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  1. Hi, good to see you here. I'm not a regular poster but I am a keen reader of this site. I was a Christian for just under 60 years, including many years as a church minister both in UK and overseas. I preached it all because I believed it all. Then I retired and began to ask questions. Been a non-theist for about 15 years now and happier than ever before. Still reading, still asking questions but convinced the only gods are created by human imaginations. Keep searching with an independent mind-set. There's loads of excellent support here so don't be shy to ask and say what you th
  2. Speaking in tongues can be taught/learned. In the, I think, 1980's UK and I think USA was overun by The Toronto Blessing. I witnessed this on a number of occasions where people fell to the floor barking like a dog or crowing like a cockerel (I jest not, really). It was bedlam. And it was catching, it appeared, as people travelled from more sedate churches to 'catch the blessing'. Before that time, in the 1970's I witnessed the falling down and blankets placed over the women (it usually was women) but it wasn't the danger of the skirt flying up because after a few minutes of uncontrol
  3. Not easy. There's no use regretting the past, in my opinion. For me, it's about looking for the positive. I was a Christian for 60 years, most of those in Christian ministry. To illustrate .... at the end of my basic training as a soldier the corporal came into the room, sat us all down - this was going to be the time that we learned where we were to be posted - and said 'Before I read out the postings I need a volunteer to go to Aden. Ouch! I was a fundamentalist christian who strongly believed in putting others first (after god, of course!). I volunteered. I still believe that was
  4. I agree - except I do not find it unsatisfying to say 'I don't know'. There are lots of things of which I am totally ignorant and which I happily accept. Someone, some day, will find answers and reasons for things today thought by some to be supernatural. (You only have to read the Bible to see how true that is!)
  5. Here's a personal experience from 1961. My partner and I were 'living by faith' at Bible College, dependent on friends and churches and holiday jobs for financial support - that was well known, so people knew we had little money. One day a number of postal orders arrived from a friend - an odd amount, call it nine pounds, seven shillings and a penny (the penny was important to us to show the miraculous). The accompanying letter explained that our friend had emptied her purse and bought postal orders for the exact amount she found. We were so delighted to have the help. We t
  6. My father used to say "We're surrounded by fools and idiots". I sometimes repeat it. Did you hear about the handyman who fitted a perspex shield along the desk between the operator and the computer? I suppose he wanted to protect the user from a computer virus. It's true.
  7. I think we make a judgement on common sense backed by science and history. Then we interpret for today. So, for example, the story of the exodus is not backed up by modern research but it makes a good a story and may illustrate some truth (for those who are god believers). I suggest that confusion occurs only when it is thought that the bible is inerrant!
  8. It ain't god's word- that's now for me. As to whether I was a Christian once - you are entitled to your opinion. But it sounds to me that you are being too judgemental...unless I misunderstand what you are saying. The thing is: I did once believe the stuff I thought was fundamental, for example, acceptance of Jesus as God and Saviour and that made me a Christian, in my opinion.
  9. I did not and do not accept the precept 'either you accept the whole or ....'. I see no problem in rejecting bits you don't like unless you believe the stuff within the bible which says you must accept the whole. And I left it behind but that doesn't mean that there are some good bits in there that I can feel are important for me today. In the same way there are some good bits in other religious works. It's the concept that there is a god that I firmly reject (except that there are gods created by human beings - and that's not a put-down).
  10. For what it's worth: I used to follow a sort of 'pick and mix' view of bible stories, teachings, comments etc. What I liked I 'believed' and what I didn't like I rejected. So what, I thought? I had long rejected that the bible was inerrant or god-breathed. This was long after I had rejected my fundamentalist background and long after I had started to open my eyes to the fact that other Christians had different views on all sorts of things from creation to gay sex to women in leadership, to hell and so on and so on.
  11. I don't feel that I need to watch all of it in order to understand. It makes me sad. I know how idiots like that will progress in their 'teaching' and it simply confirms what I already believe. For what it's worth, I don't see any sense in all this stuff being rehearsed here.
  12. Welcome. I agree with Derek. As a bit of an aside. You say 'especially the Old Testament' and I think I can understand that. For me, however, the Old Testament is just a series of stories and poetry etc. But the New Testament, on which christians base so much importance, teaches that god gave his (!) son to die for the sins of the world - that is bizarre and revolting and I want nothing to do with such a concept (even though I preached it for years). Keep searching SarahJaneSmith and all the best. You could have a look at my story in the Testimonies section - named 'Watering Hol
  13. Welcome from me. You are starting an exciting journey - joyful at times, challenging at other times. Don't ever give up asking questions. And lots of the answers are here. This is my experience - and I was a Christian for over 60 years, much of that time in ministry.
  14. Just my two-pennyworth. There is a single verse in the Bible that appears to condemn homosexuality. The rest of the texts (and they are few and far between) used by Christians to condemn homosexuality are about sexual promiscuity and prostitution and also the lack of hospitality (Sodom).
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