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    I was raised in a Christian home, and found the argument from non-belief intellectually convincing in my early twenties. I didn't finally let go of belief spiritually until recently feeling the pain caused by Christians.

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  1. I find power in knowing reality itself and developing the power to manipulate reality. "A really intelligent man feels what others only know." - Baron de Montesquieu In knowing the truth about Christianity, you not only know - but feel - the absence of the all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful creator that loves you, wants a relationship with you and has a pre-ordained plan for your life. You feel the infinite vacuum that this left. Or, do you feel the opposite - the potential for absolute power, over yourself, over life, over reality... After all, now you have all the freedom on the world to break all of the rules. Why not have some willing sex slaves? After all, Leviticus spells out just how one should properly treat a slave! Do not abridge your ambitions; unleash them. Do not let the pain get the best of you. Do not let them win. Fuck them. Fight. By the alchemy of your neurology, convert your pain into a reason or reasons to pursue a goal or set and series of goals. Consider these goals - and the planning of and execution of the action steps necessary to accomplish these goals - as waging war. Make no mistake about it. When I say fight, I mean declare war against all of the fuckin' bullshit that caused you so much pain. Be specific. Trace the pain from actions to nouns: Who did what... and what the fuck are you going to do about it? Fight, but do not fight on your knees - leave that for the cowards too scared to fight their own battles; leave the mystical groveling to the hypocrites unwilling to practice what they preach, to the self-righteous bible thumpers pontificating about God's word - yet have never read the bible. For you, fighting on your knees appears to be wasting your time on low level actions beneath you. Fight - not on your knees - but on your feet. "Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?" Friedrich Nietzsche Don't let Christianity quietly devour you, nibbling away at the one and only life you will ever have. Success is the best revenge, so out-monster the fuckin' monster. Oh, by the way - Happy "Resurrection Day," a day of celebration and revelry for self-righteous cunts everywhere. Why not metaphorically and symbolically use this day to end your days of suffering. Rise up, defeat the religion of death, and in doing so be more "Christ-like" than any fake and phony Christian.
  2. I must confess... I am a "narcissist." I was raised by Christian parents, and forced to excel at various athletic and academic activities. Incidentally, a full acceptance of my nature as a narcissist - or, more accurately, as Dark Triad man, has helped me take steps away from Christianity. My parents made me memorize huge chunks of the Bible. I was one of the rare Christians that read every word of every book of the Bible. LOL - how many Christians know how many books are in the bible, or how many are in the old testament or the new testament. Side note: How can you believe that God wrote a book, and you don't bother to read it... but you read 50 Shades of Grey? Sorry, got sidetracked. Yes, I am a Narcissistic. Actually, much worse than that. I am a Dark Triad Man. A lil' bit of Narcissism + A lil' bit of Machiavelli +A lil' bit of psychopath. LOL. Hey, don't knock it 'til you try it. Speaking of lovable, has anyone noticed how distinctly unlovable many Christians are? The Christians I know are the most fake, most snake like people I know, and they do it all under the guise of "truth" and "morality." Pretty genius if you think about it. Tell massive lie, and shroud it in truth. Most humans don't pay attention and end up easily duped. Sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious - always stupid. Anyone with half a brain and a nose can do a sniff test on Christianity's validity. A bunch of anonymous gospel authors, with no original copies, the ****in "Q Document," and interpolations. Anyway, back to my favorite subject: Me. LOL. Just kidding. No really. If you ever read the books 48 Laws of Power, 33 Strategies of War, Art of Seduction, Mastery, etc, then you might get what I'm talking about. The world is kind of a ****ed up place. If you don't believe me, then just ask this buffalo or the bull in this fight. (<<<--- Disclaimer: Not exactly Disney's The Lion King). You have to be realistic. Not to get political, just look at Donald Trump. I don't really care about American politics, but you have to admit that he played the game perfectly. If the game itself is flawed, if the rules of the game itself are ****ed up, doesn't it kind of logically follow that having a "****ed up," rule-breaking approach would payoff? Fight fire with the ultimate fire, in other words. Out-monster