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  1. We’re back! And who better to kick off the year than with the slickest performer of all–Carmen?

    Rock, Jazz, Funk, or starring in his own films, he does it all. Even medical anesthesia is no match for him!


    We’ve missed you. Or was that just another one of Bonnie’s lies? She loved to start rumors in college.

    If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you went to one of Carmen’s free concerts. He filled them up. Karen was even a counselor.

    In this episode, we describe the man, the legend. Or we read how he describes himself. Add in some videos about how he’s A2J–Addicted to Jesus, and loves to box, and we start seeing how he has the swag to not only refuse a job with the mafia, but names the people he refused.

    Don’t forget to print up one of these non-working clock faces and bring to his concert.

    We just don’t get this guy.

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    Or anywhere you listen.

  2. We carb-load up on Pastafarianism, a religion Karen is signing up for but Bonnie can't handle the puns. 

    Karen had seen images with people wearing colanders on their heads, even some paintings reimagined with God being replaced by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but she never knew much about the whole thing. Their God, Wikipedia, helps enlighten them on what is a great social statement on the division of church and state.

    We're two ex-evengelical Christians who do a comedy podcast about religion. Here's our WEBSITE. We're always looking for funny church stories for our monthly Lettersode episodes.

  3. MLM stands for multi-level marketing. Amway, etc.

    Although we're a comedy podcast about religion, this episode made us mad. Of course, most of the women who join up to do home parties are stay at home moms. 75% make no money and 50% lose money.

    Here's a link to our podcast online (you can find us on iTunes, etc. )because we always love listens and ratings, but the main thing is to get the message out there and keep it going.

    Please add to this list if you can verify they are religion-based.

    31 Gifts

    LaBella Baskets and Gifts

    Mary Kay 0.2% (two tenths of one percent) are in Cadillacs.

    Just Jewelry 

    F.A.I.T.H. Gifts

    Initial Outfitters

    Damsel in Defense

    First Fitness Nutrition

    Mary and Martha

    Daisy Blue Naturals

    Close to my Heart

    Art and Soul


    CB Jewelry

    Compelling Creations

    Premier Designs

    Red Rock Traditions

    Crowned Free

    Grace and Heart


    DoTerra–From Young Living 

    Pampered Chef


    Juice Plus

    Eclipse Candle Company


    Taste of Gourmet

  4. Karen and Bonnie discuss Kanye West’s Sunday Services going on around the country.

    download-1.jpg Kanye West at Sunday Service

    Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Page And please SUBSCRIBE. Thank you.

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    Karen and Bonnie begin by trying to figure out what a Wonderwall is, reminisce about Saturday Night Live’s Shweddy Balls skit, and discuss writings on bathroom walls before getting down to professionally analyzing Kanye West.

    Kanye’s new church services are in Calabasas, CA to Detroit to wherever he flies his choir to next. It’s a music-only service, which kills Bonnie. And he doesn’t even do Golddigger! It’s all leading up to his new album release: Jesus is King. 

    They discuss Kanye’s bi-polar, liposuction, and criticism. Plus, something we didn’t know is the Kardashian’s previous involvement in another California church.

    All we can say is #FreeKanye, because we feel like we’re watching a car wreck in slo mo.

    You can also listen to us on:





  5. We run a comedy podcast about religion. We're both ex-evangelicals, and I was a missionary. Deconversion Therapy is us having fun with the conmen, cults, and charlatans. We also do short episodes where we read listeners' funny stories about growing up (or currently being) in church/synagogue/etc. 

    Submit your own to our WEBSITE.

    You can listen to our latest Lettersode to get an idea of what we do. Hope to hear from some ex friends!

    iTunes Spotify Stitcher

  6. New Episode! https://deconversiontherapypodcast.com/2019/07/17/23-the-cult-that-poisoned-an-oregon-town/

    Bonnie and Karen talk about the sex cult called the Rajneesh this week. If you haven’t watched the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, Bonnie goes over it while trying to capture the insanity.

    Bagwan Shree Rajneesh, the guru, gathers up well-educated Western followers in Pune, India.

    download Bagwan Shree Rajneesh

    They then all move, with his Rolls Royces, to Antelope, Oregon. That’s when they take over the small town and things go to hell.

