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  1. I have another concern with the tyre prophecy, it states tyre will become "a place to spread fish nets" isn't that what tyre is now, a fishing city?
  2. Ok answer this following question and ill listen, in ezekiel there is a prophecy that egypt would be abandoned for forty years if this had happened would we know about it today?
  3. I need to prove that the bible isnt the word of god, now please answer my question
  4. Another prophecy that im curios about is the ezekiel prophecy against egypt, it says that egypt will be deserted for 40 years if something like that happened it would have been recorded right?
  5. Never mind i looked up some actual history I now know its not true
  6. Last question for now Ive heard some christians say that Nebuchadnezzar successfully attacked the original city of tyre but most people escaped and made a new tyre, is this true?
  7. I appreciate all the help all of you have give me
  8. I posted another thread this ones alot funnier
  9. Have you ever lost money to televangelists that preach the prosperity gospel if you dont knomwhat the prosperity gospel is watch this
  10. Ill ask again, how do we know that the current city of tyre is the same as the ancient city of tyre
  11. I watched half of it, what I remember is the guy saying that the "they" in the prophecy refered to Nebuchadnezzars army not the "many nations"
  12. Today I read that Nebuchadnezzar did destroy tyre and afterwards the people made a new tyre away from the old one, is this true?
  13. The article makes the argument that the ancient city of tyre has been swallowed up by the sea and that the current city of tyre is a new city, how do we know this assumption is wrong?
  14. I have listened and it has helped however im still struggling
  15. I didnt ask to be born with several mental disorders
  16. Just because humans view hell as unjust doesnt mean god sees it that way
  17. Actually you guys have helped me feel better but I still have questions/concerns
  18. From the article Taking these events into consideration, it is obvious that many nations continued to come against the island city, that it was destroyed on numerous occasions, and that it became a place for fishing, fulfilling Ezekiel’s prediction about the spreading of nets. Furthermore, it is evident that the multiple periods of destruction and rebuilding of the city have long since buried the Phoenician city that came under the condemnation of Ezekiel. The Columbia Encyclopedia, under its entry for Tyre, noted: “The principal ruins of the city today are those of buildings erected by the Crusaders. There are some Greco-Roman remains, but any left by the Phoenicians lie underneath the present town” (“Tyre,” 2006, emp. added).
  19. Isnt the ancient city of tyre buried underneath the current one
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