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  1. Something to kick-start our podcast's (Deconversion Therapy: A Humorous Podcast About Leaving Religion) Facebook page. Any likes are also appreciated.

    Post your original or favorite meme to our Facebook page.

    If we use it, we'll also give you a shout-out on our podcast as well as a heathen prophecy.

    Thanks for all your support so far!

    Meme Contest
    Post an original or favorite meme here. If we use it, we'll give you a podcast shout-out, plus a heathen prophecy.



  2. If there's something the two straight hosts of our podcast have in common, it's the number of post-church gay friends we have. Most of them were in the closet, even to themselves, back then. If you have a 5-minute funny story about being gay while in the church (no matter where you were in your own realization), please send it to us to read on the podcast. We always appreciate new listeners, and we take all kinds of true, funny stories. Here are guidelines and where to submit.

    Podcasts are now on Spotify, so you can just ask Siri or Alexa to play Deconversion Therapy, or listen at the above link. Thanks!

  3. We'd love any listens, rate, reviews, and shares of our new comedy podcast about leaving religion. This episode was about the movie Jesus Camp. Truly horrifying. You can find it on most podcatchers--iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or listen at the below link. AND we're always looking for funny stories about being in the church! Deconversion Therapy.




  4. Hi. I'm Karen. I now live in Tennessee, surrounded by all our old favorites--Amy Grant, DC Talk guys, Russ Taff, etc. In the nineties, I was a missionary with YWAM (what a cult!) and then was in Thailand with Asian Outreach. Some of the Thais I was witnessing to had questions that made me really want to get deeper into my Bible, even though I went to a Southern Baptist college and did missionary Bible training. That's when I saw some confusing things I just couldn't deny any longer. It was about a ten-year journey (fear of hell is strong!), but I'm out.

    Now a friend and I have launched a humorous podcast about leaving religion. We'd love for you to subscribe, rate us, and send in some of your own funny stories.



    Website: www.deconversiontherapy.com

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  5. An ex-evangelical missionary and an ex-christian friend launched Deconversion Therapy. It's for those who left, those who are still in, and those who want to know more about what the hell goes on in the church. We are looking for short, true, funny stories to read on the podcast. Go to www.deconversiontherapy.com to see guidelines and to submit. Follow us on Instagram and twitter by searching for Deconversion Therapy. 

    We NEED followers and raters. We want to add something new and needed to the conversation--a way to laugh at it all.




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