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  1. Joshpantera: The bible is all over the place. Just when people start to think they've found consistent doctrine, bam, something contradictory shows up. What to do? You re-read it. You pray. You get divine guidance and, hey presto, your original interpretation was wrong. I've done it myself in those unenlightened days. Up-thread I used the word 'wriggle' - too right.
  2. Fundamentalists are the best at wriggling. 'Consistent' they don't do. That's my experience - and I'm talking about Biblical teaching.
  3. I use on-line versions but also the hard copies when I want to spout stuff at my fundamentalist friends - I need to make sure I've remembered stuff correctly. The most recent occasion I have had to consult a Bible was to make sure I'd correctly understood the grounds for divorce from the point of view of my brother's church and pastor (I suspect he is being advised by them): I found that neither of the two (fundamentalist) permitted grounds for divorce apply in his case - although he thinks they do.
  4. midniterider: I expect you know that some crazies in the Toronto Blessing period did actually claim this (and not just that video that was debunked)! mwc: I agree, good psychology, but it's not Biblical, methinks. I get so cross when people say they will pray for me in my unbelief; it's all about their needs, not their concern for me. 'Spell' - I like it.
  5. Yes, that's my experience: although it is 12 plus years since I gave up on god I still have discomfort around - not the loss of faith but rather the anger I feel when I go to church (I play the organ for them so feel obliged - well, I can't play and be absent, can I, at least not absent in body and it's very difficult not to hear what's going on at the front. The giving up of faith was surprisingly easy and joyful. It's getting to the point, I suspect, when they will have to find another organist but I know that's not going to be easy for them. BTW the anger I feel is mostly about the stuff that people are expected to believe.
  6. And I have faries at the bottom of my garden - I've experienced them. I KNOW THEY ARE REAL.
  7. Found in the Philippines, bones and teeth from several individuals who lived around the same time as Homo sapiens were moving out of Africa. The remains were found some years ago but a study is recently publiched in Nature magazine. Lived at same time as us - over 50,000 years ago. Another fact for the Young Creationists to think about. Apparently, there are still a lot of fundamentalists around who believe this rubbish. You've got to laugh, haven't you?
  8. Please see my comment in the 'I remember' thread.
  9. disillusioned: I agree. Being new to this forum perhaps I shouldn't sound off too loudly and will try to respond with gentleness! As I see it, if belief in god is not harming anyone (sometimes it does but I'm not talking about that) then let them be what they want to be. It seems to me that it does no good to scream at people for what they believe - not least because that is a sure way of antagonising and creating a more entrenched attitude. This is why I am a non-theist - for me there is no god but I see that others have their gods, created in their imaginations and real for them, and I am content about that. I'm still struggling with clarifying my non-theism, with firming-up by non-belief, of putting flesh on the bones. I am convinced that there is no god but I need to get my thoughts into a tidy place. I have lost Christian friends. I need atheists with whom I can dialogue. But, DevilsCabanaBoy, your attitude doesn't help me, I'm afraid.
  10. You don't need to apologise to those of us in the UK. One word: Brexit. We are the laughing stock of Europe and elsewhere. To cap it all, though, we hear that your Trump is backing our Boris to be the next PM. I can't imagine anything worse than Trump and Boris in bed together.
  11. I went to church yesterday - to play the organ because I believe in people having a good time when they get together and music is an important part of that and I think I can make a contribution. (Whether they have an enjoyable time is perhaps debatable!) This exercise of mine is getting more difficult as I reject almost all of what is said 'at the front'. On the other hand, I have to say that the members of the church have respect for my views and that is important to me. This is shown most of all in the fact that I am not offered the bread and wine during communion - that really pleases me because they know I won't take it and do not wish to offend. Not all Christians are bad people - but what they believe is bad rubbish.
  12. Thirteen years a nontheist, getting more content all the time. Never going back: why would I return to guilt and uncertainty as well as anger at some of the stuff done in the name of god? However, I'm still learning. I enjoy reading books by ex-Christians and atheists and find them challenging and helpful. On the other hand, I'm still trying to rid myself of unhealthy prejudice against fundamentalists....my experience of them remains a problem for me as well as for them! Good to have you here Jerry alongside others of like mind.
  13. Smile sweetly. If they are close to me they should know that I don't believe in praying so I'd be hypocritical if I said I would. So it's something like you suggest: 'Go to a doctor, hope all will be well', 'let me know if I can do anything'. I'm in a situation where a close family member is saying that their marriage is over after over 50 years. It would be so easy to say 'Pray about it and I will pray for you both'. But it's rubbish (not to my family member of course but I guess he/she and friends in the fundamentalist church are doing a lot of praying at the moment). If they were physically ill they'd go to a doctor but there's no question of going to a marriage guidance counsellor which I think is to do with their fundamentalism. Sorry, that's not really a tangent, the principles apply don't they? And to them and me it is 'terrible'.
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