the monster, to paraphrase Nietzsche. "The lamb does not approve of - and may even protest against - the ways of The Wolf. Nonetheless, The Wolf savors the taste of the lamb." ~ Unknown. **** God. Who needs God when you have Friedrich Nietzche and Ayn Rand? Who needs prayer when you have the unbeatable power of Ubermensch? Ayn Rand helped rewire my brain, so that I could focus on creating a glorious life of sin. I had to manually unlearn everything my parents taught me. I couldn't unlearn the fake love that mom gave me, though. HAha. So that's all I have for my victims (aka females I seduce, heh-heh-heh...). Don't worry. I won't go on a tangent about my deeply sinful sexual exploits that titillate even Satan himself. Actually, on second thought, something tells me that some you on this site may be fellow perverts, sickos and sinners. Despicable. Absolutely despicable. I should be ashamed of myself, and so should you. Satan comforted me when the Christians neglected me. Christians broke my heart and stole my soul. And it doesn't help that you have guys like Pastor Bobby Coy AND Calvary Fort Lauderdale. Satan was there: "Gee, it's awfully dark in here. This is how the Christians show you love, eh? Interesting... so not giving a **** about you and acting like you don't exist is how they show love?" The more I listened to this voice, the more I felt like it was a spiritual experience, beyond just thoughts firing off in my brain. I felt deeply connected to this voice. It felt like the voice knew me, and I knew the voice. It felt like talking to a brother, like my Tyler Durden, my better version of myself. Or, perhaps it is Satan. Perhaps this was his way of talking to me, and the utter failure of the Christians to live up to their advertisements (the people supposedly emulating the "God of love") opened up the channels of communication. Kind of like a shark, Satan shows up when spiritual blood is spilled, and a mother fails to love her own son. And then, like Satan says to Eminem at the end of My Darling: "Marshall, no one's gonna love you like I do."
  3. Pretend, for a moment, that you never set foot in a Christian church. Let's say you were born in China centuries ago, and never heard of this so-called "Jesus." Let's also pretend that you still "hear" a spiritual voice and message. Do you think that this voice would be "Jesus"? Hope that makes sense.
  4. How do you know which deity or supernatural entity you are speaking to?
  5. Before you ask questions, you might want to check your intent. What I mean is, do you honestly believe that you will ever find "logical" answers to the unanswerable riddles that consistently befuddle Christians? Most Christians have not read the entire Bible. This in and of itself should be telling. If the Creator of the Universe really wrote a book, wouldn't you want to read it? So, it is a fact that most Christians have no idea what the Bible says in large chunks. Even worse, most Christians do not understand how the Bible was put together. We do not have the original copies of the gospels; we merely have "early" copies. (https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2018/may-web-only/mark-manuscript-earliest-not-first-century-fcm.html) The books of the bible called Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were not actually written by individuals by those names. The four gospels were written by anonymous authors, and we do not have the original copies of what they said. (https://zondervanacademic.com/blog/who-wrote-gospels/) "Eighty-two percent of the words ascribed to Jesus in the gospels were not actually spoken by him, according to the Jesus Seminar... there is a further question for the inerrant view: Why, if God took such pains to preserve an inerrant text for posterity, did the spirit not provide for the preservation of original copies of the gospels? It seems little enough to ask of a God who creates absolutely reliable reporters. In fact, we do not have original copies of any of the gospels. We do not possess autographs of any of the books of the entire Bible. The oldest surviving copies date from about one hundred and seventy-five years after the death of Jesus, and no two copies are precisely alike. And handmade manuscripts have almost always been “corrected” here and there, often by more than one hand. Further, this gap of almost two centuries means that the original Greek (or Aramaic?) text was copied more than once, by hand, before reaching the stage in which it has come down to us. Even careful copyists make some mistakes, as every proofreader knows. So we will never be able to claim certain knowledge of exactly what the original text of any biblical writing was." (https://www.westarinstitute.org/projects/the-jesus-seminar/jesus-seminar-phase-1-sayings-of-jesus/excerpt-from-the-introduction-to-the-five-gospels/) The concept as Jesus the Messiah, as believed by the typical Christian, is obviously foolish once you look at what peer-reviewed scholarship has to say regarding historicity.
