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  1. You continually look towards the wrong object. I'm not special. I'm a sinful man. You made the same mistake before and still tread in the same error. Before Tyndale was burnt at the stake he translated the original languages into English, saying the average plow boy will know more than the Pope. If you don't see it then it's not there. The thing I love about bible studies is how it reveals so much about the interpreter. The very same thing you were pouting about like a little girl. My question wasn't answ
  2. While you're leaning towards your cronies I noticed your open mindedness caused your brains to fall out. It might do you some benefit if you actually felt enough conviction to walk across the street to kick some dogs. Your uncertainty over matters reeks with cowardliness. Gird up you loins and speak like a man. The Irony is that some among you claimed to be one of us (Christian) at one point. Yet the very thing they preached led you here. As far as I am concerned they should seek repentance from their fellow man. Instead you'll praise and side with the very people that caused these
  3. Couldn't care if I disappoint. If you're looking for someone to live up to your standard I suggest you find another cronie. Don't think I'm a prideful creature which can be tempted to rise above. I'm not competitive by nature. Don't mistaken competitiveness with genuinely striving for truth. An unrelated thread but you seem to imply your self importance and yet still find room to criticize another. Personally, I find flaw in your discernment and reject anyone that claims "God is all love". God is love but love is not God. That is, love is an attribute of God a
  4. I'm going to leave this here. Anyone can review the thread.
  5. You didn't answer it. AS you stated else where you think your understanding is what the author meant to convey. How does Jesus' fulfilling the Law save us? No one has ever been saved by keeping the Law. Everyone falls short. Perhaps you should Call, Regenerate, Justify and Sanctify those you love before you chastise them? Only if those works were in your power, right?
  6. It's sad that such people as yourself even went out from one of us preaching a twisted Gospel. I'll rack this up as one that cannot answer the questions. I never said Jesus destroyed or abolished the Law. I stated that the Law is still binding to those under the Law. I then asked, so how are the Laws fulfilled?
  7. Right, I'll consider your motive and intention behind throwing certain verses in the face of Christians as one of following the very precepts which are taught in the verses you used. You haven't answered the question. Is it your intent and motive to place others under the Law? Do you believe Scripture rightly teaches that one is saved by keeping these commandments of the Law? Is it possible to obtain salvation by doing the Law, which particularly, these Laws require one to love. Can we love our way into salvation? The Law requires perf
  8. Right, if God cannot lie then not all things are possible for God. Pentecostals love to suggest such Theologians which point this out are putting God in a box. Such things as lying don't require more power or strength than truth. God's very characteristics and attributes aren't limitations but they convey or express His Holiness and omnipotence.
  9. David was human and a man that sinned greatly. While not all Scripture is prescriptive some are descriptive. No doubt David suffered the enemies of God and even expressed emotion from time to time. However, his anger in this case was a righteous anger and not a self-righteous anger.
  10. The very core of the verses you quote entails leaving vengeance for God. That is in contrast of believers taking vengeance upon our enemies. You just proved my point nicely, showing your contempt for the author through your vindictiveness. That wasn't the authors intent but the exact opposite. The verse doesn't mean for us to commit our cause to God in order that He takes vengeance upon the reprobate, but that we bless our enemies return to a sound mind so that they shall not perish but receive salvation. Likewise, you're quoting Law. I guarantee loving your
  11. Let's fling all our personal misunderstandings against the wall and see what crap sticks. Perhaps you should explore not only the subject of your uncertainty but why you're not sure?
  12. You really think Scripture promotes an earthly theonomy established by man? And you really think Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship the same God? Does Allah bear the same characteristics and attributes as well as teaching? Is the Jewish God Trinune? Why don't Muslims and Christians get along? Have you considered learning from America's history? Not only America's history but the church's history going back to the Crusades? This is not to suggest that we can't "compromise" but as long as one is promoting violence, death, second rate citizenship
  13. Without reading the article, "Pastor Fritts" wants to make an earthly theonomy. They want to reintroduce the Judicial Laws of the OT no different than Islam. Just curious why are you targeting Pastor Fritts rather than every Imam in America? Pastor Fritts isn't consistent with the whole of Scripture but isn't every Imam consistent with the Quran? That is, when they preach death against the infidels, homosexuals, etc? That is, when they forcefully convert by penalty of death or take away citizenship and collect tribute? Homosexuality is not a greater sin than adultery or
  14. Jesus already rejected this world once. Matter of fact He promises not only to rid of the world (opposing ideological system) encompassing the earth but the earth itself to be made anew. Islam and Catholicism have something in common. Both of them place Muhammad and the Pope in an earthly temple to be worshiped. Personally, I think both are intersecting a point of time and development for a reason. I'm leaning more to Islam playing the hand rather than the Left playing Islam. There's really nothing new under the sun. These things are
  15. Believe me when I say what you think that means and your motive behind using those verses are quite different than intended by the author.
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