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  1. I think I can just beat that! Accepted Jesus as my personal saviour at age 8, followed The Way until I was 65, gave up belief about 12 years ago . Pilgrimage continues ever onwards, still learning, never going backwards . Welcome TinkerGrey.
  2. Definition of a pilgrimage: the course of life on earth. Religious people aren't the only ones to walk and learn: from what I am reading here you don't seem to want to grow in knowledge. Something I am pleased to have done on this Forum with the help of others. Still learning. Still on my pilgrimage.
  3. But has he stopped demanding your money? Look upthread.
  4. ooooh I think I'll become a christian and get rich. After all, what's a thousand, it's only money.
  5. As a Christian research student some years ago I attended one of his London rallies. I give him 8/10 for showmanship, 10/10 for show-off-manship, 8/10 for his ability to manipulate the crowd, 2/10 for his Bible knowledge (that may be too generous), 10/10 for his power to con people, 0/10 for the healings..I could go on. As for the audience, they were mesmerised and fully compliant. I came away feeling very sad for a young couple in front of me who appeared to be completely taken in and who I assessed as probably living in near poverty. I'm not fooled by his conversion unless he gives his wealth to the poor..all of it above the basic needs of a person on state support. I was delighted that he was refused entry to UK on his next attempt. AHHHH, is this what it is about? Putting a gloss on his practices in order to appear a respectable preacher who can gain entry to countries around the world? Cynical? Moi? I must make a note to attend a future show - or perhaps not. But I’d like to know if he cancels all offerings - what does he call them? Sowing seeds? The man is a charlatan.
  6. Thanks, that's helpful. I hadn't 'twigged' that the original created being is thought to be distinguishable from 'man' and 'woman' - the article is clear about that, as are you. I've now read the article plus I'm well into all the following discussion. I have to say that some of the arguments seem to me to be far-fetched. As you will acknowledge I expect, the Bible was composed by people who were of very different eras, had very different writing styles, had very different objectives and understood 'truth' in different ways which they expressed in different forms. Yes, I think that all that makes it less than helpful for today. But having said that, I couldn't care less what the Bible teaches, being much more accepting of scientific explanations / theories and people's experiences today. Are you really saying that this ' Most people exist in the universe of the binary genders, in other words the standard 2 genders, male and female. Non-binary people are neither male nor female; they might be a mixture, or have just a tiny bit of gender, or none at all like me. The Biblical description of the original person that was created is of interest to non-binary people because if, as seems reasonably clear, the Bible describes the original person as being neither male nor female, that would provide scriptural proof of the existence of non-binary genders…' is discussed in charismatic churches? Amazing, to me. I will get back to you when I receive any responses to my enquiries over here (it's an advantage to live in a small country ). As regards UK/USA....yes I do forget the size of America and yes, on the whole, I only have media to guide me in how I look at Xsty there. But I have a couple of friends (amongst the 329 million ) who are evangelical and have thought of returning home to UK after the election of Trump and the growth of the evangelical church in USA. And many of my friends have said that they would never consider living in USA after Trump and his supporters. Over here, the evangelicals get a disproportionate amount of media attention, probably not as unbalanced as in USA. (Note: but I hear that Benny Hinn is adjusting his theology - I wait to see if he returns or otherwise redistributes the wealth he has made from gullible xstns.)
  7. OK, thanks. I have only had a quick scan of the article and I WILL read in full later. But this wouldn't be taught in evangelical / charismatic / pentecostal churches would it? You have to leave your brain at the door as you enter and .... enough! I am making enquiries in UK. Meanwhile, at the risk of showing my ignorance: I have always seen the US as more conservative in its Christianity than here in UK. We are, I think, a more secularised society than US. I know we've got a Trump lookalike as Prime Minister but he wasn't elected (not elected at all, actually) by a right wing evangelical majority. I think I need to get clued-up about non-binary identity. You mention the idea of man being superior to woman - but that isn't about non-binary, is it? Help me, please.
  8. Either I don't understand (quite likely!) or I remain sceptical - as to the teaching in charismatic and/or pentecostal churches. I am genuinely interested to explore this a bit further (to confirm my prejudices about Xty!). Does anyone have a link to any teaching about the subject by such churches/theologians/pastors? I would be very grateful. (Is it possible that this is a pond difference? I would have expected - watch my prejudices - that if present, the teaching would be more likely in UK and I've not heard of it here.)
  9. Surely it is a 'reasonably common teaching' that male and female BOTH were created. The interpretation of that as being a single person being created both male and female is wrong, I think. I've never heard that. BUT I have heard it stated that we all, as individuals, have both male and female traits (whatever that means) and I would agree that there is a 'male' and 'female' side of me. This does not take anything away from the issue of non-binary. And I couldn't care less whether the Bible has anything to say about that.
  10. That's good news.Day at a time! Had been wondering how you are.
  11. Perhaps some may be interested to hear how my swan song went (it's UK time, remember) This service also was the first for the new minister. So I was interested to do my best, to contribute via the music and to observe. It also gave me an opportunity to play the Zambabwean national anthem of 1980 Nkosi Sikeleli Africa, a tune I love, but that's another story. I'm home feeling a sense of relief that, more or less, I now am done with it all. If I was stressed by what happened at the front before, I'd be more so in future. The service was on the end of the spectrum 'Jesus is my boyfriend'. Many members of the congregation will be happy with this style, I think; others will not. Some corners to be rubbed smooth I'm sure. Those who watch the god channel will be happy. I'm thankful for my athritis, I think. Please excuse my carefully-worded rant: I felt I needed to get it off my chest - a proper goodbye. And now on with this Forum.
  12. And the last one I noticed lived not far from me (I worked it out, I think) and caused some lively responses here. Not at all authentic! But he's gone, it appears.
  13. All contributions on this thread, for example, apart from my own, are from stated north american residents - it makes no difference here, I think. But from time to time places, organisations, universities and so on that are mentioned are American. I cannot relate to these personally in the way that I would relate to similar places in UK. Some denominations are unknown to me. This is not a complaint, just a statement that I don't always feel 'at home' or understand what is being said. If there were an equivalent forum in UK I would understand better. Having said this, so much of the experience of being ex-Christian is, it seems, identical whether we come from America or UK. So I have no intention of going away. Sorry, should have linked to Fuego's comment.
  14. I will try to respond about my own feelings in an effort to be helpful to the OP. I'm new here. I have a look around every day and read a lot of posts but rarely contribute. I was glad and remain glad to share much of my experience (after all, I hope to continue developing my pilgrimage for as long as I have my marbles). There is much here that is both interesting and valuable to me. But I often feel out of my depth and have nothing to say. Sometimes this is due to the strong American influence (that's not a criticism). The stories of deconversion feed my prejudices - praise the ?? I am still trying to find my way in life. Definitely ex-christian but not yet with a support group outside of the church. After tomorrow (see below) my support at church will get even weaker....this doesn't worry me. So, I value the learning experience of this Forum, thank you all. I am sorry when people come here, share their very real challenges, get support and then the story ends: I assume they are not trolls as they don't come across like that. Other people disappear and I'm pleased. I don't think this is a place for Christians. Tomorrow: is the last time that I will play the keyboards at church (I have shared this story elsewhere on this Forum) due to arthritis in my fingers. Also, I increasingly have become stressed with what happens 'at the front' on Sundays, although this has helped me to develop my non-theism. I will still be seen around the building on Sundays because I act as chauffeur to my partner and may call in for coffee after the services. I want to remain a member here and will contribute when I feel I have something to say.
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