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  1. Was anyone else taught 'God said it (did it), I believe it, that settles it' ?
  2. Welcome faithevoloved. Sounds as if you are starting the journey that many here have taken. And it leads to joy for most of us. 'Keep asking questions' is the best advice I can give.
  3. I wasn't so much thinking about leaving home as 'going sick' - i.e. tell them that you are not feeling up to worshipping (or whatever) at the moment and need to take some time out, space for yourself. I realise that's easier said than done, probably, but I don't know your situation. Perhaps I can guess what they will throw at you - along the lines of 'cast all your care on him' etc etc etc, blah, blah,blah.
  4. A common ploy by Christians to devalue the experiences of 'doubters' - best to ignore it. Why do you have to interact with them? Can you not walk away? If only with the reason that, as you say, you are feeling physically and psychologically damaged, take some time out? It's not an easy road to leave the fold but it leads to a far better life in my experience.
  5. I agree with TEG I was a Christian for sixty years including years as a minister both in UK and overseas. Some years before I retired I became seriously disillusioned with the church but stayed in as I believed I might be able to bring about some change. After I retired I started asking questions that I dare not ask before and I became a convinced non-theist after a lot of study and reflection. Much happier now. A welcome awaits you in the real world WWOAC
  6. Given the lack of understanding amongst 'experts' little 'ol me ain't going to speculate. Of course, I ain't going to worry about it either.
  7. Measles. It kills off these nasty savages doing their nasty things. Then we can go in and pollute their forests and lands so we get rich.
  8. I would suggest you just do it. If you are agnostic, presumably you still are searching for the truth? So attending may help you to clarify your views. If you are atheist, well it doesn't mean anything, does it? So keep your father happy, keep your place at home and be happy. I have found that I can switch off my intelligence and my discomfort in some situations. For example, I take my partner to church but don't attend the services. Also, I recently found myself saying some prayers! I have a friend who is in the last weeks of her life, dieing of cancer. She has a very strong faith and who am I to refuse when she asked me to say some prayers? It would have been unkind. And it meant nothing to me. So we are both happy. And I'm sure her god understands (!!!) .
  9. I'll get back to you the day after tomorrow. PS. Note to self: must remember to say I've been saying prayers with a friend.
  10. It was a joke! I attended a fundamentalist 'free' church. That was no joke!
  11. 10,000 years is young? I was brought up with it, church and family - it was simply the truth and what the bible teaches, no question about it. And it was supported by one Bishop Usher. So that's over 70 years ago.
  12. christians are always right.Last sentence?
  13. I was familiar with the 'Once saved, always saved' stuff - never understood it. But, what the heck, if you want to say that - you may as far as I am concerned. I'll stick with ex-Christian. You do realise don't you that if you get saved .... ahh I see where you are going...I never was saved in the first place! 58 years wasted NOT
  14. It's the nature of fundagelicalism isn't it? 'Here I stand'.... becomes 'I am the one true faith' .... which being interpreted means 'I am right and everyone else is wrong' .... and 'I'm the only one in step on this parade'. And it spills over into life outside of religion. Some researchers have shown that there is a certain personality type who is attracted to fundamentalism: it is from this fundamentalism that they work out their prejudices, fantasies, values etc in both religion and general life. You seem to be accurately describing my sister.
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