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  1. Fucking arrogant Christians thinking they know the mysteries of the universe. Fuck I loathe Jesus!
  2. Just admit you know as much as the next person, which is shit.
  3. Of course because they're all invisible.
  4. I guess for you, you have to take it all on faith.
  5. There is no way to checkmate a christian, it can't be done. they always find a way to get out of thinking their king is cornered. I don't know what it is, most of them are smart enough to see the logical fallacies in their beliefs, but they just downright deny how their beliefs really are.
  6. I'm not saying anything. What am I saying? WTF is going on.
  7. No one can reject a God who makes itself absolutely evident.
  8. First two replies are cracking me up. Rotflmao
  9. So there's this guy who lives in the building where I am renting and he is a Christian. I've heard his testimony, his miraculous faith healing from being paralysed, and his mission he has for God. But there's are some serious flaws in his behavior that I think would make him a wolf in sheep clothing. 1. He's an alcoholic 2. He picks fights with random people 3. He is a womaniser. 4. He takes shit he doesn't need from people 5. He pressures people to do what he wants. These are 5 serious flaws which I think make him a lousy human being in general. But why is this kind of person hiding in Christianity, and how does he act this way knowing that people who do will fry.
  10. I think some people are happy in their beliefs, but I never got that. It always seems like a shallow happiness.