  6. Are you referring to so-called Illuminati? If so, are you referring to the A-ok sign and Trump's repetitious and distinctive use of the A-ok sign in public?
  7. LOL! Sad, but too true. Christians are the worst at love, and yet they pontificate about it the most. smfh
  8. Thanks to the creator of this site, and all of the contributors. Until I found this place, I felt pretty alone in some of the conclusions my mind has forced me to come to. They say that belief is a choice. It's not. You can't choose whether or not you believe Mickey Mouse is the President of the United States. But you can certainly WISH that Mickey was President. Maybe you believe that Mickey would be a better politician than any of the modern day politicians. But obviously, if your mind does not allow you to believe in such fantasies - no matter how comforting - you'll have to confront the cognitive dissonance. Anyway, thanks again to the creator of this site and the contributors. Felt alone before I found this place... was searching for a place where people struggled with the same feelings and concepts. The intellectual struggle has been over for me for quite some time - ever since reading NIetzsche, Hume, et al. It's the emotional and spiritual component that I've struggled with for years. Wishful thinking. Wishing my prayers were heard. Wishing there was a man upstairs that had my back. Wishing that there were people on this earth that actually took the teachings of the so-called Almighty seriously. But Mickey Mouse isn't President.
  9. Nice! The world is a lot bigger than the small town that spoon-fed you your beliefs since childhood. I understand that feeling of being lost after accepting the truth. The more you persist, though, I believe that you will feel a sense of liberty and freedom - both intellectually and spiritually. Intellectually, because your mind is no longer clogged by the false ideas that hold so many people down. Spiritually, I've found the same freedom: No more seeking love from the wrong people - not even Christian parents.
  10. This is pretty interesting. Man, I would have liked to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. Your post does not indicate whether or not your husband played any kind of unintentional role in steering you away from the faith. I think this is a lot more common than most people realize. I would be interested to know the emotional and/or spiritual factors that played a role in your journey to the truth. As I read through the testimonials on this site, I can't help but think that accepting the truth means giving up on some kind of hope inside. I always thought that giving up on this hope would break me, but the opposite has happened. I no longer hope for love from people incapable of even defining it, from people that define a God as "love," but don't even bother to read his book. This, I think, eliminates pain, because you give up on false hope and can finally focus on reality and finding true sources of love and appreciation. Anyway, don't want to hijack this thread. Congrats to yet another person that has come to the truth.
  11. Another great testimonial. This site truly is a... "God send." I related with this post from the opening. A couple of years ago, I attended a church by the name of Calvery Chapel, which was started by a man named "Bobby Coy." If you run a quick Internet search on the name "Bobby Coy" or "Pastor Bobby Coy," you will find a stream of articles on a man that had to step down from the church due to "infidelity, pornography and accusations of child molestation." These are the so-called "church leaders" that should be leading people to this so-called "God of love." The existence of these frauds, fakes and hypocrites does not itself constitute an argument against the entire belief system. Rather, it is merely a particularly nauseating symptom of a disease of the mind. I think I mentioned in another post that the difficulty in coming to the beliefs that many on this site seem to hold is not intellectual (at least, not for me). In fact, it's pretty easy to see that those who embrace these beliefs are not the wisest individuals, not the sharpest tools in the shed (how many Christians have even read HALF of the bible?) It's the emotional and spiritual relinquishing that I think many find difficult, including myself. It's like that moment when you realize that Santa Clause doesn't exist, and the belief system itself is more Grinch than Saint Nick.
  12. Hey there, I appreciate your post, and all of the posts in this forum, particularly the introductions and the testimonials. It's nice to know that there are others that have struggled to come to the same conclusion, and/or have struggled to accept the truth. I think there is a profound liberation of the mind that occurs when you let go of false beliefs both intellectually and spiritually. It's the elimination of pain. That's what I associate Christianity with - waves and waves of pain. Good job freeing yourself.
  13. Hello, Thank you for your post. I just joined and began reading the testimonials of others. It took a lot of courage to come to this conclusion and type this up. I think that hard part is not letting go intellectually (the logic and evidence are pretty clear where they point); the hard part is the emotional and spiritual letting go.
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