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  1. Aww thanks guys! I will definitely be combing over this site lol. Thanks RealityCheck! Prayers never bother me. I will take all the prayers any one wants to pray for me! It's just getting tedious being told that I am deceived by satan, my beautiful journey is a lie from satan, etc. "The fractal universe" is also a unique response to "Still have any gods" It is isn't it? Don't think we can accurately describe what God is in the mortal realm, but that's the closest I have been able to get so far lol. Thanks guys for your kind welcome I appreciate it ❤
  2. Hello all, I generally recoil from social media but I thought it was time to have conversations with like minded people. I'm not an athiest, not exactly sure how to categorize my beliefs yet. That's possibly why I am here as well. I have been an ex christian for about 10 years now. My mom dad brothers and sister are all hard core fundy lovelies. They are lovely! Not sarcasm. But I'm finding it increasingly difficult. They of course, quote scripture to me. Lovingly, apologetically, delicately. I'm struggling for words lol. I guess the next step on my journey is to finally reach out and associate with other people that may be like minded. To stop feeling like the lone black sheep you know? Although this black sheep is a wacky new age fruity space cadet lol. Oooh yeah! Look forward to meeting you all, have a lovely whatever it is in your neck of the woods!
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