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  1. Guys, I can't thank you enough for the insight provided here. It is all worth considering and I will take time to mull it over. I am more comfortable in allowing him to continue in his current mindset as I believe at his Young age he will naturally move away from it in time given I will no longer be influencing it. Our other family members may try to push that idea but his interaction there is minimal so, also probably negligible.
  2. Thanks for the reply. My wife is maybe a weak agnostic at best. She isn't convinced there is a god but not convinced there isn't one. My song doesn't go to Christian School or church. I have been subtly trying to steer away from it but my wife IS against flat out telling him it's not real or it's wrong. So, we have some distance between us there in those views.
  3. So, I recently lost my faith. I raised my son before with the whole god idea. He's only six but he still has a bit of that whole jesus/god did such and such ideas. Being as he is only six I don't know what to do. Do I try to explain to him how I feel about it now and break down that line of thought? Or do I just not even talk about it anymore? If asked about it, explain then? I've already influenced him enough by the initial push towards that mindset. I don't want my views or beliefs to influence his own now. Have any of you who are parents gone down this path already? What did you do if so?
  4. Well I know this is an old thread but worth a shot. Any guidance on how to disprove the gospel of Luke? I'm currently in a debate about this very one.
  5. Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, the whole religion thing is deep seated. I still find myself momentarily falling on it but always remember how dumb it is shortly after
  6. Agreed. What ive come to realize is that these books were written by men who were passed down these stories. None of then had any interactions with those mentioned in the books nor any experience with the happenings described. Then those stories got retold, rewritten and translated time and again. Hand picked by more men for their purposes. I had always believed that God was the one who still had the influence and was acting upon these men to make sure what he wanted was in there. But if a perfect god influenced this then how can the book be so flawed and contradictory? Well, the only explanation then is that it simply isn't the hand of God moving to write this book. And if he didn't then the Bible is a book full of fairy tales.
  7. So glad I found this. Started following you today after reading this. Great work.
  8. Well, where to begin? I'll start with I grew up in church. Went to a Baptist Church most of my life. With stints in assembly of God etc when we moved. However I eventually found my way back to the baptist Church of my childhood. The one my grandmother always went to. I attended a Christian private school from 5th grade until my freshman year of high school. I knew that school was expensive and I knew my family barely made it happen; plus I wanted to be in a school with more than a couple hundred kids ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. I also simply didn't fit in there too well. I was a metal head and while I listened to many Christian metal bands, I was repeatedly told that Christian rock was an oxymoron, a contradiction I should pray about because I was being decieved by Satan with such "music." Well, I got out of the school but stayed in chruch. Then I joined the military and left my hometown for good. And in doing so, left my church. I never really went back but I always believed. Fast forward to a couple months ago... I just started listening to podcasts a lot and one of my absolute favorites is the Joe Rogan Experience. He hosted Megan Phelps Roper, the grand daughter of Fred Phelps...founder of the westboro baptist Church. Now, we all know how disgusting they were and are but one thing that can be said about then is they taught the Bible. Literally. She was the beginning of the end for me. She's out of the church now and is very open about her reasons for leaving and abandoning her faith. She quoted Romans 9:22. Now, I've read the Bible a few times. Probably in whole at least once but always in pieces... This section here, this section there. Always handpicked to help prop up the lesson my Bible teachers in school were teaching or the pastor was preaching. Some of what she said flew in the face of everything I had ever been taught to believe and it came straight from the Bible. So deeply contradictory to so many other verses and lessons. I started really reading but it didn't take long for me to find out just how bad it was. Thanks to the internet I quickly found all I needed to know to decide I had been living a life believing so many false things. How could this book be God's ordained words when it literally disproves itself time and again? And if it isn't God's word then that makes it a lie. And if it is that then that makes god, well, not real. I've been devouring information since. And stumbled upon this website. Glad I did and glad to see I'm not the only one who's experienced this. Thanks for having me. Looking forward to using this site and learning what I can. Aaron
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