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  1. That depends. Maybe you are happy and function well as a slave master. Or a pedophile So as long as your happiness does not rest on exploitation, I might want to add, just to get started :).
  2. It really depends what you mean by love and enemy. I mean God loves his enemies so much he sends them to eternal conscious torture. :))
  3. Honey on potaties seemes like a carb fest !!! :)) Not that protein rich.
  4. About that, I actually was told byba nutritionist that one way to deal with that is a eating a rich protein filled breakfast.
  5. Maybe bk, at first glance it sounds simpler - one book by one prophet about one God, no priests, no images, no sacraments. It gets complicated further on but I always feel that Islam is like simplified Christianity, in theology and practice.
  6. Also, remember, even Bart Ehrman said it took years for him to grapple with fear of Hell. You are in good company
  7. Again, do really think about some anxiety reducing options. It seems things, for you, are at a level which could warrant those.
  8. Edit. I was NOT advising him to go to an Orthodox Church and get baptised :)))
  9. I think this discussion matters because you can see differences between denominations and see their solutions to issues so you can get perspective. Also, it can calm down some fears using other tools. Like hypothetical if scenarios. I don't know exactly what anyone should do, nor do I share your certainty. Nor do I think the Bible is leather bound horse turd as you put it. Billions of people live inspired by it, and billions more inspired by an offshoot, Islam. You may think it is wrong, but it could be the basis of people's lives for so long. I do not share this mocking attitude towards religion. At least, it is a valuable insight in psychology and sociology. Otherwise it is very easy to get into other civil secular religions like some forms of nationalism, fascism, communism, wokeism, scientism. And I think one should not restrict himself only to religious or secular sources. That seems the same kind of mistake. Reading and listening only to confirm what you already want and think. I am not saying you neccesarily should read stuff, maybe it is too traumatic for the time, maybe it is exactly what you need to gain some insight. I think this is a case by case basis. I mean sure religious people have their bias, but so do secularists. I talked to authentic buddhist and daoist ordained priest/ monks and it really helped, for example.
  10. Reading about other religions reaaaally helped gain perspective by the way.
  11. No, you do not, I think. From my exp, if you told that story to a spiritual father with some knowledge from Eastern Orthodoxy he would tell that that thought from November 2010 and subsequent anxiety is eirher something biological, but more probably the devil trying to mess with you and trying to get you into despair. I had sexual thoughts with the Virgin Mary and that is literally what I was told - seems like a common thing, and they went away. That thought was not YOURS , and it was only the devil's delusion to think it was. The solution would be communiom, confession, and just ignoring those thoughts as the more attention you give them, the stronger they become. And you did not set out to lose your faith. One cannot do that, really, You started investigating your true feelings and other things about but you did not set out trying to lose your faith. And disbelief is not really the sin against the Holy spirit, it is something like altough you know God is all powerful, you start to say that you are unredeemable and stop asking for forgiveness, stop any spiritual activity whatsoever. It is stubborn opposition to the truth. Something like was said. But, the thing is, it was actually forgivable, if you changed your attitude. Like ok, I stop my despair and start practicing spirituality. The unforgivable part did not mean that repentance is impossible but if one continues in that state it is. So, again the solution would be, you, somehow, get a change of heart and confess and that is that.
  12. Well, the whole point of a lot of meditation is letting go of thoughts so that it eventually stops being unnerving. With lots of practice of course. I had others. I wanted to go Mount Athos, a famous Eastern Orthodox monastic center in Greece. I had no money and/or connections. I prayed and told a priest about it. Soon, that priest called me and told me he had found a benefator and and a reservation, I just had to go. Another time, an abott of a monastery told me that my sort of girlfriend at the time, who was pregnant, would have a miscarriage. And she did. He did say something like, well, maybe she will have a miscarriage, but out if the blue and kept talking about it. Another time, I was having trouble with my spiritual father and stumbled on a book in a local religious library about oroblens with spiritual fathers. And, the kicker, the translators name was the same as my whole name, which, altough not unique in my country , is not that common and I had never ever heard about anyone with my name before. And other things plus personal exp. . By the way, you could consider trauma therapy, there are diverse forms of it, including medication( of which I am personally very skeptical but not a denialist) and natural supplementation. Magnesium has helped me. CBD oil. I hear weed and others help provided they are legal in your home. Heck, I think even some homeopathy, Bach remedies and especially bodywork massage helped me. You could and see what helps your anxiety. Not saying they are cures, but they do help manage it and take the edge off. . As a side note the unforgivable sin was represented , to me, as a willful rejection of truth and saving grace. The example was the pharisees seeing Jesus exorcise devils and accusing him of being a devil worshipper .So you are not forgiven bk, in effect, you refuse forgiveness. Some other way it was presented was either despair, so losing hope in God's mercy to forgive and save you, or a kind of distorted hyped up faith where you were sure if God's forgiveness that you just sinned away disregarding Gods law. Both were actually a refusal of true repentance.
