, and, most of all, God. The fact that there were small congregations does not mean they were autonoumous. Why did Paul write so
  3. You can believe something is possible, and still not accomplish it, as well. No, maybe my statement was tad bit extreme :). What I said was I think any functional large society needs a form of obedience to authority. It is not about a king like figure or dictator necesarily. Authority and power can be shared between a lot of individuals , but I think it is just physically impossible for each person to do what he thinks wants without any common known basic bond ( for example the Constitution) which is enforced sometimes violently ( that is why I mentioned the army, po
  4. "Love" is a vague concept. A message of "love" does not need to contradict slavery. We are projecting our understanding in the ancient texts I think. For example, my reading and understanding of christianity ( abrahamic religions in general) is NOT about "love" but unquestioning obedience to a deity, which means unquestioning fulfilment of its commandments transmitted however he sees fit, through human mediators usually - prophets, apostles, teachers, parents, etc. God says, you do. End of story. "Whoever loves me, obeys my commandments." " Why do you call me Lord and do not do
  5. Kind of. Plus , to go to an even greater extent, survival of the group could mean sacrifice as in death of an individual. Example, your tribe is on a hunt, you see a lion coming near , you throw yourself at it as it is the only chance for survival for many. You die, the rest lives. That is why I think I sometimes think blood sacrifice, among other reasons, was such a common ritual. Human and non human. In modern terms, we have armies. A professional organisation which is supposed to die defending others, if need be.
  6. Welcome to the club! Covid has been a global mind fuck :). Still, many psychotherapists offer online therapy. If you think medication could be necessary you could visit a doctor where social distancing is enforced. Also you can order well known supplements online like gaba or 5htp, magnesium zinc D3 etc. By the way, you could take d3 zinc quercetin vit C preventive. I see many doctors recommend it. Also how old are you? Do you have other underlying conditions? The risk of death is always with us, regardless. Covid or non covid. We maybe unaware of it. The
  7. If you get scared by predictions about the Simpsons - 1. you are trolling and pulling some kind of prank. 2. You have some serious, mental health needing, anxiety issues. I get being scared about the predictions of some preacher, or imam, or some scientist about climate change doomsday , or conspiracy stuff about impending nuclear war. That would be quasi-rational and understandable. Heck, even seeing black cats or some other superstitions sounds more familiar. But the Simpsons? What'
  8. Simpson as in Homer Simpson? :)) 1. Stop watching that stuff. 2. If that guy is a Christian he is directly contradicting the Gospel where Jesus said that noone knows tha date and time. 3. If I had a dime for everytime the world was predicted to end ( I mean Paul himself tells off some disciples in his epistles that thought the end is nigh and started to make a scandal out of it) I would be a rich man indeed. 4. It is more realistic to worry about the icecaps melting or enlarging the ozon gaps or nuclear war if you are in an end of the world spirit anyway. Or at least much w
  9. While I doubt that thing about sacrifice you selfish desires is a good summary of the basic message - it seems much more like a projection of his own ideals than anything - it rings true on a social level. What I mean is that any functioning society , even ants, or plants, can only survive if its members give up some satisfaction for others, and in the long run it is better for everyone. So I think that some level of self sacrifice is present in all religions which have survived because, well, they could not have survived otherwise. There probably were small groups advocating complete refusal
  10. With the caveat that this should not devolve into extreme subjectivism - I decide you are a leprecaun and will kill you the get the pot of gold. I much rather value open conversation and dialogue, and building sounder and sounder communal principles for distinguishing truth/lies. Like the ideal of a scientific community. The xtremes - whatever the preacher says is true, no matter what, whatever I say is true, no matter what, sound a little dangerous to me.
  11. 1. It can seem to make more sense because you are more used to it. Familiarity does this to us. Or you just might like the idea of leaving it all behind and following a noble cause. It is something that attracts many people. It did attract me and it still does to a degree. Eat sleep sex seems quite boring after a short while, to many. Even the vikings who had a reputation for rape and pillage like poetry a lot it seems 2. About the confusion. I kind of think, now, like I said, if there is this God like entity which is all powerful and all knowing, HE/ She will show me what is the truth a
  12. 1. I want to share to you a fact of reality which really frightened me as well. There are thousands of Christian denominations now. There were thousands before. There are now hundreds of thousands if not millions of pages of theological and practical debates about Christianity. You, and noone has time to listen, let alone rebuke them all. On top of that there other thousands of religions, new and old, with their subdivisions. AND thousands of scientific inquiries into the nature of the universe, hundreds if not thousands of different schools and subschools of psychology. The data are too much
  13. 1. I want to share to you a fact of reality which really frightened me as well. There are thousands of Christian denominations now. There were thousands before. There are now hundreds of thousands if not millions of pages of theological and practical debates about Christianity. You, and noone has time to listen, let alone rebuke them all. On top of that there other thousands of religions, new and old, with their subdivisions. AND thousands of scientific inquiries into the nature of the universe, hundreds if not thousands of different schools and subschools of psychology. The data are too much
  14. Third post in a row. First for me. But posting here just made me realise my incomplete and unchecked assumptions about knowled. Will dig further into that. Thank you poster and all for the opportunity.