    This story has orgies, robes, beavers in blenders and on women, bombs, poison, salad bars. It seems like a fictitious story, but it’s very real. Karen tells her own story of being a missionary in India and visiting the Rajneesh ashram with hopes that her presence and under-her-breath prayers will slay the devil and they’ll all repent.

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  7. On our podcast, Deconversion Therapy, we just did an episode about the hate preachers who are calling for the government to kill LGBT people. Doing the research was sickening. One of the preachers is also a police detective in the county where my daughter (a bisexual) attends college. We're a comedy podcast, so we make fun of them, but we also see how dangerous these people are. The police guy might have now been fired, but all it takes is one person in the congregation to read into what these men are preaching. 

    Here are my notes on our episode that includes articles and names names for those who want to keep an eye on these people.

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  8. This week on Deconversion Therapy: A Humorous Podcast about Religion, Karen and Bonnie poke at Franklin Graham, one of the most misrable-seeming men to be filled with the joy of salvation. IT WAS A BLAST!

    Graham tweeted a happy birthday to Melania Trump, calling her the classiest first lady AMERICA HAS EVER HAD. Eat it, Mary Washington and Jackie Kennedy! Twitter did their thing and went after him. We’re sure he has to ask for repentance after seeing all the photos people responded with.

    Bonnie can’t help thinking of Franklin, the puppet from Arrested Development. Our intro and outro music is an homage to that show.

     We go over how Franklin Graham got kicked out of school for keeping a coed out past curfew, a story Bonnie doesn’t totally believe. And, how the loving man of God publicly called for Pete Buttigieg to repent of his gayness.

    Karen tells of staying at a beautiful castle in Colorado she didn’t know was the headquarters of the conservative college student group The Navigators. They also use it as a hotel. NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED. Karen died. Her funeral is Saturday.

    Send us your funny letters HERE! We still pander for Facebook likes, Ratings, and Reviewers (click over there to the right to be taken to iTunes). It’s the best place to leave reviews, but we’ll take them on any platform!




    Bye now!


  9. This week, Bonnie and Karen discuss their time in Baptist day school. They read a listener’s letter about bringing her boyfriend to church and the Sunday School teachers deciding to divide the boys and girls up so they could talk about sex. And what would Christian school be without unruly boys who dive in dumpsters and pull out nudey magazines?

    We still pander for Facebook likes, Ratings, and Reviewers (click over there to the right to be taken to iTunes).





  10. I just recounted this on our podcast, but I wanted to tell it here.

    My college roommate and I had just left a women-only Bible study and were walking back to our dorm. All the girls at the Bible study were talking about how they want to get closer to God...so they will be ready to meet their future husbands. In evangelical terms, the saying about you have to work on yourself before you are ready for a relationship is painted over with cherry-picked Bible lingo.

    I actually was upset on my walk back to the dorm. I was getting fed up with everything having to do with guys, so I turned to my roommate and said, "That's it. I'm avoiding guys. We should want to get closer to God for the fact that he's God, not because we want a husband. None for me. Just me and God."

    On the quiet road to the dorm, a large bus pulls up. A long-haired guy in short shorts jumps out (this is the 80s which might put the outfit and why we walked alone at night in perspective [we were all idiots]. He asks us where Juno Beach is and says they needed to be there in 5 minutes.

    "Well, you passed it by about an hour."

    He asked if I could give directions to the bus driver, so we hopped up the stairs and were in the midst of 25 oiled down guys. "We're the Chippendales."

    They were great and funny and in the end, I had to pull my roommate out of the bus because she was having the time of her little Baptist life.

    When they pulled off, we looked at each other, laughed, and talked to God about what a great sense of humor he has!

    Yes, we believed God caused the Chippendales to be late, or even miss, their show, drive by little ol' me so that God could show his humor about me swearing off guys. Not a question in our minds. Oh, that divine prankster!

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  11. Will you be on the toilet when the rapture comes? Bonnie and I fumble through some rapture theories, reminisce about the times we thought we’d been left behind, and, well, that brings up the book series Left Behind—which spawned D movies starring Kirk Cameron and Nicholas Cage. Plus a gross letter about feet from a listener.You can listen here.

    I'd love to hear anyone else's funny rapture or foot washing stories.

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