  13. You do realise meditation teachers from most tradition say TO IGNORE thoughts that arise, right? :)) They are just that, thoughts arising in the mind. When I meditate all sorts of things arise. Between waking and sleep and between falling asleep and being asleep our brains are in this internediate, trance lucid dream state where very intense imagery can appear while still conscious. It is a state widely accesed in hypnosis. Like the Godfather then! Yes, often. My feeling is we make most of those associations but there could be other things. But God should be obvious not play some Riddler games. I should not have not to wonder is this from God? What does it mean. I mean God spoke directly to Paul and he was a Christian hunter. Why not be obvious to everyone? One example that really struck. I was trying to get the phone number of a friend I met some time ago but forgot. After some failed attemots I was in a train heading to that friend's hometown, the reason for me wanting to get his phone number. This random girl approached me in the train saying she was bored and wanted to talk. Turns out she was also religious, but also personally knew my friend and gave me his phone number. I was awe struck and thought God and his saints answered my prayers.
  14. I, and many others know full well that Hell anxiety. An all knowing God would've known before your birth, since infinnity actually that you would go to Hell ( if that is true) or Heaven. An all powerful, knowing not to mention loving God is totally incompatibile with any sort of "free will". He made us, he made the world and its rules. Think about it. If you were a novelist, you would know exactly how your characters behave. It is like saying, well, the universe and everything in it is rigidly deterministic, but random things do happen. We are in a rigged game and the maker faults us for losing? What the...
  15. Interesting thing about co-incidences. All our lives are made of co occuring events. I brush my teeth, the nextdoor neighbour is having sex with his babysitter. An islamic imam is preaching in Baghdad about sone quran surah. A baby is born. Stars explode. We rarely think about these, on the macro or micro level. Yet, when you pray to find your keys and you find them, it is a miracle. It seems to me that WE , often, make those connections. Or get impressed by them. They deserved to be pondered on, of course, but we often out extreme focus on a verry narrow slice of events happenning, while losing the very very big picture. Like being fascinated by a grain of sand in a large beach, forgetting about the beach. There are things bigger and deepeer that deserve your attention,if you want to make an universal claim, not just some truly insignifiant details in the large scheme of things.
  16. I am curious. Did the intellectual reasons convince you to convert or did you have some spiritual exp? Or both? Yeah, some of what you said rings a bell. Checking sources only from Christianity. My point of questioning came with the problem of suffering, temporal and eternal, which seemed contradictory. I have recently started reading religious books from other religions. By the practitioners. I can say it has been very enlightening.
  17. Hello. 18 years since birth, or did you convert later on? Myrrkhoos.
  18. Not just christians. My exp, people like to be devoted. At least some people. To communism. Lgbt. Nazi. Environmentalism. Anything. They like the devition to a perceived noble thing, cause. Logis is not the goal. It is that feeling of ecstasy. I habe the impression people become entangled in these things like they just brcome really into a song and start dancing. It's an experience of pleasurable absorotion and self forgetting. Like soccer fans cheering.
  19. Yeah, but that ignorance and arrogance goes around from truck drivers to presidents to CIA officials to WHO. I don t think the "experts" are immune from it. At all. Yeah well, the tone was kind of smug :), plus it is the job of the experts to educate people not just force them. That is the downside of democracy and freedom, but I prefer it to a dictorship of "experts" At first, this point viscerally made me angry. I will say this about it. If instead of finding a cure you will give a treatment so you can pay for your elevated lifestyle, I consider this a clear sign of the brokenness of the medical system, deeply immoral and unbecoming of the ethical standards for a medical professional. By doing this you deserve not only my mistrust but my active opposition. It is exploitation of the ugliest degree in my mind and evidence of the way financial incentives hijack medical science and science in general. Yeah, so defining expertise is not easy I think it does warrant mistrust. If someone from the Mafia comes and offered me one million dollars, no strings attached, I immediately suspect something is off. I don't need evidence for this instance, but the guy is a mobster so he does not deserve the presumption of innocence in this personal relationship. And yes, I think states are as corrupt as the Mafia, in many ways. Yes, pharma industry probably kills more people than organised crine through price gouging in the US. I was not talking about the severity of the pandemic is on discussion,but the handling of measures is also there. The framing of it, etc. By the way, in my opinion, I mostly trust yaneer bar yam and his zerocovid strategy Look it up. It proposed DRASTIC lockdowns, coupled with masks, contact tracing, ventilation, and quarantine, and (free)massive testing, plus govt direct support to people. I am not in any way an antirestrictionist :). The probl with the idea of mr yaneer is that well, rich people would lose too much money and the state would have to go into war mode and direct intervention. This would have stop the spread sooner :). Plus reducing the risks of variants, which widespread vaccination could produce. So, yes, I don't need present evidence for misconduct. Past misconduct is enough to warrant suspicion. You may think this is cynicism. I may say you are naive. Well, yes, I will stop this discussion here as I have my made my points clear, I think. More would just warrant concrete examples, but this was not about that, from my part, but a discussion of principles. Which I hope I made clear. Maybe this boils down to me being considerably more skeptical of human nature than you :). And oh boy one can find plenty of evidence for that! :))
  20. Idk about natural talent though :)) And it depends on the education. Sometimes, the more educated you are, the more you can rationalise and cover mistakes.
