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  1. Do you know how Christians are always saying we have no moral compass without belief in god? I was just thinking. Perhaps many of them stay in their religion because they are afraid they won’t know how to live without their imaginary friend, made up rules, and the whole charade. They have been told for so long how to live and what to say and do and even think that the idea of doing all of these things without any direction terrifies them. Honestly there’s a problem when the only thing keeping you from murdering someone or raping someone or molesting a child or abusing another pe
  2. Here in case you don’t look it up - Seriously Christians should just drop the abortion issue already. God is directing that a woman who cheats on her husband should be made to abort her child (against her will). This is NOT okay. This is far worse than abortion as we know it today. I believe it’s a personal decision. It is definitely not something a person should be forced to do!!!! Numbers 5:11- And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 12 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, If any man's wife go aside, and commit a trespass agains
  3. Yeah I’m not so sure that Ham is honest or sincere. For some reason he makes me nauseous.
  4. Bill Nye is not an idiot as thIis video you linked to states. Maybe read Numbers 5 in the “good book” and check out that abortion scene sanctioned and outlined by god. You are a christian aren’t you?
  5. I live in VA. I’m going to our closest natural history museum, it’s in Martinsville. I don’t know if it’s very large but it’s Smithsonian related so I hope it’s good.
  6. Ken Ham gets his ass handed to him. I try to refrain from violence and straight insults however there were parts of this that had me wanting to slap the shit out of Ken Ham or at least shake him really hard. I was totally screaming you damn idiot the whole time lol. Bill Nye is just too cool. He’s so collected and so much more patient and poised than I could have ever been while dealing with this moron. Want to know something totally disgusting? They sell shirts at the Ark which say, Taking the Rainbow Back! Implying they are taking it back from gay people. How do I know this? My Mom
  7. A quick note before I begin this: All of what I write may not apply to everyone. I apologize ahead of time if it seems I am lumping all people of faith into one category. I apologize if this seems like or turns out to be an us against you all type of post. I apologize if I offend anyone with the anger that might be present, my choice of words, or any sarcasm. If certain bits don’t apply to you, great. I don’t need to know about it because I realize there are some religious people out there who aren’t zealots. I, personally can tolerate that brand of it all a whole lot better. All of th
  8. I agree, I went to the library today and checked out like every science book available haha.
  9. I mean, the dinosaur replica brought me to tears literally. Seeing it moved me emotionally to tears. It was stunning.
  10. I’m so glad that we, all of us here, escaped the hold of religion. Suppressing truth, whatever that may be and offering instead fairytales in its place is to me a cruelty. I understand some of why people have difficulty letting go of what they have been told is true but instead of being afraid of supposed consequences from a jealous mythical god bless want to think for myself. I want to explore actual possibilities. I want to learn everything I can about well everything. I just watched a video on YouTube and I am still floored by it. My heart is pounding. You may find it interesting too.
  11. I have always been interested in geology, fossils, and such. I just always set my interest aside. I also set aside my desire and love of learning and traded it instead for studying a fairytale. I truly hope my children don’t do this but I will allow them to live their lives as they choose.
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