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    I am a former evangelical pastor and Bible college teacher over the last 20 years of my life. I walked away from it all 10 years ago and now have dedicated my time to helping ex-Christians deconstruct and reconstruct. I host the MindShift podcast.

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  1. I noticed that Ronna Russell's book was listed as one of the recommended purchases on the site. Well--if you want to hear her story, check out this week's episode of MindShift podcast, which features a great interview with Ronna. Her story is literally unbelievable: what happens when you grow up in the evangelical purity culture--with a pastor dad--but things don't exactly...work out the way they were planned? Find out more, here's the links to the episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/uncomfortable-confessions-preachers-kid-ronna-russell/id1199559501?i=1000437150070 https://mindshiftpodcast.podbean.com/e/the-uncomfortable-confessions-of-a-preachers-kid-with-ronna-russell/
  2. How so? I'd say that my family was, in the sense that they subscribed to the Bill Gothard cult teachings. That definitely affected us as kids, as well as their marriage, in very toxic ways.
  3. Thanks for the great resource. I hadn’t come across that before.
  4. Yes, when you step back and look at it more objectively, like you’ve defined it, it starts to look suspiciously like all the classic definitions of a cult.
  5. For m, the psychological coercion and manipulation I’ve witnessed firsthand, and (I’m ashamed to admit) participated in as a pastor, have many similarities between that and cults. I don’t believe that all evangelicalism is a cult; it’s too diverse and not a monolith. But the psychological recovery, religious trauma, etc., are just as real as what cult survivors report having to deal with.
  6. Is Evangelicalism a cult? What are your thoughts on this question. About 6-8 months ago, I was watching a series on the Crime + Investigation channel here in the UK featuring the testimonies of many cult survivors. What struck me immediately was how similar their stories were to mine, coming out of fundamentalism. Both in terms of the psychological trauma and the recovery process, the parallels were too similar. So I've been researching on this topic and podcasting on it since January. If you're interested, here's an article I wrote recently on Medium on this subject: https://medium.com/@clintheacock/is-evangelicalism-a-cult-5bb25448bc26 And my first podcast episode in January connecting evangelicalism to the world of the cults. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/051-exploring-connections-between-evangelicalism-world/id1199559501?i=1000427481013 I'd be very interested to hear people's thoughts. From what I can tell, and what I've experienced so far, a big part of the reconstruction process is to "unpick the conditioning" as it were, which is very helpful in working out exactly how we may have been controlled, manipulated, coerced, traumatized, etc.
  7. Oh man...where do I even start? I've spent most of my adult life either in Christian education as a student (Bible college, seminary, PhD), or involved in ministry as a pastor for 12 years, then a Bible college teacher for 8. Like many others, I burned out in ministry when we had to close our church in Portland, OR, many years ago, and decided I wanted nothing to do with the church ever again. But I considered myself very much a Christian still. I had already begun deconstructing by reading progressive Christian authors like Bell, McLaren and Donald Miller. This caused me to question much of what I'd been taught was true; I jettisoned a lot of it in this process, but still held on to my core beliefs. Then as I did my PhD, I really took a hard look at a lot of what was left, and ultimately dropped the final few pieces. Now I'd consider myself more of an agnostic than anything else. So yeah, I've done my podcast for the last few years as a way to publicly process the deconstruction, and now reconstruction, journey I've been on. You can find my archived episodes on PodBean at http://mindshiftpodcast.podbean.com, or subscribe on iTunes at https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/mindshift-podcast/id1199559501. I've also done a lot of writing on my blog, http://preachersforum.com/blog/ and also on Medium as well. Here's a link to an article there: https://medium.com/@clintheacock/reconstruction-after-deconstruction-post-evangelicalism-96127ee9fed5
  8. Thanks, glad to have found this community.
  9. Thanks for the welcome! I am definitely looking forward to meeting a new tribe of ex-Christians, ex-evangelicals, fundamentalists, ex-cult member, whoever!
  10. I didn't know about this group at all, but I'm excited to be a part of it. My name is Clint Heacock, and I was an evangelical pastor and Bible college teacher for over 20 years. I walked away first from the church about 10 years ago, then I've been deconstructing my faith for a long time too. Currently, I host the MindShift podcast, which I've been doing for nearly 3 years now, in which I interview people from all walks of faith and life. Since January, I've been focusing on the world of the cults, and specifically how evangelicalism shares many characteristics with cults. Glad to be in here! Oh--if you're on Twitter, you can find me @MindShift2018.
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