  21. I think "conspiracy theory" refers mostly to evidence free, over the top scenarios like lizard ppl. Granted, it is used as a weapon in public discourse to discredit. But most everything can be weaponised.
  22. It is interesting. In principle, I agree with some ideas. -Examine things from official sources, be skeptical of grand org, try to be independent, etc. What I think, though, is that he leans so hard on the self in "self" reliance is it becomes a sort of self-worship. Unquestioning obedience to outside authority becomes unquestioning obedience to inside authority -own's mind. I het he says he reads, he researches, etc but the ultimate arbitrer, from hisown posts seems to be his own mind. Maybe I am wrong here in my assesment. By the, this ehat I find interesting about true believers in q anon style of consp theory. Radical skepticism of authority is often coupled with radical credulidity about inside authority. Semi, while I share a level of skepticism of official sources I think you are over confident in your ability to understand stuff. Do not take this personally.
  23. In brief, let me state what I see my disagreement with you, then I will go into detail. We both agree that there probably aren't any infailible sources. We agree that some sources are more credible than others. We agree that study plus experience makes a source more credible. We both agree that we rely heavily on others, especially experts for information. To regive an example, we both agree that NASA is a lot more trust worthy than the Flat earth society. Ok. So. What I disagree, I think , is the level of trust big org like WHO, CDC, CIA, FDA, IMF,EU , BIG Pharma etc warrant. My contention is that, beyond simple human error, these large org have large incentives to protect others interests than well being of society. This makes me highly skeptical of their actions. Case in point - WHO early mask mandate, and now ivermectin and lab leak treatment. These incentives do not mean the science is wrong, but that the science will not be presented fully. On to a detailed response. Yeah, I get your point as a metaphorical and retorical device, but I do think literally in a PANDEMIC the threat IS the disease. That is why it is a pandemic. The virus harms and kills people, not stupidity, in this case. Semi does not seem trustworthy in hus statements. Agreed as well. Kind of smug elitism,isn't it though? It is the dr's job to explain that to patients. Medicine is a human to human enterprise. If you hate explaining basic things to ignorant people go into research. And no scientist does half time wal mart guard duty. Plus enforcing laws is not a drs job, but public safety employees, be it private security or police. And there is no "cure" , well, maybe bk there is more money in treatment, research and chronic ilness than a cure. Again the problematic incentives. Just sayin' Kind of extreme example though. Would you take advice from an old happily married man over a 30 year old trained therapist ? Who is the expert there and in what way? Defense attorneys like drs ( like religions ) capitalize often capitalize on your suffering not your happiness. Big pharma is happy if you live a long, sick life. Def lawyers if you get in legal trouble often. Police get promotions if they get arrests. Again bad incentives that can make the experts use their expertise not to help you, but exploit you. I agree, altough with the caveat, and I think this might sound a little bit woo woo, I think trusting your gut feelings, intuition can work. I can attest to that. Not basing all on that, but taking that into consideration. Conclusion. I think I might have, with justification, less faith in expert authority than you, due mainly to the corruption in human nature and nefarious incentives, not bk I think their expertise is wrong, per say. Plus my own experiences. I also think we agree that, at least, listening to several experts on the matter helps, especially those with opinions, even if they hold a minority view in their field. I recently saved a tooth from extraction and just remedied it with a little filling by going to another dentist for a second opinion.
  24. Is it self correcting though? Or is it captured by special interests. Again and again. Like secret service sponsored coups in South America Again, why do you trust their data and theur conclusions AND that they have actual good intentions? Excuse me, but my point was not failible systems per say, but corruption. Do you think Fauci and his obvious lying about masks is ok? I think your level of trust is unwarranted in those institutions. Edit. Again, Semi s opinions and done others seem to warrant much less. But my level of trust in official data is moderate at best. I learned that much from my exp in the Church :))
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