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  1. This I believe is an excellent example of how the RCC is blowing smoke up the backsides of its followers. They claim this to be the location of the so-called "Last Supper", yet the building they admit wasn't built till around the 12-14th century, on top of an older 4th-century church. One must really have faith to believe the last supper took place in a building that wouldn't exist for another 300+ years after that last meal. All boils down to absolutely no proof at all this is the location, even if the bible were true! And just to prove my point of the "church" trying to appease t
  2. LOL, well, they do religiously push communism, so there's that. And once you go through their re-education camps to pay for your sins, you will feel born again. Oh, and it does seem that the state is omnipresent, digitally speaking.
  3. Thank you mwc, well done in your travels. Very interesting indeed.
  4. Wow, you really did some searching. I was thinking you were just doing some literary research to write a response. I'm jealous of you seeing all those old places. For Europeans, old places are all over and not that big a deal, but for an American who has never been across the pond, the oldest we see here is no more than maybe the 17th century. Interesting that while it was an informal search, seems you have added to my assertions that any "churches" no older than about the 4th century are about all that can be found. Aside from the area of Rome, the next closest place would likely
  5. I think it more appropriate to say for every action there are consequences. Indeed, the so-called "golden rule" is bullshit designed to motivate the masses to behave themselves as the ruling religious class desires. In the south where I'm from, this rule is usually prefaced with the phrase "Hold my beer. Hey ya'll watch this..."
  6. Thank you for the replies. That's some interesting comments, but as I said, I already have heard the story pretty much presented as it has been here. However... ...the only part that comes close to actually answering is this by wellnamed, "...Theories are not facts in some simple sense...." I knew from the start that there would be paragraphs written but would likely not answer directly the question. Dare I ask, can a simple yes or no suffice? A brief explanation of why yes or no is fine. Remember, I'm not asking for a scientific paper
  7. Yes, I'm in a sense taking an unscientific poke at science. The term "scientific theory" has always troubled me with the way it is used in science. As a layman, it seems to me to fall short of the intent merely by using the word "theory". The reason I bring this up is I have run into this topic in another thread here in these forums. Years ago I was "schooled" by men of science when I questioned why evolution is called "The Theory of Evolution". I asked why is the word theory used if evolution is fact. BOY was that a...lively discussion! I have read many answers to this
  8. Yes, I'm aware of the "scientific theory" angle. No need to get all technical. I was just having fun. Sorry.
  9. Guess it's a matter of opinion, but I thought a little levity would be constructive, especially since science hasn't really a clue about Mars other than theory. A whole host of papers have been written, all pointing to a common understanding that they simply don't know.
  10. That's preposterous! The science clearly points to bovine flatulence.
  11. Thank you, but I'm a bit confused. I was under the silly impression that the bunny was to watch over my virility. (for the record I have no children. What's up with that Doc? Just sayin'! )
  12. It's the Henry Ford sales pitch..."You can have your automobile painted any color you want so long as it's black".
  13. I think you hit on the very reason for it. The story requires a basis for the rest of the story to come later. To control people via a story, you first have to tell people it's a bad thing. Then you have to show how it is bad. along with what they say is the correct way. In modern times, we call it "problem, reaction, solution". Of course, whatever they did would be wrong and unacceptable. It had to be, seeing the god figure had to be correct and be the way to salvation since they didn't want man to get the idea they could cover themselves. For if a man could do that then why have
  14. So, what do you make of that? Sounds like you have found in your informal search that the church buildings didn't really get going till the Catholics started building their structures. Then we look to Jerusalem, where virtually all "Christian" buildings are Catholic or some variant. Hell, the RCC even has control of what THEY claim is the "upper room" where it is alleged the gang all met one last time. If one removed all the RCC structures there, then you'd be left with no old Christian buildings at all. While it is my personal guess, but I'd say that nothing started ti
  15. Nope, that's why I have gun turrets and trip wires at my perimeter!
  16. For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. The Judeo-Christian Oops! card.
  17. I thought that guy was batshit crazy when I was a believer. I was correct.
  18. Actually, If I said what I fully think, everybody would likely ban me! Let's just say that I'd really like to have a video hosting site that blocks nothing so I could sit back and watch the fireworks with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and some bonbons.
  19. Rather disrespectful to quote me as saying something I didn't say. From what you posted, it appears you are just as guilty, along with some rather unneeded sarcasm tossed in. Your post is the type comments from non-believers/atheists that I find offensive and adds absolutely no value to the conversation. It's easy to sit back and make snide comments and try to ridicule people without adding anything of substance. And for the record, I can, in fact, show a Christian the differences. I did that very thing for nearly 20 years. And just how did I manage that? By actually re
  20. That is a very profound statement that puts you far ahead of the majority of the population. Seeing you know this truth about humanity, you'll do just fine in life. SunTzu would be proud.
  21. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Either one. It is, in fact, a season of holidays. It becomes situational though. Saying "Merry Christmas" at a pagan equinox party might not be very prudent. Once I was old enough to be considered an adult I started to "celebrate" less and less. Over the years I've come to the mindset holidays and festivals are not something I care to support or participate in. The primary disdain is for the monetizing of it all. The "holiday season" in my opinion is just one big push by companies trying to make money. Once an active Christian, I really started ha
  22. Did Jesus exist? Which Jesus? The historical record apparently has several people that the Romans were dealing with who proclaimed to be some kind of messiah. I can see the situation of the day causing many to oppose Roman rule in a variety of ways. But I keep falling back to questions about the accounts of Jesus and his travels. I keep thinking if any person were stirring up as much interest as to cause crowds by the thousands to show up to hear some guy preach against Rome and the Jewish religion, surely the historical record would have some mention of such events. At the same ti
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