  15. I think it is stark also because of our own current understanding of love. Like God loved people so he made Jesus accept torture and death. Kind of an odd notion of love in my opinion. :)) The reason for interreligious wars was probably officially, a very loving one like saving people from Hell, the punishment of heresy. It is better to torture someone and make him confess his sins and beg forgivness than let him die in Hell, right? You would be surprised how loving your enemies is easily translated into war and torture :D. You can do a lot of gruesome acts in the name of "perfect
  16. I am truly sorry for all the abuse. The root of pharmacy is magic...She does know that jewish rituals also included mixture of plants and animals with chemical proceses right - burning sacrifice for example? Also medicine WAS known to ancient jews as well?
  17. By the way, there are people,I think I mentioned this, that regard all life, all events, as acts of God, so there is no diference between an impredictable rare events, and a common, predictable one. Your psychological experience of awe/amazement is just that, in their opinion, a psychological reaction, like a young heteresoxual with a high libido feeling aroused when he touches a beautiful woman. The underlying truth , behind all these variations, is that all are acts of this entity call God, so, for them, every event is a proof and intervention of God. It is sometimes called occasionalism, I
  18. Ok, let us analyse this. Can we agree that wealth, at least a sufficient amount of wealth is a desire that most Americans, if not the world share? Getting rich seems to be a spiritual quest in today s economic/cultural systems, I could say. Of them, billions are religious. So, from that, millions, billions of people, maybe, pray for wealth. In very rare cases this happens. Like in Hollywood. Thousands of would be actors want to become famous actors. Of them , sometimes by a mere struck of initial luck - John Krasinski from the Office was about to give up acting when he got hired, get the oppor
  19. I kind of disagree in the sense that is a specific Christian problem. There are very few if any large societies without a history of genicidal wars and oppressive actions, regardless of worldview. Vikings were bloodthirsty before and after Christianity started to be a part of the religious landscapeWar is also a staple in the animal kingdom, right down to viruses and bacteria, as much as cooperation is. War and violent conflict just seems to be a constant of life. I don t know if it is something we can eliminate. Maybe. We could try to minimize it of course. Of course I also dou
  20. Well it is hard to generalise. There are NDE. Near death experiences. Those are to be taken with great reservation at the start. We are talking about people whose brains are in a damaged state. It is like trusting someone unconscious. There is a great variety of NDEs. Some are religiously connected, some not. It is actually hard to form a pattern out of them outside some arbitrary constraint. What WE do know and can easily experience is that a brain in damaged state easily loses perception of reality - get drunk, high, or really tired or really hungry or thirtsty and you can see it
  21. On a strict theological view and analysis of the Gospels. Leaving aside the issue of divine inspiration, of there being four Gospels, plus Paul s interpretation of the teaching of Jesus, plus that the man himself wrote nothing nor is there ANY command in the Gospel - write this stuff down, et. so leaving aside all that, which is already a lot. I want to tackle another sweet and sour subject - translation and cultural context. Jesus spoke Galilean Aramaic, commenting on Scriptures written in different form of Hebrew over thousands of years, and his words were preserved in koine G
  22. I am sorry for your suffering. Fear of Hell is mental conditioning. With time and adequate tools it subsides.
  23. You might have even seen Jesus in a vision. You do not have to say -well, now, I don t believe in Jesus, so that did not happen. You can simply say, well, I think something else caused it that the Bible God. Like with miracles. The experience stay, your interpretaion could change.
  24. I think Supernatural carries another semantic weight that what I said. If you want just ONE word, you can say unsual, or unforeseen, unknown, etc. If so, yes, I do believe unusual, unforeseen, unknown things exist. Wheter such things are conscious entities, I am not so sure, but for example, people think of aliens in vey antropomorpfic ways, but maybe there ways of creating conscious beings in a very nont Earth Manner, like maybe a being made out of pure electricity, or actuall photons - light, etc. I mean that is why I would not rule out non-carbon based sentien
  25. Well, I think a reflection on the natural/supernatural dichotomy is in order. Not all traditions, and not all strands of a tradition see it the same way. For example, take Eastern Christian Orthodox theology, following Gregory Palamas, 14 century bishop/mystic/theologian who had several debates with scholastic catholic inspired theology from his time and some with Muslims, as well. The essential concepts are not natura/supernatural, but created and uncreated. There is an unaccesible uncreated essence, there are uncreated energies somehow spawning from that essence, and there is the created wor
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